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Looks like it has a long way to go, but it could end up up being cool.

Posted by Acornactivist

Ugh. Crafting. Lost me right there.

Posted by DevOverkill

@darlan: Man I wish Monster Hunter was a bigger attraction to the western gamer. I love that series but no one I know likes them and I so badly want to play multiplayer with that game.

This looks pretty great though, hopefully it shapes up well. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it. That's Patrick.

Posted by wh00kie

@jeverage said:

@thehumandove: You might want to look at an actual PS1 game

Yeah, it's much more like an x360 game that lacks polish

Posted by Pop

It reminded me of Skyrim for some reason. I don't know, this looks rough. I hope it will turn out well.

Posted by Navyseils

Ever since the intrepid game "B.C." got cancelled on the original Xbox I've been waiting for another dinosaur game to come along and take it's place. I was sad for a long time, but this might be it. Please be good!

Posted by NeoZeon

Certainly has potential. I feel bad because I can't remember if I backed this or not when it was on kickstarter/indiegogo/etc.

Posted by Xpgamer7

This looks far more polished than the kickstarter original. I'm surprised how good it looks considering the time they needed to add all their planned features.

Posted by zFUBARz

This looks like that Lionhead/Intrepid game BC. Just, newer.

God damn that game. It was when I finally learned to stop trusting Molyneaux. That being said, I still back this ones kickstarter.

Posted by Professionlol

as someone who played and did not like DayZ or Rust, if that's what this game is, even I would be on board for that. I loved and played the shit out of carnivores (the last good dino game imo). I think i would be more excited if this didnt fall into the online collab game variety, where maybe there is some sort of village building and attracting ai villagers aspect. but i cant deny what seems to sell right now so im expecting a whole lot of saturation with the DayZ concept

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That's some epic music there. This looks like it could be fun, but I'm still holding out for a single player Dinosaur game that can bring the promise that Turok nearly gave us years back.

Posted by Accolade

Please be good.

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This is the sort of creativity I like to see. We have a medium where making a small city is just as easy (or hard) as making a small village full of dinosaurs...so why not concentrate some effort on what cannot be done in the real world? Anything is possible in computer generated worlds, so why so we keep replicating what we see in the real world more often than not. Show me what cannot be done any other way!

Also, why do we still get games that show a world with SO LITTLE imagination! Sledgehammer, If you go outside the box, please DON'T climb into some other guy's box instead. At least mine/ripoff something that didn't come out 18 months ago - idiots!

Posted by The_Dude_Abides

wow, that looks awful, all of it.

Posted by Mezmero

I have a pretty good idea what Patrick's dream dinosaur game would be like.

Posted by Owozifa

It sure as hell isn't my dream dinosaur game.

Posted by danielheard

So then Turok, but Arma-as-Fuck.

Posted by Ravelle

The only good thing about this game is probably the name.

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Creationists are going to LOVE this one.

Posted by Megasheep

@vigil80 said:

I don't think I know what "good graphics" means anymore. A lot of things went through my mind while watching the trailer, and "this foliage doesn't look good enough" was not one of them.

I'm with you. Anything as good as Half-life 2 is good enough for me.

Posted by Bones8677

@monkeyking1969: Exoskeleton armor has existed in Sci-Fi for at least half a century.

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@themasterds: Feathered dinosaurs are the result of scientists actively destroying our childhoods. I say good on the devs for sticking it to the man!

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@bones8677: Fuck childhood dinosaur things, feathers are great!

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I dont want to be a graphics whore but this is some ps1 quality. Then again, I guess it's better than 'retro' style.

Just as a quick refresher, this is what PS1 dinosaurs looked like:

Posted by joshua_ryan_9828

@themasterds: You're looking at the wrong species, the theropods shown were Carnotaurus (which did have scales, based on an nearly complete impression of the right side) and Gallimimus (which will be getting a model update once rigging's done for it). Now then...

HERE is the rex (which seems to have a positive reception despite feathers)

And le Austroraptor (which was really a fish-eater in life)

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Wow this looks so bad. I'll be honest i only even clicked on this as Patrick made it sound like a good thing, i must have misunderstood him, or he simply let his love for dinosaurs cloud his judgment.

Posted by buzz_clik

"What the Foxtrot is happening here?"

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Turok - Early Access Edition

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

@monkeyking1969: Exoskeleton armor has existed in Sci-Fi for at least half a century.

What I'm saying is make it look different. We call all look at the fun 1950s attempts at it and we can all enjoy what EVERYONE seems to be copying from modern DARPA attempts that nearly work...but when everyone copies the same design it looks THE SAME. Its a fucking game...you can make it look different because its all art anyway. So, I don't know maybe spend a few hours sketching your own design and not just copying the picture you got off the DARPA website!!!

Posted by Warmachine

Its not the Dinosaur game we want, its the Dinosaur game we deserve.

Posted by Mr_Creeper

I was hoping you could play AS a dinosaur. Oh, well...

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

YOU CAN RIDE A TRICERATOPS?! You can ride a triceratops. I've just realized that this is what I've been waiting for my entire life. All of video games have been leading to this singular moment. Me, wearing an Oculus Rift, riding a god-damned triceratops.

Posted by joshua_ryan_9828
Posted by TheHumanDove

@thehumandove said:

I dont want to be a graphics whore but this is some ps1 quality. Then again, I guess it's better than 'retro' style.

Just as a quick refresher, this is what PS1 dinosaurs looked like:

I see no difference

Posted by Jack_Lafayette
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Buying this day 1!