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and actually I think this game looks very fun

Posted by Norusdog

fuck you disney.  FUCK.  YOU.

Posted by TwoLines

Looks like fun for kids!

Posted by gexecuter


Posted by ajamafalous

Everyone is unique, but not everyone is the same!

Posted by Benjo

Probably as fun as some of the LEGO series of games.  Looks like MUA Lite.

Posted by Skrams

Does the camera view give this a Lego vibe to anyone else? The jump looked kinda like it too, floaty and stuff. Also this will probably sell a lot now that I think about it. Kinda sad but its fine if its good and it'll help THQ out I guess.

Posted by dvorak

Still got to pop out one of those PS2 releases. Are we not past that yet? 
I'm going to bet that Madden 2013 will probably be the last PS2 release.

Posted by RipTheVeins
@Norusdog: Disney? Marvel made the kid-oriented Superhero Squad franchise looooong before Disney bought them.  
Posted by El_Derrico

So is this how that new Avengers movie is suppose to be? Meh. Beats bat-nipples.

Posted by Toxin066

If I were a kid, I'd rather have these as Happy Meal toys or something as opposed to a video game.

Posted by TheMasterDS

It seemed like an okay idea until it showed that its combat was basically Lego Star Wars. Presumably it doesn't have the collection element that makes Lego Star Wars stand up despite having crap combat. Nice.

Posted by MarkWahlberg
@Skrams said:
" Does the camera view give this a Lego vibe to anyone else? The jump looked kinda like it too, floaty and stuff.
Posted by Yummylee

..I'd still like to try this out. Love me some Marvel Heroes teams!

Posted by freakin

That puzzle looked IMPOSSIBLE.

Posted by Little_Socrates

Looks like Lego Marvel. Hope to hear more upon release. 
(Apparently, the last one wasn't so hot, though...)

Posted by UberExplodey

This isnt Ultimate Alliance 3! I call bullshit.

Posted by zitosilva

Cute, but I've got a feeling this ain't for me.

Posted by fillmoejoe
@freakin said:
" That puzzle looked IMPOSSIBLE. "
Posted by Gonmog

Well the cartoon is really well done. Really funny.  
Disney had nothing to do with this. and What the fuck is wrong with them making games for kids? My god grow up not everything has to be dark and gritty.

Posted by SquadBroken

The Hulk's thing is that he is angry, it is not that he is retarded.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Christ, that's one tricky puzzle!

Posted by spaded

i want to play with my friends...... 

Posted by JeffGoldblum

So does this mean the Hulk is the Ringo Starr of the Marvel Universe?

Posted by TechnicallyProficient

Somehow, I don't think Thanos will kill half the population of the universe in this version of The Infinity Gauntlet.

Posted by b33

games are childish

Posted by Donos

Looks perfect for... people who don't go to this site.

Posted by NoK

That was pretty cool, sure if I was a youngster again that this would be pretty cool.
Posted by Syphous

So is this the story line where the Hulk ripped Wolverine in half? Or is it the story line where the Hulk raped Mary Jane? Wait... maybe that last one was my fan fic..

Posted by jayhall

god damnit his name is spider man not spider enfant ffs

Posted by MasterChief360

I want a maturer one
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I think i'll stick to Marvel Vs. Capcom.

Posted by MeatSim

They may have different super powers but there all midgets though.

Posted by reflekshun

lol so lame

Posted by driffter

This trailer was so silly that it made the game look easy  fun for bunch of friends gather around an a insanely large TV and laugh their asses of....... got to get this for silly game collection.
Ahhhh come on people the game looked childish yea but the trailer was full of funny narration it's not Gears or Killzone yea but it didn't look bad as every one says. Good for some colorful fun.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

So is Hulk's death-by-fall damage canon?

Posted by GrandMarshal

Still less offensive then what they did to the hulk in the secound movie

Posted by ConfuciusOne

I see PS3, 360 and XBL at the end...so not just portable and PS2 releases?  Might be something I'd be willing to download depending on the price.

Posted by MichaelBach

Cute, kind of looks like a downloadable game.

Posted by ThisCrab

Aww, Hulk is the dumb one.

Posted by RazielCuts
@Norusdog: This comment made me lol hard :D