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Posted by Luthorcrow

HOLY CRAP if VALVE isn't talking to their lawyers I would be shocked. 
If some of the developers left Valve and made this game it is one thing but that is just a blatant rip of the game, the style and marketing it.  It's really sad.


I hate all the kids saying this is copying TF2, you haven't even fucking played it yet. Seriously wait for it to come out before you start saying shit, it's so annoying.

Posted by LordCrom

Yep, this is a D grade copy of a AAA Valve trailer from for TF2.
Posted by S0ndor

Frozen in place by an invisible trap so some fucking camper can score a free headshot on you. Playing this game must be infuriating.

Posted by kalmis

Game that I am least interested in of all all Summer of Arcade games

Posted by ConfuciusOne
@hi_im_rob said:
" I hope they REALLY make it like TF2 on Xbox by never supporting it post release. "
Posted by EricWinholt

This game looks awesome! A lot of hate in these comments. DotA-style creep waves, upgrading skills through exp, and different classes; ' all sounds pretty fucking rad to me! I'm actually going to re-up my LIVE subscription when this comes out. :D

Posted by LordXavierBritish

Why the fuck are people saying this is like a TF2 trailer? 
Have you seen the TF2 trailers? They are short cinematic, this is showing off the some of the personality of the character and gameplay. The only similarity between the two is that they are making individual movies for the class which, this just in, you might want to do if you are trying to sell a CLASS BASED SHOOTER.  
The only similarities you could even make between MNC and TF2 is the art style, and even that is going a bit far. Is every cell shaded shooter from now on instantly going to get compared to TF2? You know, I kind of like the style of TF2, and I would really like it if more games tried to start incorporating a more humorous art style instead of trying to be realistic. 
And by realistic I of course mean brown and grey.

Posted by Kenshiro28

I like how no one in this game is funny.
No, wait, I don't like that at all!

Posted by MeatSim

Commentary by Chris Berman?

Posted by Bigandtasty

He says "noob."
It might have enjoyable gameplay, but...goddamn. He says "noob."

Edited by TheMoD

Not sure I've ever seen a more obvious clone of a game, maybe not gameplay wise but you know.. everything else

Posted by Roger778

This game has the corniest voice acting I've ever heard, and this is coming from someone who has been watching the trailers here on Giant Bomb. 
Not interested at all.