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They make a 30 second teaser. JUST SHOW PACQUIAO!!!!

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Damn, I was so close. 

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Darn, missed it. I haven't played a fighting game since I lost Fight Night Round 3 forever ago, so I might try one out eventually. I'll obviously hold judgment on this until we get to see a bit more of this.

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Are we human or are we boxers?
All you need to show is Pacquiao bashing some dudes face in.

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@danjbailey said:
" Damn, I was so close.  "
I am sorry dude. I really had some hype for some Fight Night footage but I am now sad for watching 30 seconds of barely anything.
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wasted time watching that

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so.......you have a set boxer you fight as in the story? 
okay, i guess it lends more to trying to develop a decent story into the game, but i really wish i could run the story with my dude.

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@dylanderoo: fail
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So... is this who you're going to use in the story?  Is Andre Bishop like Commander Shepard or something?

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No. I'm never going to "like" you, or anyone else for that matter.

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"Being a champion isn't about having a belt." 
Spoken like someone who's never been a champion.     Hey guys, come play our game!  You can be this LOSER who's never won a damn thing.   Isn't that exciting?!

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"Being a champion is not about having a belt?  "
I  used a similar line when handing out medals at the Special Olympics .

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So what is it about then if it's not about having the belt.  YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THAT

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" FIRST!  potatos/ "
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could you please.... elaborate? 
im totally buying this though aint gonna lie. games gonna be dope

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He neglected tot tell us what being a champion is all about.

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I refuse to use Facebook. Now I'll never find out the story of Andre Bishop. T_T

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Your no Danny Trejo.

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@fillmoejoe: I think the whole purpose of this(as much as Pacquiao is awesome)is to build a set up for their character the one you will be playing in their story mode.