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Hilarious to see them all get so mad.

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Ryan said bundle of twigs!

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This was so much fun to watch live.

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A question to whoever saw this live: how much did they edit out? Is it just the thing, or any mention of the thing afterwards (if there was any, I didn't watch it).

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It's okay, Ryan.

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@dr_mantas: like 1 sec of audio.

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timestamp pls

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They put Minecraft on 360?? Why would they do that? You could run Minecraft on a freaking graphing calculator.

Also, awesome unexpected Lantern Run!!

AND unexpected Will Smith! (I always thought he looked like the Mythbusters.)

Edit: Why did Ryan apologize for saying "motherf*cker"? They say f*ck all the time.

Double Edit: Much as Brad's perhaps my favorite, that was really a dick move on his part at the end there. Really quite dickish indeed. i'd have been pissed, too.

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The raciest!

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I like how fast they put stuff like this up on the web now!

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@SaturdayNightSpecials: 1:22:40

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@dr_mantas: They just muted the word it's all there.

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When Brad starts singing along to the Trials music in the demon voice at the end I lose my shit.

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dam right, will smith.


wow, did not expect this up so fast. good on em!

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This was incredible.

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This whole thing was... overblown.

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When Brad being bad at video games only harms himself, I don't have a problem with it. But look at what you made Ryan do, Brad. It's time for an intervention.

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I laughed, I cried, I cringed.

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Goddammit, just when I think I'm out(of being a Premium member) they pull me back in by doing another Lantern Run.

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@Raios: The apology was more due to the reaction in the chat of him saying it. It was blown way out of proportion and will hopefully die soon.

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Good to have that Will Smith style rage dynamic again

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Will Smith: Fucking up Lantern Runs Since 2011

It was good seeing you again.


@dr_mantas said:

This whole thing was... overblown.

Agreed, his apology directly afterwards was enough. The blog post was a smart move though

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That is definitely a finale.

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Brad is such a child. I honestly believed him to be above this type of infantile behaviour, especially given his line of work. And yes Brad, you are "the bad guy" in this case, it's pretty understandable why the others were pissed off afterwards.

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I wonder how good Jamie and Adam are at Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet...

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That was so much less dramatic than I imagined it.

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Lost the bit of respect I had for Ryan after this. Still half entertaining though.

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That was intense. Shots fired and passive aggressive ribbing all around; just as we like it.

I'd love to have Will back on the set again. Maybe something non-Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet related; I think all of you have been shattered like a lantern eaten by Cthulhu.

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This whole thing was... overblown.

Posted by rjayb89

Fuck, I love Jamie & Adam Tested's Will Smith. Moreso for Norm, but Will is up there. Not as much as Gary, but he's up there.

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Watched this live, did they include the final line by Drew in the archived version?

Posted by buhssuht

let the rage consume you Brad

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While I would have liked to see them finally finish it, it's ok that they didn't and it was still an awesome episode. My favorite part was Will Smith, my second favorite part was Ryan Davis.

My only question now is what could possibly measure up to the Lantern Run? The time pressured, cooperative aspect of the game created a certain dynamic that you rarely see in other games and, as it turns out, can make for great comedy. Is there another game out there that can help recreate the special type of magic seen in these videos, I wonder.

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@Recall said:

Watched this live, did they include the final line by Drew in the archived version?

Yes they did. The best part of this whole uncomfortable feature.

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Man this has the potential to destroy friendships. So tense!!

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Yesss, yesss, let the hate consume you.

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This is why we can't have video games.

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I kinda feel the whole deal about Ryan is overblown after I heard the moment in question. It's not like he launched into a hateful tirade towards one of the guys, he just went into angrish out of frustration for a thing in a video game. Especially since he sounds completely deflated and disappointed the moment he realizes what he said. He owns up to it immediately.

If anything, I felt worse about Brad quitting out of the game at the end. Like throwing a gas station into a forest fire.

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yo guys where can i watch the x rated version of this? ok thanx

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Wow, the ending to this was... Bad.

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They censored it? Fuck Im disappoint Giantbomb. You didn't censor vinnys cunt comments. The corporate virus begins.

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So what did Ryan say that they cut out?

PS: I hate Brad.

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wow that got....grim at the end there. People were actually pissed at each other. That ending with Brad getting pissed was way crazier than what Ryan said.

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Guys, it kinda defeats the purpose of editing out the offensive word to fill the comments section with "What did Ryan say?" "Oh he said this...." "When did he say it?"

I do think the situation was overblown and really, who hasn't said bad things they didn't mean when they're ridiculously frustrated?

That being said, editing the video and Ryan's blog post are probably the best ways to handle thing. Just hope Ryan doesn't feel too bad about it for too long. You didn't mean it and you apologized instantly, dude. We know you're not a bad guy!

On another note, the Lantern Run is always fun but man....shit gets serious when all the passive aggressive comments hit harder than usual. Tensions were high here.

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@reelife: Ryan felt bad about it, so they edited it. What exactly does the one word add? They wanted it out, and ryan wanted it gone. The edit was barely even noticeable.

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What I got out of this is that we need an extended Breaking Brad for the extreme Trials courses.

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@dr_mantas: You wouldn't even notice it if they didn't tell you.