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Looks interesting.

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oh snap

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Awkward blend of CGI and in-game stuff there.

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Co op madness?
Yes please!

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looks alright I guess

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Really liked the voice acting here. Big fan of these devs as well, looking forward to this one.

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Yea.....Im conflicted on what i just saw....Also apparently Im supposed to know what Hunted is?

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Looks good! :)

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Oh wait I remember hearing...something about this game... 
Was this the medival Gears of War one?

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The setting is reminding me of Demon's Souls.

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Were did this game pop up ? I just heard about it 2 days ago . Looks awesome , mainly because of the co-op but still.

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I hope there won't be such an AI like in RE5 ... I hated Sheva ...in the Singleplayer ^^

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Trailer be bad. Constant narrator pauses made me chuckle.

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@RockmanBionics said:
" Oh wait I remember hearing...something about this game...  Was this the medival Gears of War one? "
This game was at E3.

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So diablo clone, or more demon's souls like?  Only time will tell.

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still just curious
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cant wait to see some good gameplay...

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so refreshing to finally see a game with an original premise...

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Hmm...the game sounds interesting, unfortunately the CGI and character animation were both pretty underwhelming.  We'll see.

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They don't seem too anxious to show the actual gameplay.

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Bah! Humbug! Looks like crappy copy of Demon's Souls made more "edgier", "gritty" and "cool".

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Looks really like the UE. Seriously...

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when watching this trailer I was reminded of when the Plague hit in Warcraft III during the human campaign.

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These spammers have invaded giant bomb? :(( please find a way to deal with these guys so your comments section doesn't get destroyed like ign's did :(

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Played this at PAX Prime. It was OK, but it left a lot to be desired. At least they are trying something new.

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@Vager said:
" The setting is reminding me of Demon's Souls. "
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This game is going to be great!

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Don't people get tired of the same scenario over and over?

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Pretty good hype trailer. Now show some more gameplay!

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cool? i guess? no idea what's going on here

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Spammers. I hate spammers. Hop[e they nip this one in the bud but quick.

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I'll wait to hear the consensus first, but might be a purchase. 
Witcher 2 is on the horizon, too, though.

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BrownGrey Adventures XXVI !

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We heard you liked Dragon Age Origin's graphics so we made a hack & slash out of it.

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@Bismarck: Most games are based around the scenario of "save the world". 
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I remember seeing this game on a glossy insert that came in the Fallout New Vegas box

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Blah. Wait for Skyrim.

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As long as their not using the gamebryo engine then i am looking forward to this

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Seems like a nice place.

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Shockingly good trailer from a game I've heard nothing exciting about.

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well, this could be a bit more informative, gives almost no insight on what the game really is 
voice acting is cool though