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A 1:42 minute trailer, and less than 20 seconds of that was gameplay.

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@Shtinky said:

A 1:42 minute trailer, and less than 20 seoncds of that was gameplay.

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Yo it's just us, Harkin.

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Looks terribly gimmicky.

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  I'm glad the Vita's getting more games. Mine's starting to collect dust. Also,

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I think it's a shooter with lame touch-screen gimmicks that won't work half of the time.

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Well... it's kind of hard to say if it is interesting given such little footage of the actual game. Also I hate live action trailers.

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as stupid as this looks i'm looking forward for more KZ.

Posted by RTSlord

WTF was that whole live action part? that was terrible!

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Looks fun, and I like the idea of being a merc in the Killzone universe. I want to take jobs for the Helghast.

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That voice over was weird

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Stabbing these guys in the head seems woefully inefficient, given large metal helmets.

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@Foggen said:

Stabbing these guys in the head seems woefully inefficient, given large metal helmets.

Two words: Laser Knife

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this doesn't look like anything that i want to play, and i like Killzone. that might have something to do with the fact that there was like 20 seconds of gameplay in a roughly 2 minute trailer. oh well. i guess i don't like using the Vita's touchscreen all that much. also, that voice over is absolutely amazing. best thing i've ever heard.

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The gameplay and graphics (as far as I can tell from the 20 seconds of in-game footage shown) look much better than that dreadful Call of Duty Vita game. I just wish melee attacks didn't rely on gimmicky touchscreen motions.

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If it has a story, I'll play (even though the Killzone games never executed story all that well), but if this is just some kind of arena battle where they pit you against Helghast for scores and money, I'm not really interested.

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Beards will stop evil British space Nazis.

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That's pretty.  Too much screen-touching though.

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Ted Levine's voice isn't this deep. But I see why you would say that.

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@NTM said:

If it has a story, I'll play

It has a "full-fledged campaign", with missions where you are working for the Helghast against the ISA.

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I'm getting tired of these live action trailers. Most of the time nothing like it is in the actual game, and I find that it breaks the suspension of disbelief. Plus it's like games are like Hollywood's little brother chasing it, saying "Someday I'm going to be a movie just like you!" I don't want my games to be like shitty c or d-movies, I just want my games to be games. Just show me the fucking gameplay, I don't give a fuck about a bunch of retards dressed up like over enthusiastic cosplayers running around in some industrial park in Bumfuck, Egypt with fake guns. Its insulting you think I like this bullshit.

But then maybe developers find it more cost efficient than the team taking time to construct gameplay scenarios or cinematics to make a hype trailer. Food for thought I guess.

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Looks cool as long as the knifing isn't touch screen only.

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Don't forget sunglasses at night!

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Boo for live action and boo for the touch screen stabbing