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Edit: Hell yes, I've been so close to this quest too many times!

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ooh second?


a british 1,2 Is see... that is if the above is actually british... one day I will get it ho ho one day... just you wait first, one day you will be mine! um... oh yes nice trailer, looking forward to this!

Posted by Rinkalicous

For one crazy second I thought it was Commander Shepard at the end, there

Posted by Humanity

It's the eye of Sauron who would have thought.

Posted by kist

This game still exists

Posted by manicproblematic

@Rinkalicous said:

For one crazy second I thought it was Commander Shepard at the end, there

Yeah a lot of people have been saying that... I guess soldiers be all soldiery looking be it in future space or future Dubai.

Posted by cikame

That's what advertising does to your brain.

Posted by Itwastuesday
Posted by Packie

Christ, sandstorms aren't that bad over here. They sure don't turn Burj Khalifa into bloody tower of Sauron.

Posted by David_T

It's aliiiiiiive.

Posted by Chadster

So Barad-dûr is in this game?

Posted by mnzy

Looks like earth was attacked by flatscreens.

Posted by Oni

I continue to be interested in this game, but christ alive they couldn't have a more generic-looking protagonist if they tried.

Posted by randomfella21

Man so glad this still exists. I remember when I first saw this game at E3 I was really intrigued. This trailer and Alex's article really have me interested now. Can't wait to see more.

Posted by grayfox1210

Monster Trucks: Confirmed!

Posted by moelarrycurly

Inception soundtrack anyone?


Posted by Jhriad

How many times do those signs flash 'The Line' throughout that video? Also, does that character look like Commander Shepard with a goatee to anyone else?

Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish

Yes. That ending. I'm down for this. 

Posted by Forkstik

Thats one badass trailer and the ending looks insane

Posted by emem

Looks cool, let's hope Shepard saves the earth.

I'm slightly confused now, but I like the trailer.

Posted by billyhoush

Yeah that was a sick trailer. I hope this game is awesome.

Posted by m16mojo2

@moelarrycurly said:

Inception soundtrack anyone?


No, I was thinking more like Death Wish 2.

Posted by W0lfbl1tzers

Is it wrong that I was waiting for the billboards to say "Hustle. Loyalty. Respect."?

Posted by GirlsGeneration

Cool trailer i like it.

Posted by GeekDown

Fucking finally. This has been one of my most anticipated games for a really long time. It looks great and I hope it's not too long until it's released.

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Inception horn! But not inception horn! But it totally is!

Shepard! Mordor! This game has everything.

Posted by LiquidSword

wow. wasn't expecting that. looks interesting

Posted by RobertOrri

I think this is a very interesting angle to take, I get a real Apocalypse Now vibe. At least the trailer is lacking the usual crappy things that most trailers have these days.

Posted by TheGorilla

Looks like the right kind of crazy.

Posted by AngryRedPlumber

Was that Sauron?

Posted by Deranged

Looks brilliant.

Posted by DukesT3

shit just got real.

Posted by BraveToaster

I'm interested. Bwwwwaaahhh

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I hope this's as good as it seems like it will be.

Now to read Alex's article. Back in a minute to re-comment on here.

10 minutes later re-commenting: I say this with the knowledge that scientifically I'm considered an adult: "Oh holy motherfucking juicy tits! I want this game so badly!"

The real adult side of me still hopes this game is as good as it sounds in Alex's article and as good as it looks in this trailer.

Can't wait to find out.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

After reading the accompanying preview article I'm a little disappointed by this trailer but still think it looks like a pretty sweet game

Posted by gregoryc

The trailer seems a far cry from the reality of the article written by Alex. Honestly, neither the video or the article created a desire for me to play Spec Ops. I'm kinda tired of shooters right now.

Posted by LifeasClarity

Posted by Kirklebum

@Itwastuesday said:

You know! The new Spec Ops game!

I remember playing Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol on the PlayStation back in the day. If I remember right it was one of those budget games that was $10 or maybe $20 when it came out. I actually kind of liked it but I don't think I ever beat it because it was crazy hard.

@mnzy said:

Looks like earth was attacked by flatscreens.

Trenched HD!

Posted by Mathematics

Excuse me bartender, I'll have what the guy who made this video is having.

Edited by pixieface

Huh. I never, ever, ever play military shooters. But if this is turning out to be what I think it will be, I want to throw down money on it right now.

I really hope that the glowing Sauron line that keeps showing up is just a psychological manifestation of guilt and trauma always looming over soldiers instead of a paranormal occurrence or a government made machine - a bit like Jacob's Ladder - and that the entire story is just one, big elegant metaphor for losing yourself in war. And hopefully it's as true to the nature of Heart of Darkness as they're saying.

Posted by chilipeppersman

That looks awesome. Wasnt expecting it at all. Almost makes me want to play some dead space 2.....

Posted by chilipeppersman

this looks awesome. Wasnt expecting that at all

Posted by jillsandwich

This looks pretty amazing.

Edited by Cornman89

So do you play as Kurtz, or the guy looking for Kurtz? Cause I'd totally play a game where you're Kurtz.

Posted by Napalm

Extremely interesting trailer. It makes me want to see more of the game.

Posted by ZGoon

Is this a Lord of the Rings FPS?

Posted by Tennmuerti

So many screens.

Weirded me out.

Posted by Geralt

@Cornman89 said:

So do you play as Kurtz, or the guy looking for Kurtz? Cause I'd totally play a game where you're Kurtz.

My thought exactly. If they can really pull off the "Apocalypse now" the game...I'll buying 2 copies on principle alone.

Posted by Funky_Pasta_Tommy

Sure it looked cool, but it didn't make any fucking sense, mainly because I thought Frodo destroyed the ring?

Sauron's back again?

How do we get rid of that guy?

Posted by Mikemcn

For one crazy second I thought it was Commander Shepard at the end, there

Same, game would be so much cooler if it was.
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