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this is... one of the best things I've ever watched

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Man, now this game does look fun.  I guess for the people who stuck with the game and got to level 50, the reward for sticking with it was pretty cool.  I guess the same could be said for a lot of MMOs too.

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about hyper jumping: you can hold ctrl+space to do it and if you hold it you can farther and if you are moving you go forward at the same time. it's a great way to cover big distances

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all pcs come pre-installed with torrents. Just sayin'

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It's funny because, those people are trying to make Giantbomb angry, but they are in turn providing even greater entertainment for everyone! I love it =D

But really, I don't understand why they are upset. If anything, Giantbomb is documenting the end of the game, so at least it won't be forgotten. They should enjoy it and celebrate the ending with Giantbomb, not against them.

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@Lies said:
" @supermike6 said:
" What are you doing with a torrent program Ryan? Don't you get your games sent to you? "
I very much doubt he's torrenting games. Other things perhaps, but games seems unlikely. And it's important to remember, there's nothing inherently wrong with torrents. You can share all manner of legal content with them, they've just developed a reputation as something inherently linked with piracy. "
I like to get the PSP torrents of all my psp games. Of course I only get the ones I actually own so that its legal. But you get 4x as much battery life if you don't have to use the UMD. Also its great having all my games with me at once without having to switch!

And torrents are used for all sorts of things, its prettymuch the only way I download things these days if I can help it. Its a lot safer if you are downloading more popular torrents because they are always checked for viruses and have comments and ratings. Not to mention being able to stop and start the downloads whenever.
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I went to the MxO forum to see the responses to the videos and they are funny as hell. A bunch of them are mad and compare it to picking on their little brother or sister. These people are stupid if they are going to waste the last few hours they have left on their most beloved game beating up on two guys who don't care if they do or not. Oh well more fuel for the awesome fire Ryan and Vinny have have started in the Matrix Online.

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People HAAAAAAAATE you guys

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Props to the people who are helping you guys out. This video was easily the most entertaining of the bunch, had a bunch of fucking gold quotes too. I do think Ryan and Vinny work well together in some sort of strange combo though =P, it's funny because their personalities sort of clash

I do love that half of the community is trying to piss you guys off though and instead are giving you guy's the most fun you've had in the game. It's pretty wild.

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That was great, awesome episode guys!

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@Lies said:
" I don't get why everyone is hating on the MXO community. They seem like a fine bunch who just really like their game. Whenever someone comes onto the GB forums and complains about the site, they get torn to pieces by commentators, so this community really can't be indignant about MXO going after GB.Should be interesting to see the way the world ends. Hopefully it's not just a server disconnect, there should be some big worldwide event. "

I think it's all about their attitude. If a guy compares picking on a video game to picking and insulting your beloved one that is on the deathbed, he is obviously a teenage moron who NEVER had anyone whom he loved in grave danger.

Also, when someone posts meaning SERIOUS BUSINESS that Ryan & Vinny are twats because they complain about the "foggy" enviroment, while OBVIOUSLY the HALLOWEEN EVENT is on. In damn July.

It's impossible to take such people serious or at least feel sad for them 'cause their game is getting shut down. At the same time, I think all of us have no problem feeling sad for them because their lives end along with the Matrix Online.

In the Persona 4 Endurance Run, while they seem to ultimately have fun from the game and I could really feel they are still doing this not simply because they went so far and it'll be ass to stop now. Yet, they still openly make fun of the game. And still, fans of the game help them get the most from it, instead of running batshit in comments how the guys are a bunch of faggots and dickheads and how they are KILLING THEIR BELOVED ONES, or KICKING THEIR LIL' SISTER IN THE FACE. God.

They're bitching about the community, how awesum it is, but wouldn't it be better if they approached TonkaTruck and instead beating the shit out of him, they'd just massively help them actually enjoy the game in a normal way? The majority simply wants to get REVENGEH, which would be funny if 3/4's of them wouldn't mean SERIOUS BUSINESS with it. Really, complaining about how they underestimate the game and make fun of it while acting like a bunch of little kiddies reminds me of an episode of M*A*S*H, where Hot Lips complains to a General that Hawkeye and Trapper are "ruining this war, for all of us".

Awesum video!

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@Ghostiet:  whatever.  they are allowed to bitch.  they are losing what is probably theyre favorite game that they've sunk waay to much time into...if bitching about ryan and his lack of knowing how to log in/out helps them move on, then whats the harm?
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@TehBuLL said:
" @Ghostiet:  whatever.  they are allowed to bitch.  they are losing what is probably theyre favorite game that they've sunk waay to much time into...if bitching about ryan and his lack of knowing how to log in/out helps them move on, then whats the harm? "

I'm cool with that, but if you act like a moron, be prepared to be treated like one. And some of these guys obviously don't get it.
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Anyone know the subscriber base for this game? I wonder if MxO was a profitable venture for monolith...

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To be perfectly fair, some people were very helpful to them. Then again... I doubt they would shower the normal random player in gifts if the game wasn't coming to an end. Either way, none of this matters later today. Not like this!!

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Top tip fellas, I'm only 15 mins into the vid so you may have figured it out, but [ctrl]+[space] will auto-hyperjump you. You don't need to target.

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Hahaha, the MXO players are pretty sore.  This is pretty entertaining stuff.  Only a handful seem helpful, but because there were more douchebags just getting pissed about people playing THEIR game, they just try to kill all and not be helpful.  Thats why people leave the game, thats why the game is ending.  Good work guys.  Oh and the game is pretty crappy too.

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This is awesome.

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Can you imagine if someone playing this game didn't realize that it was slated to end soon.  They'd be like:  "WTF?!"

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The Matrix is REALLY buggin out eh? Can't wait for tonights video to get upped.

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@TheHT: Dude you don't have to you can watch it through Justin.tv they're going to have a live show unless I'm horribly horribly mistaken.
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This is great, you getting lots of help from part of the MXO community it seems but the other half of the MXO community wants to go on a manhunt and kill TonkaTruck. There making this a lot more intresting, on it's own this games preety dull.

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Basically, if you're a MATRIX fanboy and you attempt to defend those appalling sequels in my presence, you deserve every ounce of scorn you get.

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@CashBailey: the second one wasn't terrible.....at least not compared to the 3rd one that  made me cry a littlle

also this video was the sickest one you guys have done
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You should not pick fights with angels.

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fighting angels...in THE MATRIX!!!

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A few cool, helpful dudes surrounded by an overwhelming sea of dickheads? Yep, it sure is the internet.

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Van Cleef!

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I love the players' inability to grief.

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@BabyChooChoo: Your point is fine, but most of these Matrix episodes were not livestreamed. Vinny even says so during this one. Sure they knew some of his playtime was recorded, but not all of it. People were griefing Ryan because he basically started baiting them (for our entertainment :).

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i wonder if this game had held on a little longer would it have gone free to play like most semi and non succsesful MMOs