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Posted by ternim

Can't Wait for this..

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Posted by Gugi9000

I want it on PSN too :-)

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Posted by nohthink

wow.... memories...

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Posted by crusnchill

I might get this.
I've been spoiled with fantastic graphics all through my teen year's and onward's (I'm 22 now so you do the math...) and I've allways completely ignored the first 2 Monkey Island games.
But now I've changed my mind, I look forward to getting this.

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Posted by samcotts

I've never played Monkey Island so I'm looking forward to this.

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I don't really understand the reasoning here...
ToMI for PC or WiiWare


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@coolguitarist said:
" I don't really understand the reasoning here...SoMI: SE for XBLAToMI for PC or WiiWare??!?!? "
I agree, very bizarre choices of platforms.  Both should be for 360, PS3, Wii, and PC
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Posted by gormers

Havent played the games before, but for some reason the old graphics appeal to me more than the new^^

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Posted by kallistosprom

classic :) glad its back

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I was hoping for a DS version - but I'll take what I can get.  I've been playing the original games on my Mac using ScummVM.  Originally played them on my super expensive 386dx back in the day.

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Posted by MeatSim

Ron Gilbert appropriately has crazy man looking hair.

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Posted by Jimbo_N

Such an insane amount of nostalgia and memories. I´ve spilled so much praise about this whole MI revival since E3 now that I´m realkly out of words now. This is gaming history guys.. the best there is.

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Posted by Tricky69

This video was posted a week ago.  Someone needs to keep an eye on the double posting of videos.  AVP is another one that got posted twice.

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def gona buy it .. cant wait.

makes me feel bit old tho..

im sure itl b brill with all the voice acting . teltale usually do a very good job in this area.

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Ehh... You already uploaded this..

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Posted by Trindle


I grew up playing MI, so much nostalgia.

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Posted by smokeH

haha I cant wait, sweeet

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Posted by Kyle

so... much... win.... @,_@,

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One of the best news to come out of this years E3!

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Edited by Fubar

Why is everyone saying this aint coming to PC?

On lucasarts.com it says "PC coming Summer 09" as well as "XBLA coming Summer 09.

BTW here a link to Press Play on Tape playing the theme live:


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I would pay 200 dollars for this game. :D

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This is pretty much a no brainer for me.  A must buy for sure.

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NOSTALGIA!!!! I loved Monkey Island!!!

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Laughing hasn't felt this good