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Posted by TheGTAvaccine

I love me some Sims.

Posted by Scorched

that was odd

Posted by GioVANNI

That was odd.

Edited by Tiwi

NNNNOOOOOOO!!!! not again...

I f**ing hate this game.

Posted by Chewii101


game looks good anyways.
Posted by Ryan_

i thought it was clever

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Is this mirror's edge 2?  It should be.

Posted by poser


Posted by Hef


Posted by Wright

..frightening trailer..though I kinda want to play it lol

Posted by Fr0Br0

The hell was that?

Any, based on that trailer it doesn't look much like an improvement from Sims 2. I loved me some Sims 2, but I don't think I've seen anything that would make me want to buy a whole new game. The graphics barely look any better.

Posted by Psynapse

What the hell?!?!?!? That was some random shit...

Posted by Absurd

Creepy shit meng

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

I want to know what song that was in the erm, weird stuff i saw.

Posted by Superspiritgun

*bangs head on desk*

Posted by t2t2

Well, I'm stunned from confusion.

Edited by deaux

What's so hard to understand?  She sneaks around stealing kids' lollipops.  It's not Finnegans Wake.

Posted by ezdude

Wow, I'm pretty sure anything is more fun than stealing candy from a baby.
I know I should have just left it at wow, but I couldn't stop myself.

Posted by RawShark

Was that an aged Leisure Suit Larry making out with the maid?

Posted by AspiringAndy

What the hell was that.
That sure grabbed my attention though, I must have looked very stunned when I was watching that video.
The graphics are shitty so people will be able to play it on there shit laptops that play sims 2.
Since when was The Sims about graphics anyway?

Posted by mrhankey

i'm looking forward to the sims 3, but wtf.

Posted by Tearhead

I played a HELL of a lot of the first Sims and skipped the second one because I was all Simed out.  My craving for the game has returned however, and unless this game is awful (which I highly doubt it'll be) I'm gonna pick it up.

Posted by windofsorrow

Could this mean that you will be able to run your sims job? Maby she was a crimnial. 

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I wonder if I'm the only one who finds the Sims make humanity look like those creepy Duracell robots, dropping the uncanny valley to gut-wrenching new depths.

Posted by Kyle

I found that slightly unsettling . . . but I want it ._.

Posted by dsplayer1010

Weirdest trailer that I've seen in a while

Posted by Crono

This trailer may have been strange but I really enjoyed it; gets my approval.

Posted by zityz

mmmmm lolipops....oh and sims I guess.

Posted by Driadon
Edited by TaintedSun

I'm scared... I'm really scared. Somebody hold me.

Edited by Death_Burnout

Yeah that sums it up well, they've done WTF videos for the sims 2 too...too.

Theres something about The Sims 3 that i can't deal with for some reason, i honestly dont want to sound like a jerk but...it just looks too like The Sims 2.5 for me, and at the same time, looks like a modded version, theres something odd about it that i can't deal with :/

Posted by JackSukeru

I think my brain just bro@#%{]+""¤#§!!~d................................................................ .

Posted by Dimpley

In a strange way, i kinda wanna play so i can see if you can actually do that...

Posted by Shadowsquire

I would've been happy with a sims 2 graphical overhaul. But apparently they're changing way more than that. Somewhat of what they're showing here is that you CAN hop in your car and CAN go wherever the hell you want in the city. Weither it be to the store or to someone's house to steal their childs candy. I'm thrilled at the fact that i could create a house full of hot chicks across the street and just walk over there and meet them  instead of having to wait for them to randomly show up at my house so i can meet them.

Posted by brukaoru
@Death_Burnout: You shouldn't feel like a jerk for saying it looks like Sims 2.5, that's basically what it looks like to me as well. There's really not much they can do to improve the Sims, in my opinion. The basics can't really be changed, they can only be enhanced. 
Posted by AdSapien

What did I just watch? Hot Workout lady, then dirty old men, femmy chef, kids crying? Fat lady?  Seriously?  That's how they sell their product?

Posted by j0rdan


Posted by HatKing

Man I think they made this video just to see people's reactions....pretty awesome.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I think that doing chores is more fun than the Sims, mostly because the Sims is a chore disguised as a game except you don't get paid for playing it.

Posted by License_To_Bill

What... what the fuck?

Posted by Meltbrain

What... what just happened to me?... wha... how do i... what's it... doing?

Posted by BinaryDragon

Well, EA has yet again found a way to print money. Hell in these troubled times (drink) power to em'.

Posted by Geno


Posted by MagicKiwi

Dear god.

Posted by addictedtopinescent

Bangs head on desk too. 

Posted by Double0hFor

so now sims has a story? steal big lollipops from little kids?

Posted by mattysen

That maid thing was pretty cool but what on earth was your mother doing? stealing all the candys from babies?

Posted by chriskelly123

looks like a ps2 game

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

LOL @ More fun than stealing candy from a baby. That is not saying much! Stealing candy from a baby is not fun at all! They cry and make alot of fuss over a little piece of candy that you could've just bought for next to nothing and avoid all the hassle. And besides, it probably has baby slob and poop all over it.

Posted by Media_Master


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