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I found Continuity (the flash game) kinda easy and boring.
Edit: Finally got that quest.

Posted by WulfBane

I personnally liked Continuity. It was a chill puzzle game but definately had a unique twist.

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Eh, iPhone games?

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I sort of liked the free Continuity game on the web. To be honest, it was never exactly a very hard game. This version looks a little harder. If it's cheap, I might consider buying it. They should also allow user designed levels. That would be fun.

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@kurtdyoung said:

Eh, iPhone games?

Yes, please don't inform me about which iPhone games are good. I'll just use the awesome, well organized App Store.

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I'm so sick and tired of video game websites promoting these puzzle 1-click mechanic iPhone games. There are great games in the App-Store like The Quest and Football Manager 2011 Mobile that no one gives a shit about, but Giantbomb promotes these stupid .99c games which are supposedly "fun" that have no depth to their gameplay. Same excuse every time: touch controls suck so you need to play a simple game.  My opinion: touch control is like a mouse on a PC. RPGs, TBSs and even RTSs work well on the iPhone. Even some FPSs are decent. Please people, stop buying Angry Birds, Continuitshit 2 and Fruit Ninja. If you do, you're part of the problem!

Posted by JimmyRedd

Hope the in game music is as good as the stuff in this trailer.

Posted by MeatSim

Trailers for iPhone games on the site, that's new.