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Dope, haven't had a good dota video up in a while.

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Wait - butterfly porn? *clicks play*

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Wow, Purge is in this. We ESports now.

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Damn it Brad! Hamburgers and meatballs are both beef unless explicitly stated otherwise!

edit: or maybe if you're dealing with some fancy ass fine dining type situation.

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The bass form Purge and Brads voices together will shake the Dota community to it's knees!

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this just got way too professional with Purge

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Report Tusk for feeding, gg.

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How can you note like DOTA graphics? It's one of the best looking games out right now.

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Hey Brad, if you split the video up into individual games you could turn this back into Daily Dota. Granted, the first episode would be really short. But if you could go once a week, play five matches, and do intros and outros between matches it would make some fun daily content. And maybe eventually you guys could start winning again. Today, I blame Purge.

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I missed these. I wouldn't mind seeing some more time spent on Dawngate as well.

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holy crap purge and giant bomb. two worlds collide!

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Huh, Purge and Shane. That's awesome.

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Brad gets to talk to Purge? Damn. Purge has been my number one source of information in DOTA 2 since I started learning to play.

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yellow everybody this is giant bomb.

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So honestly, I don't want to be that guy, and I know one of the reasons this feature has disappeared is due to the hate that Brad has received, but it is really horrible form to force a guest(and pro) to play a low impact hero in a bad position. Not only that, but Brad, you know that you have the lowest MMR of the group, saying as much during your commentary, why are you picking carries when your competition is going to destroy you in lane?

If you want to make good content, you should be the one rando-roaming with Crispy. Let Shane/Purge mid/carry and Pascual offlane.

Hitting creeps and avoiding all team fights for 2.5 hours really makes me not want to watch your videos, and the only reason I subscribed to GB and started playing DOTA was because of your original content.

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Damn it Brad! Hamburgers and meatballs are both beef unless explicitly stated otherwise!

edit: or maybe if you're dealing with some fancy ass fine dining type situation.

not true for meatballs. just not true. who has ever seen a porkburger WTF is that

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GB Dota best Dota

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PUUUUUURRRRRRRRGGEEEEEEEE! I am a huge Purge fan. Its like 2 of my biggests interests on the internet are forming like Voltron.

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Purge is great. A voice to rival our own young Bradley's.

That said, I have to agree that I actually think it would suit the feature more to let one of other guys play the carries - being in a more roaming/support role and not having to last-hit every creep would allow you to look around the map and show off early teamfights in other lanes (as I know you are always looking to present 'an interesting show' to the viewer and like to flick to where the action is). Additionally, while I'm content to watch a guy farming for ages, I know some viewers find it a little dull. Plus with the likes of Crispy and Purge around it seems reasonable to have those guys on carry.

In other Dota news, I'm so glad that The Daily Dota podcast is not only back but now features consistent Brad Muir. That man is a font of enthusiasm. :D

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Purge and Shane. This is awesome.

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Please dont play BH Brad :(

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So I enjoy the daily dota and the personalities in it.
I enjoyed some of crispys stuff on twitch.

Does anyone know of any other sites / streamers that are similar to DD?

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Great stream. Shane is one funny dude.

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Why are we telling Brad how to play HIS game? If his teammates don't mind his playstyle, why should we?

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Man the FNG is more monotone than Brad. He rivals the elcor in his tone, "[mildly concerned] the shadow demon is missing"

I'm only playfully jabbing. He was fine.

It was great to see again and still 100% entertaining. Thanks guys!

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@dotachump: You seem mislead as to the nature of these videos. I'm sorry if you're not amused, but if that is the role Brad wants to play, then so be it. But if "good content" is defined by proper team mechanics and serious competitive play, then go watch a fucking tournament.

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@heyhihey: Telling Brad that he would have more interesting videos if he randomed a hero and played a roaming support is akin to "proper team mechanics and serious competitive play"?

I love the personalities that Daily Dota brings together, but seeing as how I am now addicted to DOTA due to this feature, I would rather actually watch interesting content while I'm listening to some of my favorite people bullshit around.

I am offering this opinion because I honestly don't believe that Purge was having the best time, it could have been because his personality doesn't really fit in with Crispy/Shane's crass humor, or it could have been because he was forced to basically last pick in Random Draft. He is the best player of the group, highly respected in the community, a guest, and should be allowed to play a high impact hero in a position he wishes. That is a courtesy I think Brad needs to be more cognizant of if he expects to get quality guests in the future.

@sneakybadger: Shane, twitch.tv/shaneomad is basically a super nice, Irish Crispy, who actually streams.

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Is there a reason Brad was constantly using Ice Shards on creep waves? It seems like every time a teamfight started in the first half of the game, he was always like "Sorry guys, I have no mana to contribute, now time for me to feed". I don't know what the hurry is when you could just right click creep waves instead. Tusk isn't exactly made of mana.

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Moar Dota! <3 I went premium for this. True story!

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Stay free Brad.