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So good.
So baked.

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man that's a lot of dead air in this video

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Thing of beauty ha, just took ye olde stars & added tripping tripping trippppppingggggg.   
Try something actually new as this isn't news nintendo.

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so close and yet so far away
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This is what happens when you get a star in Galaxy 1 as well, though you flip when you jump now, which is always cool.
@NiklasP:  It worked better on Youtube where those 'prev feed' 'next feed' buttons navigate between all the other promo  videos they've done like this.

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What's with the super long end title?

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The reason for the long dead air is because this a rip of the Youtube video. Nintendo hosts these on Youtube, and on the Youtube player, you can press those buttons to go to the next video.
I am not sure why Giantbomb doesn't cut those parts off, and since they air these, why don't they air all of them instead of select random ones?

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@Willy105 said:
"I am not sure why Giantbomb doesn't cut those parts off"
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Mario Galaxy 2, cannot wait.

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oh mario having so much fun causing chaos

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So how is this different from a star?

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@TripMasterMunky said:
" So how is this different from a star? "
It doesn't look like you can stop. I could be completely wrong, of course.
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it's a star and that test pattern is the most obnoxious trailer premise ever

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Nintendo super-bad marketing department strikes again (!) but with a Wii game looking this good I just want to play it now please.
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@dbz1995 said:
" @TripMasterMunky said:
" So how is this different from a star? "
It doesn't look like you can stop. I could be completely wrong, of course. "
But then again...why would you want to? :/
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what is this i don't even.

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So it's the Star then?

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Cue Skittles jokes.

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@Scooper said:
" @Willy105 said:
"I am not sure why Giantbomb doesn't cut those parts off"
Because Giantbomb likes it RAW.
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@MarkWahlberg said:
" Cue Skittles jokes. "
Super Mario Galaxy. Be the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.
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That one was in the first SMG as well in the form of the power star. Looks like it's a more common thing this time around though.

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Damn, looks like Mario's getting into the harder mushrooms these days.

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The Star but trippier. That's..something.

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I'm always disappointed by the starman power-up these days, I want it old school, with yellow and black flashing. I'm not too into the remix of the theme playing either, though I can't figure out what's wrong with it. 
Putting too much thought into this, I know.

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Further proving that the very concept of Mario was derived from a drug-filled acid trip.

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My video went off-line.  Does that mean my internets is broken?
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When does Mario get to become the Phantom Road from F-Zero? Anyways...
So I guess this is some sort of Starman upgrade? You collect two stars in a row and go rainbow! Or something.

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@EthanielRain: yep. that about sums it up.
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Oh non-interactive video prompts, how you tease me...

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So there's an invincibility powerup. Kinda not new, that was in the first one. And by that I mean the first Super Mario Bros.

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Why does the ending of these videos look like the game over screen from peace walker?

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I always thought this was a nice mini-evolution of the starman. The fact that he starts out running normally, but as the music picks up and time starts running out, Mario starts running extremely fast. It makes it really neat. I love it.
Gahhhhh...if only I could play this without buying a Wii!!!

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This will happen to you in real life if you put a full bag of Skittles in your mouth all at once.