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Of course they're back. They'll never leave.

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more rabbids?

is there any new franchise and new games coming on or is just more recycle ?

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I like the rabbids, I think the mini games are good fun and I think there's a good level of self aware humour, the only slight downside to this will be the fact that the whole trailer was 'Waggling' controls even on the joy pad, I know it has a gyroscope but to make that a waggling thing too seems a little cheap. But I guess it will take some Devs a while to snap out of Wii Habits, can you blame them really when it worked so well though?

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@muralbat: I don't think you should really take anything that Rabbids do with controllers at face value. That is, unless they're using them as blunt instruments of violence.

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@muralbat In one if the minigames demonstrated the touch screen of the joypad is used, without any apparent use of the accelerometer.
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that's really really really tame for the rabbids they used to be hardcore motherfuckers, wtf is this?

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Was that first minigame... competitive Audiosurf?

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Raiders of the lost ball...

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@Snail: Yeah but that was to put little springs for the waggling dude! Dont get me wrong, Im all up for this, I just hope it doesn't end up being a waggle fest!

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They look sad this time around.

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"Rabbids Land"? Are they intentionally trying to copy "Nintendo Land" and it's theme-park theme?

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Looks like the Wii U won't have shortage of mini-game collections.

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@Lively said:

"Rabbids Land"? Are they intentionally trying to copy "Nintendo Land" and it's theme-park theme?


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Now that Rayman has had a definitive comeback, I'm tolerant of Rabbids. Maybe there'll be another Rabbids Go Home to satisfy Ryan Davis, but I'm happy enough leave it in mini-game purgatory so as to fund 'real' games from Ubisoft (and fund Ancel's coke addiction he developed during the period in which Ubi kept him in the poorhouse for a few years there)

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Of course they would be back... XD