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Posted by Draxyle

The era before on-screen button prompts and/or tutorials; I don't think I could ever properly go back to those days. The things we take for granted.

Posted by Curufinwe

@planetary said:

Is Brad's stubble going gray?

That can happen when you get into your early/mid 30s. :(

Posted by Barrock

Did this get better towards the end? I weirdly found it dull at the beginning. Watched all the way to the PS1 game.

Posted by Geurge

Damnit Brad, just go straight to Gamefaqs and search for Olympic Gold there. Took me like 2 seconds.

Posted by Ramone

Someone needs to make a gif of Brad's heartfelt fist pump at the start of the video.

Posted by Nerolus

Famous Japanese Athlete, Daniel Curly! at 50:20

Fucking lost it, that is ridiculous.

Edited by Silver-Streak

@Curufinwe: I have something similar, but for different reasons: I've had patchy white(not grey) facial hair (which I never let grow in the first place) since I first started having facial hair. In fact, my hair pigmentation is apparently slightly damaged, and my hair has started turning white(instead of grey). I had 1-2 white hairs a few years back, I now have about 20. Supposedly I'll have white hair before the end of next year or within the next 2 years, so I'll barely be 29 at that point.

All of it is caused by an accident I was in when I was like 11 with an extreme source of electricity.

Edited by SaltyDoughnut

wut.. last olympic games... Brad's leaving?

Posted by Groundings

The first time the arrows exploded in the archery made me jump.

Posted by Xymox

Why are there no character pages for Dave Stead etc? That stuff is interesting.

Posted by RuthLoose

@Silverbrand said:

@Vigorousjammer said:

@JacDG said:


I have the full coverage of the '88 Olympics on VHS. Just dusty but in good shape.

Those tapes are older than I am.

Those tapes are almost as old as I am. (born July of '88)

uuuuuuugggghhh...you damn kids. *cane-shake*

I am just barely older than the concept of Discovery Channel's Shark Week. Yeah... (25 going on 26 in September).

Posted by dropkickpikachu

The Tek arrows at the end of the archery segment had me dying laughing, oh my god Vinny.

Posted by Phished0ne

You know, this made me think. I would buy an Olympic history game. Like the Olympic version of "Madden Moments" from the madden series.

Posted by DocOc


Posted by drew327

Button mashing- gotta go with the two-thumb approach!

Posted by Diachron

You can't win gold without breaking a few controllers!

Posted by paulunga

You should've went to your friends at gamefaqs.com, another fine CBS Interactive website.

Posted by ShakeItBaby

Even as an American, the US flag for English drives me crazy

Posted by paulunga

Oh yeah, best performing Caribbean country in 1988's bobsleigh? Netherlands Antilles. But did anyone ever make a movie about them? Nope.

Posted by TruthTellah

At about 2:00:00, Vinny scared the crap out of me! You're so focused and then oh gawd!

Posted by Dberg

Thought of the day:

There's more polygons in Snake's moustache in Metal Gear Solid 4 than the entirety of the Atlanta Olympics game.

Posted by Residentrevil2

Fantastic, beautiful! More, more!

Posted by cbarnes86

@RuthLoose: 1986, represent!

Posted by RetroVirus

Haha, Ryan's befuddlement with the Barcelona archery was funny.

Edited by Rabid619

Oh fuck me, the explosion at 2:00:30 made me legit jump. Way to choose the time when I'm lulled into a false sense of security Vinny.

My button mashing technique over the years has involved to me now using my two index and two middle fingers on all four of the face buttons. You have to hold the controller a bit weird, but it works amazingly well.

Posted by Almerc

GoooooooOOOOoooo Dave Stead!

Posted by Dragon4234

The Man with no Kettle is the greatest name ever for anything

Posted by Vrikk

Videos like this are why I subscribe to this site, and will forever as long as they keep doing insane but fun stuff like this.

Posted by Undeadpool

Only OFFICIALLY licensed games?!?! No Caveman Olympics or NuMan Athletes?!? Good DAY, sir!

Nah, not really, I'm having a blast.

Posted by slot9

Vinny, you inspire me, particularly with the intro to this video.

Posted by posh

ryan just can't admit he's bad at video games can he

Posted by Savutano

@certmcgurt: Maybe if he wants to produce content he should actually pretend like he doesn't want to kill himself? I dunno, I just agree that he looks sad...and that makes me sad. That's not what I come here for :(

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