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Ayesee's voice is the most luxurious thing in the Dotaverse.

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Ancient Apparition: The 6th member of the Occasional Dota.

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More DOTA is always welcomed.

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Posted by Shaunage

DOTA, you guys.

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Finally. I fell asleep to this last night though I wanted to watch it live.

Edit: because I was tired, not bored. Hellish work week, promise.

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The guy has a great voice, if only he was a more interesting Dota commentator. He's just not my favorite guy in the scene anymore, but hey more Dota is always welcome!

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Wait, does the echoing Brad ever get fixed?

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This guy is the best play-by-play caster in the business.

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Too much winning, not enough throws.

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golden hype

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@wurmhat said:

Ancient Apparition: The 6th member of the Occasional Dota.


So loud for being a ghost.

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Ayesse has to be one of my fav commentators out there, for me hes up against the likes of Murrey Walker for his excitment and love for his sport. Sadly I missed the live stream but so glad this is up so fast.

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Holy hell that ghost is loud

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Ayesee seems like such a good team player, always buying wards, popping off that AA spell to get more vision. Fun to watch!

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Really liked this episode!

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This episode was great. One of the best so far.

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I noticed that Brad only wins when he's not manning the camera.

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This was really cool. Ayesee mixed in well with the crew, some good plays, some good jokes.. looking forward to more.

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Dat Rampage

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Refleksy is basically my favorite person.

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Great stuff, but I still hope Brad joins Crispy as a rando-roamer(TM) if he has to man the camera in the future!

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Ayesee fit in well with the crew, nice episode.

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I hope someone took a photo of the overly micced-up Ayesee.

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The entire reason i became a subscriber daily DOTA!!!! Love it !

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Giant Bomb Dota videos are the only Dota videos I watch :D

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More ...whatever DOTA's from Ayesee's perspective!

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They finally won a game, thank goodness!

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Love this! Wish Ayesee and Tobiwan had a baby so I could get the best of both commenting worlds.

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Its funny that you mention this. I think that must be the problem - and i can identify with it...when someone is watching you play, or you get stuck with one of those people always criticizing your item or build choices, I always play worse too. This is a good format - always showing the guest cam or something.

I noticed that Brad only wins when he's not manning the camera.

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Just caught up with this episode, was great. Bring back Ayesee for another episode!

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@nofzac: I think it's partly the added stress of knowing you're on camera; but also I've noticed Brad has a tendency to worry about the presentation, and he'll look to focus the camera on any fight which is going on to show it off, which sometimes means he gets in awkward positions or misses a few creep kills.

Definitely have Ayesee back some more, this was a fun time!