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And that, dear readers, is how the world came to an end...

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Come On

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What a wonderful/tragic night/morning that was

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For people who missed the first hour (and the madness that happened before that), follow this link.

I'm currently busy uploading "the first hour" (parts 1-6), It is low quality but the live stream wasn't much better either.

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Great cant wait to watch it

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ahhhh, thank you Giant Bomb, I missed this when it went live. Glad you put it out for those who also missed it :-)

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Stayed up until 2am here on the east coast (best coast) for this....and  it was hilarioussss

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RIP Pascual
Was happy I stayed up to watch this. Ended at 3:00AM over here.

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I was there!  It was a lot of good fun. Reading the community commentary, GB answering questions from the crowd of over 2000 viewers.  In the end, it was really sad to see it go but glad GB was there to document it.

....Dave was both hilarious and scary.  Nudity folks, there was nudity!

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Cool. Fun stuff, thanks a lot for the videos guys. I wanted to see how this boggles down. I wanted to play the game when it came out you see.

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What you won't see is the epic chain of 300 people saying "Not like this!" in the last minute. And Dave shirtless...

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This was an amazing morning. Lot's of fun!

I miss Pasqual...

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Waiting for this last night was EPIC.

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It was epic watching it live and everything before that, thanks for the night GiantBomb!

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Thanks for all the fun guys and attention to MxO, hope y'all enjoyed!

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Was there to watch this live, had 2 of my questions answered as well... definitly worth getting up at 5:30am for.

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@CleverLoginName said:
" What you won't see is the epic chain of 300 people saying "Not like this!" in the last minute. And Dave shirtless... "
Yes, Those were the best parts (not including pasqual because that would be unfair)
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I fell asleep right before the last hour...

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That was such an amazing night in so many regards. From the pre-show to the countdown, you guys made a bigger deal out of it than even the devs and other players. Thanks for the memories!

EDIT: Almost forgot: If anyone wants to see the first hour and the pre-show shenanigans, you can watch it all on YouTube. Give some big thanks to t2t2 for recording and uploading.

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That was a fun night, stayed up all night til 6AM for it to start, and as of speaking I haven't slept since.
Duder.... it's over.

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I watched it live last night....amazing...

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My only concern is that MORE MMOs will now want to close down in order to get some fucking awesome publicity on Giant Bomb.  The developers will want the momentum to start their next doomed project. :-)

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We'll always remember you Pascal.

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who's the lady in the background

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@WitchHunter_Z said:
" That was a fun night, stayed up all night til 6AM for it to start, and as of speaking I haven't slept since.Duder.... it's over. "
You and me both. The ending has put me in a sleepless state. Life changing
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Oh god, I must of been hella tired but I missed the Requiem for a Dream joke.

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Watched it live. :) I was the one who asked "Will I ever be loved?" and Ryan told me no.

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Aww, great ending GB.

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Kinda bummed that nothing cataclysmic happened at the end, but it was surprisingly emotional nonetheless

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Someone please make a video of Pascual and Tonka with While my guitar gently weeps in the background the version frome the LOVE album. Great music for a great moment

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Oh Matrix. I didn't know ye well, but... I'll miss you anyway.

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i am still wondering what that creepy green fog was with 5 minutes till doomsday. Funny and sad that Ryan chose to die alone, but I still wonder what happened to the dance line and the wall leaners.

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I like the low-key-ness of the whole "Wake up Neo" thing. Pretty fitting.

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The ending was very anticlimactic, but thanks to the players, it was entertaining. Totally worth staying up all night for this.

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And so this is how the world ended, not with a bang, but a flurry of pink.

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@NickNorman: Can I have your baby for that link?
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It IS actually kinda sad to see a well realized virtual world shut down forever. Hurts my gaming heart.
C ya in another game Matrix community!

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Who is that Jeff is running game on in the background?

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In the end the chat went crazy. Well it was crazy all night ^^

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I am totally with Dave and Drew on the "gib" pronunciation. Also, great video.

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Oh man, the quality between this and the live stream is night and day...

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This is a magical moment in internet video streaming history.

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Wow, the end was such a letdown... just a simple disconnect message? At least throw some code falling apart in there! Oh well, too late now. >.<

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Never forget about the man who made the ending beautiful, Pasqual.