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woot any new vid is good lol
i take that back it sounds a glorified face book game

Posted by WinterSnowblind

Looking forward to more Settlers.. 

But good god these videos are dire.  They're on the level of those horrible educational videos I always had to watch at school, and they make the game look and sound as unappealing as possible.

Posted by Xeiphyer

The new The Settlers 7, ay?!

Posted by OrgunUK

Game could be good but my god was that an awful awful video.

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Wtf is the Settlers and how have there been 6 that I have never heard of lol.

Posted by Daryl

I haven't even played The Settlers 1. 

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Man, Setllers has gone WAY downhill. It was awesome back in the good old days.

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@Xeiphyer: I was barely paying attention and that part snapped me out of my coma. Who ok'ed that line??
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The new The Settlers Seven.... awesome.
How that guy constantly says The Settlers Seven makes it feel mechanic.

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I remember playing the German version of one of these games on the PC years and years ago.  Dude's family was German.  All I remember about the game itself is how many resources it had (dozens) and all the ways you could convert them (build a bakery to turn flour/water into bread).

Posted by Jimbo

Did they employ Operation Flashpoint's radio chatter to narrate this video?
Welcome to.... THE NEW....  THE SETTLERS.... 7..... at.... BUSH!!!..... 5 o'clock!

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What on earth is Settlers?

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WTF?! BRUCE effin-Legend SHELLEY works on Settlers now? Wow! Finally, after 10 years (?)  I am slightly interested in playing this.

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@creamypies said:
" What on earth is Settlers? "
Thy are not worthy to watch this
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Wow, this is the first settlers since the second one that I'm interested in.
Too bad that Ubisoft f*cks it up with it's crappy "play" protection.
Port it to the console, Ubisoft, where I don't have to deal with your crappy copy protection and I'll buy it.

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Infamous Final Fantasy video still is king.
At least it wasn't "what's Starcraft?" in one of the Starcraft 2 videos.
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I don't know, you must have been living under a rock ore you're 13-14 years old... Its pretty well known. 
(Just wanted to point out that the "13-14 years old" is not meant in a negative way.)
Interesting info, albeit a terrible video. But don't really care about it. As long its as fun and addicting as Settlers games of the past are, then I'll be satisfied.
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Never heard of it, they're up to seven?! haha

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Listen to me.....1!!! Listen to my voice!!!!

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Hope this isn't as shitty as the previous games. Settlers 1 and 2 were great fun, then it all went straight to hell.

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Man, Ubisoft and their DRM can go fuck themselves.

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siedler 3 was my first pc game... i played the crap out of it

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Graphically I'm getting kind of a Fable vibe off of this. That's a good thing, it seems enjoyable to look at. Whats up with the announcer at the beggining, sounds like an elementary school biology video? Otherwise this has me pretty interested, never heard of Bruce Shelly or Setllers but I'll keep an eye out.
EDIT: But it's by UBISOFT?? pfft haha never purchasing anything from them until they drop those crappy play protection laws.

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Diggin' the art style.

Posted by JackG100

"yep yep yep yep..." that is the Settlers 1! 
Connecting two mice to your amiga and playing on dual-screen kicked ass.  Haven't really gotten into any of the other settlers though, doesn't really appeal to me anymore.

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Too bad it's broken with the Ubi DRM.

Posted by Slaneesh

Promoting silly facebook features doesnt abode well for the game

Posted by jt1080

This is the first game that may make me look past the shitty ubi-DRM and give in. The demo was confusing as hell to me, but I somehow had fun and saw the potential still.

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Man, they still make these?

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I haven't even heard of Settlers 1 through 6.

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Ugh what a crappy video.  So they have a map editor (that looks pretty limited) and a leaderboard? Are you serious?  How is this news or purchase worthy?
I loved the first 2 Settlers but stopped after the recycled 3 and 4.   This looks equally uninspired.  I was hoping for a rejuvenation of the series but this video shows absolutely no compelling gameplay.   
And it looks like these guys really don't understand the use case for Social Networking.  What are the multi-player features? How does other players' actions affect my game beyond a stupid goddamn number?  Is the limit of their 'social networking' chatting with other Settlers 7 owners?

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@creamypies said:
" What on earth is Settlers? "
you are a bad person
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I can't believe there's seven of these. Crazy.

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They're up to Settlers 7 already? Last one I played was Settlers IV, always had a soft spot for it, even though it was pretty kack compared to the bigger ones like AoE.

Posted by SinGulaR

In my opinion the franchise went downhill since Settlers 2.
Posted by brotherlu

I always liked the settlers games I had settlers 2 way back. Never got in to it though. I might give this a go.

Posted by PJ

So anybodey know where Settlers 3-6 are?
I played Settlers 2 ALOT and never heard about a sequal to that.

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I actually like this kind of game (though I'm not really into Settlers per se) but I'm not so sure about this marketing... it sounds like narrator just got off recording  the training video for new KFC employees.

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Narrator fail: This is a video game not a PBS special.

Posted by Canberra

Why is Gordon Brown talking to me about Settlers?

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Yes its not very well known in the US. But in Germany its a very old and famous series.didnt really play it though. but this one seems to have very nice graphics...i think ill take a look at it

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Is this game online only? or can you play a computer opponent?
@Leptok said: "Too bad it's broken with the Ubi DRM. "
Does it have that? Pass if it does. I wasn't sure that 100% every game published by Ubisoft will have DRM. I was hoping the bad press would make them double think it.
 @Hardin4188 said: " Narrator fail: This is a video game not a PBS special. "