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Posted by redeye1984

Wow... He's in Mass Effect... Now in KOTOR... Nice...

Posted by arab_prince

LOL very nice indeed

Posted by InsanePotato

Nice video. I like all the work going into lore for this.

Posted by rohanspear345


Posted by Metiphis

Wow that was sexy, if I can be a Mandalorian in the game you can count me in.  I'm ready to hunt some Jedi.

Posted by Scooper

Can't wait for this game. I love BioWare and I love Star Wars.

Posted by mrsmiley

pretty cool. liking these videos.

Posted by CitizenKane

I want to play this game, but i am afraid of MMOs taking over my life, which is why I have never played World of Warcraft.  I already waste enough of my time with video games(not a bad thing, though :P ).  Imagine the time flying by me if I playing MMO games.

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Posted by Carlos1408

These videos are awesome, is there more of them anywhere else?
This might be the first MMO I play lol hopefully I can get into it

Posted by cc23574

No words can describe the epicness,and the enjoyment I'm feeling right now.

Posted by Pienaim

This game has me salivating
absolutely cannot wait for it

Posted by RichardNixon

I will blow someone if I have to to get into the beta for this game.

Posted by crusnchill

I'm glad they decided to go with the Kotor music instead of the music used in the movies.
It show's Bioware's integrity. I'm happy...

Look's like I might have to buy this, even though I may regret it when it come's to the question: "Where did my day go?"

Posted by imayellowfellow

i wanna know what happened to canderous ordo (besides probly dying of old age since this is hundreds of years after kotor 2

Posted by OrgunUK

I am so looking forward to TOR, I devour any new nugget of info :D

Posted by spiceninja

I wonder what Lance was thinking while reading this script.

Posted by super_machine

I wish they would have included some of the canon that has been developed about the Mandalorians in the KOTR comic series. I'm re-reading them at the moment and love the way that series portrays them.

Posted by okuzy

so much happened and then nothing happened lol

Posted by gzl5000

Oh man I can't wait. Even just the KOTOR music in the trailer makes me super happy. Do tell us more about this Mandalore fellow, Lance!

Posted by killdave

KOTOR was awesome on the xbox
TOR can be the same for all I care ... just give it to me !

Posted by Rhyno

Oh Lance. You will always be Bishop to me.

Posted by Mikemcn

Canderous better be in this

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I'll expect the Mandaloreans to scream "This is Sparta...I mean, Mandalor" at one point in the campaign from their description in this video.  Still, I know all the Boba-Fett wannabes out there must love their inclusion into the MMO.  I still want to know, if they are following all the Star Wars archetypes (smuggler, bounty hunter, jedi, sith) will they include a diplomat or politician like Leia and Bail Organa?

Posted by babblinmule
@imayellowfellow: I think Bioware said they would at least mention what happened to all of Revan's companions. Not entirely sure about the KotOR2 party though.
Posted by AngryKraut

yes yes yes!!! my life is fulfilled!!!

Posted by DAMG

Mandalore has a stupid helm.

Edited by ahoodedfigure

What's the first source of the "Mandalorian" stuff?  I don't think it was Lucas...  but even if it was, where was the reference, exactly?

I like that it wasn't the Jedi that won that battle against them :)

Posted by MachoFantastico

I love the Mandalorian armour from the Kotor games, so striking and well thought out. 

Can't wait to see/hear more.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

FUCK YEAH, TOR fan and really need more info thanks.

Posted by jasius

You don't want to ask a Mandalore to do a "rim job".

Posted by Sly_Ry

Damn dude, Bioware is the only company that makes Star Wars cool.

Edited by raidingkvatch

Wasn't Canderous pretty much set to bring back the Mandalorians after Kotor 2? And isn't this centuries later? So shouldn't the return of the Mandalorians be old news?

Posted by Maxszy


Posted by retreadd68

good it makes a group that can go against the jedis

Posted by Jeust
@OrgunUK said:
" I am so looking forward to TOR, I devour any new nugget of info :D "
Me too... also the resurgence of the mandalorians is great news, since there is no warrior like a mandalorian anywhere.

And i'm looking forward to face a mandalorian foe. :)
Posted by papercut

Mandalorians were always awesome in the KOTOR universe

Posted by praxis22

But will smugglers actually be able to smuggle?

Posted by insanejedi

 I want to be a Mandalorian Jedi. How bad ass would that be?

Posted by jaks

I love you, Lance.

Posted by GioVANNI

I'm being a mandalorian. 

Hands down, mandalorian.

Posted by HeavyMental

i don't understand a thing about the story
still interested in that mmo

Posted by Chewii101

Oooo maybe another class. WHERE THE EFF IS THE BETA U DAMN DOCTORS!!!

Posted by neoepoch
@raidingkvatch said:
" Wasn't Canderous pretty much set to bring back the Mandalorians after Kotor 2? And isn't this centuries later? So shouldn't the return of the Mandalorians be old news? "
The thing with the Mandalorians is that whenever there is a lull or peacetime in the galaxy, they are spread out like nomads. They have the homeworld of Mandalore, but many are spread throughout the galaxy. However, when the new Mandalore makes a call to war all Mandalorians answer, no mater what. It is one of the tenates of the Mandalorians.
Posted by MaddProdigy

Damn these timeline and background videos are sweet, shows how serious Bioware is gonna be about story

Posted by MeatSim

So this is your Boba Fett character class.

Posted by TheePeaceFrog

So many new MMORPGs just try and be World of Warcraft with a few new gimmicks. However given WoW has been out for like 4 years they never seem to achieve the same level of polish or  the amount of end game content as WoW.

I have been suckered into trying almost every MMO out there from City of Heroes to Warhammer. Despite my  desire for a new, fresh MMO experience I always come back to WoW sooner or later. Either because the new MMO is not very good or all my friends decide to start playing WoW again.

The Old Republic looks awesome. A story driven MMO set in the StarWars universe made by Bioware. That sounds pretty damn badass.

This clip alone showed that the game already has more narrative then any MMO I can think of. I love MMORPGs and I adore a game with a good story. Will the two finally come together successfully, i think Bioware can pull it off.

Posted by DBZ_Fanatic
@GioVANNI: ya dude every one can be there jedi and sith class but the real men play as a mandalorian 
Posted by Death_Unicorn
@insanejedi said:
"  I want to be a Mandalorian Jedi. How bad ass would that be? "
Very badass. Note the italics.
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