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Well at least I have a WP8.

Posted by Generiko

Finally, the Halo game we have all been waiting for.

Posted by vikingdeath1

I mean.. it doesn't look outright Bad or anything, right?

Posted by SecularBaron

$6.99... I think i'm good on Halo for now.

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bummer, i have nothing it'll work on. it looks good though, pretty sure everyone in the coming weeks will be talking about how much this looks like killzone liberation and that was a great game

Posted by Rotnac

Ughh... no thank you. Also, Halo would be better off with less Sarah Palmer.

Now, if they made a Halo Wars 2 that was turn-based and played more like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, that's a game that I could see myself getting hyped for.

Posted by Azurath

Guys, it's finally happening....

Posted by Daneian

Halo is starting to become a bummer.

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@azurath said:

Guys, it's finally happening....

That's what I thought. Looks like maybe this wasn't fake after all...

Posted by SomeJerk

In an alternate universe this is a pretty sweet strategy game.

Posted by donnniegoat

I mean, I'd play it. If it were on iOS. I suppose windows phone exclusives are inevitable, but it seems like a lot of development cost for a platform that nobody's on.

Posted by Balex1908

MS said E3 will be all about games, I hope they have more than tablet and phone games.

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When I said there wasn't enough of Sarah in Halo 4, that's not what I had in mind, Bungie.

edit : or rather 343, or whoever is making this.

Posted by FriendlyPhoenix

When are developers going to realize that virtual control sticks are NEVER A GOOD IDEA?

Posted by Ganthet2814

This looks like one of those app games that you buy, play for a while, forget about and then finally delete to make room for another app or whatever.

Posted by thehunter1320

Can't wait for the XBONE port that plays like Geometry Wars.

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Posted by Cirdain

If you're not going to play this on a Win 8 PC then it'll control like a steaming pile shit. virtual control sticks ftw!

Posted by Bernoulli

As someone who's not really into Halo, I'd play this. Although I'd rather play it with a controller.

Posted by Cirdain

This may be loads of bullshit or may be spot on or something in the middle, but anyway I thought I'd share it with you guys. This rumor originated in NeoGAF.

The Microsoft game line-up for E3 is rumored to be:

  • Halo 5
  • Killer Instinct
  • FORZA 5
  • RYSE
  • FABLE 4
  • COD: Ghosts
  • BF 4
  • Witcher 3
  • Dying Light
  • PREY 2
  • Homefront 2
  • BGE 2
  • Mirror's edge 2
  • Rainbow 6 PATRIOTS
  • Brother in Arms
  • League of legends

Capcom next gen line-up was also rumored in this thread:

  • Dead Rising 3 (XB1 exclusive. Capcom Vancouver)
  • Dragon's Dogma 2 (PS4 exclusive, DD team doing it)
  • Darkstalkers Reborn (Wii-U Exclusive. Funded by Nintendo, Dimps + Ono)
  • Marvel Vs Capcom 4 (Both. Eighting + Capcom. Also "Expandable" and also allegedly taking advantage of Microsoft's E-Sports platform tools they gave to developers)
  • Megaman (both consoles, PC and done by "A very good US developer who you won't expect but would be very happy to hear is doing it")
  • New IP from Capcom Vancouver
  • New IP from Ninja Theory

So what you guys think? Is it pretty close to reality or is it as fake as it can get? I'd say that by having BGE 2 in there makes this list drop significantly in the probability scale, but that doesn't mean the rest won't be there.

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So they make a game around the one character I strongly dislike in Halo 4?

Please tell me this is an intermezzo between Halo 4 & 5 and that she dies in the end.

The whole Tough-B*tch-Shoot-First-Ask-Questions-Never was poor form in character design.

Also I get the feeling from the trailer that they are reusing Halo Wars assets. Might just be me though.

Only Windows 8 phones & tablets. Good for the two people that own that platform, assuming they like Halo.

Posted by Benny

I hope the dual wielding SMGs in this game means it's back in Halo 5. That's about as much interest in this that I can have.

Posted by 014

I don't see what's wrong with it.

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Hell yeah!

I miss Ensemble :'(.....

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Finally! A reason to buy a windows phone! - ... Oh wait, no thanks.

Posted by BrandonPckrfn

Man, everyone is so salty! I got one of the WP8 so it will be nice to play a game designed for it rather than just a shitty port.

Posted by fargofallout

Great way to get people to give a shit about Windows 8 - put a shitty Halo game on it that people can be snarky about.

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I don't think anyone ever asked for a Halo dual stick shooter, but my god I wish this was a Halo dual stick shooter.

Posted by flasaltine

@cirdain: They will win E3 with that lineup. Unless Sony can somehow do better.

Posted by PompousDawson

It would be great if Microsoft could take the Playstation philosophy on cross-buy and just charge one price to give you access on all devices. I'm sure I'll try it on the PC but to not have an XBLA or Xbone release seems strange.

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This looks like one of those app games that you buy, play for a while, forget about and then finally delete to make room for another app or whatever.

Isn't that every game on a phone? It's fun for a while but then you get bored of it.

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Spartan Sarah Palmer is a fascist monster.

Thanks, 343.

Posted by zombie2011

So if you put Halo music over anything I'm pretty sure i'll buy it. Man I forgot how awesome 4's soundtrack was.

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@grixxel: Just out of curiosity have you used Windows Phone 8 before? For more than a minute or two?

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whats that? windows phone? fuck that.

guess ill never play this.

Posted by Milkman

The next Halo is a phone game with microtransactions. Look at your future, video games. This is it.

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Posted by Grilledcheez

Looks ok, I'll probably check it out.

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Hell I'll play a Halo dual stick shooter, not on my phone though, I'm not a maniac. Glad it's coming for PC, oh I mean "Windows 8" no way it's OS exclusive though right? Whatever if it is I'll just wait til the inevitable community port.

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@bernoulli: @cirdain: You can plug a 360 controller into a Windows 8/RT tablet and use that to play games that support it. This is one of those games.

Posted by RE_Player1

Can you not play this on Windows 7? If so that is fucking stupid.

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A Halo tablet/phone game is just what I don't want.

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I really liked the way Halo Wars turned out and I think there's room for non-FPS Halo games to work. Unfortunately I burned out on this sort of top down shooter years ago and I can't imagine one designed to work with touch screen controls, even if I'm playing on my Windows 8 desktop with mouse and keyboard, is going to reverse that for me.

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Finally a beloved franchise we can all play on our surface tablets!

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Like Skulls of the Shogun, it's not cross-buy.

So, yeah...

@msavo said:

Can you not play this on Windows 7? If so that is fucking stupid.

Halo 2 was Vista exclusive. Really, it's not really a surprise that Microsoft wants to promote its new product.
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So another Gun Bros. like game???

I woulda been happier with an XCOM like game. Much much happier.

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oh for fucks sake. this looks real dumb. and they are definitely starting to whore out the franchise now.

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@rotnac said:

Ughh... no thank you. Also, Halo would be better off with less Sarah Palmer.

Yeah, I hate that character too.

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If I download this will Spielberg spunk on my face?

Posted by Seb

They've made a huge mistake.

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