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You had me at Martin Sheen. Seriously, but the overall cast gives me goosebumps...  I can't WAIT!

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Hell yeah, Councilman David Anderson.

Posted by Wiseblood

The commie bastard gets no food!

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Damn that's a sexy cast

Posted by darkjester74
@PhatSeeJay said:
" You had me at Martin Sheen. Seriously. "
Indeed.  Also, Yvonne Stahovski...!!!!!!
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Someone has to say it: David Anderson is Oscar Mike.

Posted by nanikore

Isn't that the dude from the crappy doctor show with the unfunny jokes?

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I wanted this game before, but now that I know Adam Baldwin is in it, I'm going to buy it day one

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@Standing_Gopher said:
" Hell yeah, Councilman David Anderson. "
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That's an unbelievable cast of voice actors - should be a real treat!

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cant WAIT!!!!!

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Holy Shit Martin Sheen? Fuck yeah!

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@darkjester74:  oh I can see her as my character's love interest... and it's ok because she's real.. only blonde! :D
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Truly, this is the age of Bioware.

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Damn that just makes me want to get this game more and more

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Keith David? Keith David! And wow Trinitys gotten older. 

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Can't wait for this!
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So I hear Keith David is in this game! 
Plus Seth Green as Joker is always good. 

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Somebody needs to restrain Keith David.

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Really? His names "illusive man"? No one else has a problem with this?

Posted by giyanks22

Wow...what a cast.
Martin Sheen's character looks like the Mass Effect version of GMAN

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I'm about to orgasm over this game.
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If I had enough money I'd get a sex change and have Bioware's babies.

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Everyone should just be voiced by Keith David.

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Another important thing to take away from this vid is that now it seems that Normandy was not totally destroyed as I previously thought. I highly doubt that they would give Joker and EDI so much spotlight otherwise. Seems like good old Normandy will be repaired and Joker survives. Speculation true but highly likely now imho.

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Awesome cast.  Normandy talks now? And it's Tricia Hefler!? I've often wondered what being inside Tricia Hefler was like. 
Oh yeah that is totally Jayne from Firefly. I wonder who Kal'Reegar is. His is the only character they didn't unveil here. Probably not ready yet, I can't imagine him as a major villain. 
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Amazing cast and you know it's gonna be great when Martin Sheen is in it.

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@Blood_for_the_blood_God It is actually THE Illusive Man. Not sure why Sheen dropped the proper article. He doesn't have a name because he's the leader of a pretty radical human supremacist group, so having his identity freely known is a bit of a problem. Though the fact he talks to Shepard more or less face to face seems to suggest that he's coming out of the shadows a bit more.
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@GrumpyTheDorf:  YES.  Now if he and Yvonne are playable characters I can pretend my Shepard is named Chuck. Then get into all kinda of wacky space adventures.
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I can't believe they got all of those great actors/actresses to do voice work! Too cool.

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@Regal: Hahaha, good one.
@Meatsim: That would suck, but be funny as hell at the same time!
@Blood_for_the_blood_God: Hell no, that's f'in awesome.

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wow battlestar characters awesome!

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Where's Townsend Coleman?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hahahaha I thought keith david was tracy morgan in the tumbnail.

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Man, Keith David's face in the video thumbnail makes me think Jennifer Connelly just went down on him.
If you know his filmography, that statement isn't nearly as random as you think it is.

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That cast is fucking amazing, well done Bioware, I know almost all of those people and they all have great voices 
Damn I want this game so badly...

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I'm so hyped for this game that I'm actually afraid of its release.

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If your going to have such a star cast, you make a movie! lol

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Oh my god, they got like the entire fraking Battlestar Galactica cast doing voicework for this game.

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this is a very, very solid cast. Can't wait.

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at some point do u say....how much money is actually left for making the game...keith david much cost $2,000,000 by himself (im kidding, im kidding but hes awesome, joker is awesome), the other characters not so much

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Keith David...  you're the bee's knees.

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Seriously though, where's Nolan North? Doesn't this violate some sort of law to not have him voicing someone?

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I like Martin Sheen... but that voice just does *not* fit that face.

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@jmrwacko said:
"Oh my god, they got like the entire fraking Battlestar Galactica cast doing voicework for this game. "

No, Tricia Helfer is just in everything
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omg I hate seth green voice overs

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I am liking the reprise of the "Starmap" theme music.

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Dude, its like the entire cast of Chuck!

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