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The actor? Oh snap.

(Checks places on Asa and DOTA2) Neato.

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It's that guy wot was in that movie that I saw.

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Wait, the kid?! lol

Someone tell me if this is worth watching.

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Not even Ender himself could save the Irregularly Scheduled DOTA crew

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What is happening? I'm so confused with what is happening with this site recently. I love it.

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Monetize those teens yo!!

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i could notice that brad was excited about having the kid there. it was really cool!

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They need to figure out a way to have Crispy/Matts pov

Or they could have a coach to observe the game.

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I just had an All Random Meepo game about twenty minutes ago. And we lost. I did buy ags, though, right after I got my fourth Meepo. And I hit 25 before the end. The problems came in when the rest of the team would run away in team fights and I'm alone hitting every number for each Meepo and poof over and over, and then getting stunned to hell and murdered. But for us it came down to what it always does for me in pub games. The rest of the team did not want to five man and did not want to push towers while the other team did.

Also, awesome having Asa on. Crispy rocks.

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That promo pic looks nothing like Asa Butterfield. Joking aside, kid was pretty dope to spend a Sunday evening with the gang.

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Initiate BLACK HOLE...

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Wait is he really on there or am I being trikt

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Ho Ender

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Hope they have Asa back on some time and actually ask him some questions. Seems like an interesting dude and it looks like he's pretty decent at Dota.

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That first game was a heart breaker. I have lost games like that and that kind of shit makes me want to uninstall. But i keep getting pulled back in.

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Brads audio just blew out my speakers.

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Goodbye anyones ears who's listening through headphones when this starts. Brad needs to monitor his levels when he does this.

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@face15: His Earthshaker was legit. Some really spot on fissures.

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Holy crap, Asa Butterfield. That is really awesome! That kid has a seriously awesome body of work so far in film.

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that base race

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i'm not a dota guy, but that is actually really cool.

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So much English.

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Caught part of this on twitch, looking forward to the rest.

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RIP headphone users

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Wow, they really got the kid from Hugo to play DOTA with them? How delightfully random!

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Wasn't he that real shitty actor from that real shitty movie from that really homophobic writer. Yes I'm The Internet so I went there!

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As a fellow Butterfield IRL I support this 100%

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@bk said:

They need to figure out a way to have Crispy/Matts pov

Or they could have a coach to observe the game.

I don't know whether he still does this or not but Crispy has in the past streamed his POV on his twitch channel during the show (also he sometimes streams with DD guys when there's not a GB stream).

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Initiate BLACK HOLE...

Such an awful movie..

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Uh.. Brad. Shield the creeps so that Void can't just endlessly unstoppably farm 2 meters away from you.

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Cool guest! Can't wait to watch it! =D

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Man, weird, everybody. This site is weird.

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Weird. HTML 5 version doesn't play for me. It starts, shows a quick video frame with audio and then immediately stops.

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Nice guest!

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Asa was so not amused by that "sometimes sacrifice is necessary" Ender's Game joke. Rofl...

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Awesome stuff. It's cool to see that Brad's getting better at the game too. The Skywrath play was a little off, but for the second time on that hero, it's expected. He's actually playing pretty good lately. I love watching these daily/occasional/weekend/wheneves dota streams!

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This actor guy was a pretty good guest. It was a rather entertaining show.

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Wait seriously? I thought that was some sorta dota joke I wasn't in on. That's pretty rad. Might have to watch this.

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@humanity said:
@truthtellah said:

Initiate BLACK HOLE...

Such an awful movie..

I enjoyed it, I flat out like most movies though.

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@bk said:

They need to figure out a way to have Crispy/Matts pov

Or they could have a coach to observe the game.

they have once. it was not the best but i mean it worked. what i think they should do is basically take turns on hosting the stream. i know mat and crispy can stream but i dont know how the permission for it to be on the main GB stream is handled. but yeah a coach who knows what to do would be the best. the last time they kinda had to divert there attention to the coach to tell him where to look. not that there was anything wrong with him but still
even better would be to be able to watch it more easily in the dota game. so you could control all stat and camera controls live. or in an archived version just like all other dota streams on there. but that would take a whole revamp of the dota interface and also not benifit the site

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Is spider-man going to play Dota in the new movie?

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