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It didn't help, but I at least felt better about myself after throwing it against my wall.

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Holy crap, that looks awesome.

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that is bat shit insane.

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Demon Squirrels, confirmed.

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This right here is what video games are supposed to do.

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That was just crazy. A Biker constantly ramming his head into walls can not be good but that would explain why he is doing all the crazy ass stunts.

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That's so crazy. This game has been out forever already and there are still mysteries in it? Say what you want but that's just cool like the secret room in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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NOOO, now I want to replay it

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Trials doesn't need any more difficulty x_x

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Some of those secrets were hard to find! It's really hard to rocket up that tower in "Stock Market."  
Can't wait for the new add-on. =)

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Aw man, every time they put out a Trials HD trailer I get really excited thinking it might be more DLC... and then it isn't :'( sad face... but what the heck? squirrels, you say?

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God I love that game. Despite it's crushing difficulty.

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@solorpg said:
" The secret is to get Super Meat Boy instead!  Pixels > Polys! "
No, no, my good man, you have it all wrong! The secret is to get them BOTH!
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As if I didn't have enough reason to get this before.

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And this is just one of the reasons why this game is awesome.
Guess the devs are frustrated that not all of their secrets have been found.

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Really wish Trials, Limbo, and Super Meat Boy were on PSN. : / 
Seems silly to buy a 360 arcade for those three games.

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Ahahahahah Trials is still the best arcade game evarrrrr. I hate the way they showed where those secrets are, but not what they contained! And... 


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Oh hell no.
Trials 2 on Steam is enough ragdoll pain for me.

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@zepp said:
"squirrels?  "

My exact thoughts. Some cool easter eggs it seems.
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The fuck? Trials is still a thing?

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The only one I have ever managed to find was the one with the bowling pins, although I dont recall the level and just happened to find it on accident.

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God i fucking love this game.

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hahaha. it's awesome to see that they are still pushing this game. This is a really fun (and REALLY frustrating) game that i think got overlooked by a lot of people. I'm glad they're still backing it up. I had no idea there were squirrels.... though i have found a few of the secret areas. TRIALS HD YEAH!

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I... sure. More reason to love Trials, I guess. Didn't even know there WERE secrets.

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I didn't realize that this game was on Xbox Live Marketplace. I think I will purchase.....god why do you tempt me with time wasters!!!

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I still refuse to believe that this game is playable by real people.  It's too crazy.

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Trials, give us more maps/levels nooooow!!!!

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is this a teaser for new content?

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There is supposed to be a new add on soon, right? Needs some more Trials - although there is currently an achievement I don't think I'll ever get (Marathon). :(

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Squirrel Aids confirmed?

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Nice; I never found any of those. 
Why release this video so late?

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@drew327: They've been extremely protective of the games secret rooms.  They don't even let people discuss the meaning of the secret messages in the game on their message boards.
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Goddamn that's awesome.

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Those Squirrels are freaky deaky.

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This game is SO! last season

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Since I'm never ever playing this fucking game again, this is a good video to have. Otherwise I wouldn't see this stuff in a thousand lifetimes. Seriously fuck masocore.

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Damn, I only new about a few of those.

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Ahhh great more things i'm not able to do.... thats crazy!
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best arcade game by a mile. ive sunk more hours in this than most retail games i own

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Nice. I had not found the prison escape secret yet. I have found lots of the squirrels though. If you want to see raining squirrels, check out the oil platform level. (don't recall the specific name) It's fairly obvious if you go through the level slowly. 

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This game was impossible! :(

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I almost heard the Inception music in the beginning.