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cant wait for this game

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i like the looks of this

edit: That FMV is pretty amazing....

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This would be awesome, if it wasn't WoW. The community with their, huge gaudy mounts and gear ruin it. Jumping around spamming /trade, botting, and everything else that comes with the WoW fanbase.

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Dear Your Sifl & Olly reference has made my year. Thank you sir.

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*covers his ass*

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Blizzard truly are masters of cinematics.

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How odd, like some of the ideas of this but still mixed on the whole Asian themed mysterious island (overdone after so many games). Could be interesting though if I was afflicted by some kind of space/ocean madness to get back into wow, I'd have to get cataclysm too so not sure I want to buy 2 expansions to see this myself.

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christ these cinematics are always amazing...

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( •_•)>⌐■-■

Looks like the WOW development team ...


BEAR - ly have any ideas left


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They really should make that Warcraft-Movie.

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Those chins are huge.

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... am I the only one who thinks it's weird that the guy didn't at least attempt to impale the orc on the big pointy stick he made in the beginning?

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I know it's not cool to like WoW anymore but I'm pretty damn excited to jump back in.

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Looks pretty amazing... however is waaay too silly for my likings...

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Nope. Guild Wars 2 means an MMO is finally worth considering that is not tired old WoW.

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I've been thinking this since starcraft 2 but every time I see smoke in a blizzard game it looks damn impressive

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Getting a real Kung Fu Panda vibe from this trailer...maybe 'cos both...have ass-kicking CG pandas, BUT IT''S MORE THAN JUST THAT.

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Fuck me sideways.
Shame about the Panda being some sort of unbeatable god but the rest was great.
Loving the new looks of the Orc/Human.

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@Astroknot: Nope when I saw the orc behind him I said to myself "don't jump!" haha I've always been a Horde player.

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Okay I like that Panda a lot...I want to play this game...but I still won't...

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@Sanj: I was half expecting that Noodle Duck to come by with his cart, and then have it topple down because of the battle. Makes me wonder if the next expansion will feature talking cars and fish.

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It feels like they announced this expansion forever-ago...

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Fantastic trailer! Genuinely exciting to watch.

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If only they would make a game that actually looks that good.

Blizzard won’t win me back with pandas no matter how casually racist they can are.

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This prerendered cinematic reminded me of how old the actual game looks.

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@Milkman said:

I know it's not cool to like WoW anymore but I'm pretty damn excited to jump back in.

lol I know right.

Random aside, I thought and was hoping they would zoom in at 3:18 and show most, if not all of the races, of WoW gettin' their monk on or something. Meh, just thought that woulda been cool, but whatever, still excited!

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ya only when you play this cool panda guy it will not feel or look anything like that lol. no thanks blizzard.

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Man...Kung Fu Panda sure is an awesome movie.

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@Sanj said:

Getting a real Kung Fu Panda vibe from this trailer...maybe 'cos both...have ass-kicking CG pandas, BUT IT''S MORE THAN JUST THAT.

Pandaren existed for six years before Kung Fu Panda came out.

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you know if the actual game played something like that i would jump in without hesitation, but it doesn't so I wont.

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So, it's a good thing Blizzard decided to debut this during Shark Week, because they've just jumped all of the shark. They may have even nuked the fridge, I'm consulting professionals as we speak to weigh in on the matter.

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Dear Your Sifl & Olly reference has made my year. Thank you sir.

Agreed Alex gets flack but he really is the best and this sort of thing.
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Are Blizzard really this stuck for ideas? Warcraft=Warhammer Starcraft=Warhammer 40k And these Kung Fu Pandas=fucking Kung Fu Panda!

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As always, Blizzard knows how to excite me when it comes to a cinematic.

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@Astroknot he did, watch it again
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The problem with WoW is the absolutely astounding disconnect between the concept and the reality. If Mists of Pandaria was a lighthearted romp through Pandaria with all sorts of crazy places to explore, I'd buy and subscribe in a heartbeat. Instead, it's inevitably going to be about a week or two of actual leveling followed by repetitious daily quests and dungeon grinding at cap.

WoW is actually a fun game to level in (and by this point it has a huge world too), so it's a shame Blizzard seems to focus so much on rushing its playerbase to the cap over and over instead of on the journey.

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I want to not be cynical about the Pandaren, I really do. Every time Metzen goes "They're not goofy! They're super bad ass! You'll see!" and then they come out with this. Yeah the Pandaren was beating them, but look at how the vide, the tone changed once the Pandaren showed up. It was kind of goofy. I'm all for some lightheartedness, but this isn't the sort of thing that gets me pumped for an xpac. Remember "You are not prepard!" or "Arthas, my son..." or "My rage burns through the cavernous deeps!" This in no way makes me interested like those did.

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When are Blizzard going to stop fooling around making games and make a movie.

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@Seeric: You're right on all counts except for the part where Blizzard rushes people to the player cap. That is done by the player base themselves. They do it in every single MMO. Blizzard just tries to provide content for the end game however stale it's gotten at this point. This is shown in all of the work they did in Cataclysm to revamp the entire world only to have the same people rush to the level cap and maybe check out some of their work here and there.
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Why does Blizzard insist on making a live action movie when you can do CG this damn well?! Man, that was fantastic.

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If you can't play a Brewmaster then I am not interested at all.

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I'm not going back to WoW, but that's a fantastic trailer, as always, Blizzard.

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So ridiculous, so awesome. Too bad I don't care about actually playing WoW.

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I still think WotLK is the best one. It's the only one that made me feel something other than 'oh here's the newest wow ad to lure in the casuals'. Also it makes me sad that they waste ridiculous amount of money on cinematics yet there's so few content updates.


I lol'd when the human gave the orc his spear.

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This is how I imagined Kung Fu Panda to be like but didnt.. :(

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If you can't play a Brewmaster then I am not interested at all.

You can.