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interesting vid

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Dude, this technology is BANANAS.

Posted by Dany

Still curious on the actual mechanics of the game, how similar will t play to previous rocketed games?

Posted by Chemin

It looks like an awesome tech, I'm all for seeing more of this.

Posted by bmeason

Tech always increases, now what about game play? GTA Style or what?

Posted by RobotHamster

Very awesome!

Posted by Xpgamer7

wow. Looks awesome.

Posted by matti00

That actually looks pretty fucking rad, interested to hear more about this

Posted by Funkydupe

This is a great step forward!

Posted by RadixNegative2

That's incredible

Posted by Diamond
@bmeason said:
" Tech always increases, now what about game play? GTA Style or what? "
Sounds like more of an adventure game crossed with Pheonix Wright, if you can trust previewers.
Posted by dilllweeddude

gonna pre-order.

Posted by Tordah

This tech is really awesome, I hope this becomes the new standard for all big budget games.

Posted by Baggykins

A revolution Gentlemen

Posted by OllyOxenFree

God I love video games...

Posted by MagikGimp

This looks great and I mean truly accomplished. Come on Tested guys, this is the future of technology and it's on Giant Bomb!

Posted by Washburn

Really impressive. I hope the gameplay is good as well.

Posted by sofakingcool

that game is coming out soon and I hadn't even heard of it... whats wrong with me? I listen to every bombcast and I'm pretty well up to date with the industry. Maybe rockstar has been keeping this one under wraps.

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This is amazing, I tells ya!  Amazing!

Posted by csl316

this is a case where it's so awesome that i don't even care about the game itself.

Posted by Crono

Who knows how this game will play... but I am definitely interested in at least watching someone else play through it if nothing else.  Definitely looks interesting.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Fucking awesome. I can't wait for other developers start using this tech. Just imagine what a company like BioWare could do with it!

Posted by Jamsque

Fuck a duck that looks incredible.

Posted by TimothyWessel

Are the characters actually gonna be looking at eachother??   Acting alone is hard work...

Posted by MrCellophane

I am SO insanely HYPED about this game! Been that way for almost a year!

Posted by Psynapse

That is truly amazing... it looks completely real in some parts....

Posted by NoRemnants

The only problems I have with this is that it seems you have to base any characters on the looks of a real human that is performing. It limits the types of characters you can use this with.

Posted by Faint
@Havox said:
" The only problems I have with this is that it seems you have to base any characters on the looks of a real human that is performing. It limits the types of characters you can use this with. "
i was thinking the same thing.
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Something about the way the faces are shaded is giving me a real A Scanner Darkly vibe, especially at 3:30.

Posted by MackJ

The thing I have problems with is the reflectiveness and general sheen of the faces. They look like really well animated mannequins. 

Posted by MintyLeaf

The tech behind this just blew my mind
Looks absolutely breathe taking!
But something about the faces looks a bit strange, I cant exactly put my finger on it

Posted by tourgen

1940s detective game I'M IN!  new face tech or not, it could be a really good story-game

Posted by Rox360

Still looks fucking amazing. And I'm reassured, too! I was worried about how on earth they managed this awesomeness, and felt threatened as an up and coming 3D artist. But of course there's absolutely no traditional artistry involved, it's all performance capture. That pleases me. And it's still unbelievably impressive!

Posted by FZackM

This is very impressive facial tech.  It's the best I've seen since Half Life 2.

Posted by GravityProof

goddamn i can't wait for this.

Posted by kitsune_conundrum

holy shiet!

Posted by IkariNoTekken

Really excited to get my hands on this game, cannot wait!

Posted by TheThirdRLM

This game looks amazing, there's no debating that, but this is some serious Uncanny Valley stuff going on here. It's so real that it seems fake and a little off-putting. Also, is it just me, or do the bodies seem ill-matched to the faces?
Regardless, this looks fantastic and makes me wish I had money for a PS3.

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Between this and Euphoria, Rockstar are steadily becoming the kings of "awesome tech that no one else uses."

Posted by BigChief

You had me at "detective thriller."  I've been wanting a detective game for a long time.

Posted by maxB

This looks awesome can't wait to find out what the gameplay is all about.

Posted by hagridore

The tech is great but the game is damn rough. I know they aren't done, but no lighting and a dodgy frame rate...

Posted by El_Derrico

I don't say this often about video games, but WOW.

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Posted by golguin

That looks pretty good.

Posted by kwyee

omg the eyes are damn amazing

Posted by SavageM2

This is actually starting to creep me out.

Posted by kwyee

omg the eyes are damn amazing.  The pupils and eyelids are pretty much spot on.  Most games look like you're talking to someone with lazy eye, while the screen caps look good. This is the opposite: amazing eyes/facial expression/animation, ugly skin texture. 
Looks like it could be a very unique game tho.

Posted by Agent47

The facial animations are top notch.As Rockstar is known for, but I am sure that after RDR that the skin textures in LA Niore will improve over development.Look at the faces in GTAIV and compare them to RDR.The faces in RDR were a lot more detailed.

Posted by RE_Player1

Glad it looks amazing but if it plays like GTA4 no thanks.