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Woot Woot.

My god I thought I would never get that quest.  
Posted by Sharbok

i'm going to have to get back into WOW, damn...
Posted by Storphrax

Looks cool, I've always liked the Trolls and the lore surrounding them.

Posted by Circ

"moar liek Recycling of the Zandalari amirite"

Did I do that right?

Edited by sixpin

Hakkar.... again. Man, I'm glad I quit playing a while back. I used to think that people complained about Troll instances too much, but I'm starting to see their side. While interesting, the player base will remain Horde causing no significant shift in the game (for obvious development reasons). Any punch that the rise of a new Troll empire seems neutered by the fact that they are the same enemies players have seen repackaged yet again.

Posted by oysteinBrenne

Why do people still play wow?

Its outdated om every aspect and the only new things they are adding are just stolen from other mmos 

Wow was great back when it first got realesed but it got more and more casual and more and more outdated 

dont play wow go play rift much much much better 
Posted by Midjet

I'm happy I got out of WoW when I did.

Posted by Frank_Mann

Yawn. Same shit, different year.

Posted by Freezer_Burn

They see me trollin' ...

Posted by zepp

Good job Blizzard, re-hashing old content than using some generic back story, that was probably thought of in five minutes to make it appear "new". I'm glad i quit when I did, this game looks like it's getting progressively worse and the dudes at Blizzard just look lazy. Hopefully, all their efforts have been channeled into D3. 

Posted by Marz

ugh, my account is expiring in a few days, and they release this patch!

Posted by Vexxan

Good thing I quit when I did, things have just gotten out of hand now.

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Posted by PositivelyGreg

I always wonder if it's therapeutic to post WoW hate.  Like maybe it's something a doctor prescribes.  Maybe it's really doing a lot of good for people.  Good thing we get a news story every patch, or the tragic consequences of people not being able to follow their wellness regimen might bring gaming culture to its knees.

Posted by Lazy0718

I just got back into WoW last week (really enjoying the Cataclysm expansion).  I won't see most of the content of this patch for a long time (if ever...I'm not a high level dungeon guy), but it is good to see the game is still consistently expanded with patches.

Posted by Evilv6

Indeed, this is the reason I'm happy I quit this game. A re-skin of the same stuff....again. And truly, the reason this game is still going on is just because of its legacy. Content in WoW is just boring and not everyone can't afford to switch to Rift or any other mmo for that matter.

Posted by alexfase

Looks pretty sick.

Posted by NoXious
Because Rift is such a unique take on the MMO genre and it's content is so different from WoW!
Please, this is the fate of the MMO genre in general. Stop pretending Rift is a good game, while still making claims that WoW isn't.

Good to see Darkspear not taking refuge with the other Troll tribes, I was worried Hellscream scared em away from the Horde.
I'm more intrigued in how the lore will play out, faction wise, then the actual game at this point. Can't deal with MMO's anymore for now.
Posted by Tennmuerti
@Circ said:
" "moar liek Recycling of the Zandalari amirite"Did I do that right? "
Posted by BabyChooChoo

Damn, this looks freaking awesome. I doubt they're just rehashing content though. You'll probably see some similar bosses/areas, but that's kind of because they factor into the story in a meaningful way as you clearly just saw. I don't think they're going to make you run through the exact same area again doing the exact same thing and just make it part of this new content. But whatever, haters gon' hate. I'm down with this new patch.

Posted by JackSukeru

Wait, Vol'jin didn't die? Sweet! Haven't kept up with this for a while.

Who's the Tauren leader right now again?
Posted by DexterKid

looks good. nice to be getting more 5man instances and more high level questlines.

Posted by Pop

oh crap I should do Zul'Aman fast to get the feat of strenght achievement.

Posted by OREOphosphate

 that's a lot of made up words!

Posted by Glak


Posted by Kyle

So... I'm confused... Are they basically just bringing Zul Gurub and Zul Aman back as level 85 raids?

Posted by Floppypants

Yeah, I'm done.  I'm sure the new content is up to typical Blizzard quality, but I have no enthusiasm for revisiting Zul'Aman or Zul'Gurub in any form.

Posted by Einherjan

Got to 85 and was like, "Ok, I'm bored." I haven't looked back since.

Posted by Xpgamer7

Other than the fact that is probably good content and troll jokes I kept laughing at how silly all his speeches sounded.

Posted by FrederickOggVorbis

All i can hear now  is Gabriel Tosh...

Posted by Oni

Is that Chris Metzen's wonderful voice again? <3

Posted by Springfart

i can has arcane buff? kthxbai

Posted by Meowshi

WoW's graphics have not aged well.

Always good to see some Troll action though.  Brings me back to my WC2 days, before Warcraft turned into something fetid and dirty.


Posted by subyman

Why don't they update the character models?  The worlds look decent but the characters look soooo old.

Posted by FMinus
@subyman said:
" Why don't they update the character models?  The worlds look decent but the characters look soooo old. "

Cause it's Blizzard we're talking about. It will take them another 3 years to make hi-poly models of playable characters (stuff that a normal developer does in a few weeks) and then they will announce it as the second coming of Jesus and probably demand $25 to change from low-poly to high-poly. 

Ever since Street took over the reins of WoW, it's going downhill.

Posted by McDunkin

Same shit different expansion.  The only thing more embarrassing about this content patch is how long it took to release.

Edited by plop1920

This isn't a major content patch, its suppose to hold off players until 4.2 release with the new zone and arena season!!!!

Edited by SatelliteOfLove

Seen it, paid for the opportunity back in '05, then beat it in '06. Pass.

I doubt they're just rehashing content though.

Deductive reasoning? Another "pass."

PS: Everyone stop misusing the word 'content". Sounds like people ate a marketing report and are hacking up bits and pieces with their sentences.
Posted by invadernick

kewl I find WoW lore pretty interesting actually.

Posted by project343
@oysteinBrenne: That's exactly why they still play it. It represents the pinnacle of the entire genre. If Blizzard doesn't come up with it first, it'll be added to the game within a content patch or two. Why play any other MMORPG? They're the same, simply less good (minus, maybe, Eve Online--which is tailored for a VERY different crowd).
Posted by Frank_Mann
@invadernick: As do I, however, I'll just read about it and watch boss kills online. I don't have to have a "hand" in the lore. That saves me dozens of hours, shouting matches over loot with "friends", and 15 bucks a month. In the end I learn just as much about the lore as someone who "beat" it.
Posted by dillinger

Didnt they promise the ragnaros raid with 4.1?  Now they spent 5 months making 2 five man heroics and no raid instead?

Posted by Reverseface

WoW totally sucks now i gave up early in Cata having been playing it on and off since vanilla beta. Only MMO i'm interested in these days is The old republic. >.>

Posted by Arkasai

I might get back into WoW for a little bit. I usually play for the first few months of a new expansion and don't renew my account after I've raided a bit. You have to relearn your character every time you come back from a long break, it's kind of refreshing. I kind of want to play my hunter and see how that whole energy mechanic feels.

Posted by gakon
@dillinger said:
" Didnt they promise the ragnaros raid with 4.1?  Now they spent 5 months making 2 five man heroics and no raid instead?

The next tier of raiding will come in 4.2, which will be released Soon™ after 4.1. Basically they could either have kept these two five-mains for 4.2 (which would have then been 4.1), or release them now to tide people over until 4.2.
Posted by FalconCritical

I've always been more attracted to Warcraft lore than the games themselves. The trouble with stuff like this is it gets you psyched for Troll revolution but in truth its just a couple of instances changing. Where's my option to side with the Zandalar? I found it interesting that both the Trolls and Forsaken seem about ready to rebel against Hellscream (in their rehashed starting area quests), but at the same time am sad that given the structure of the game there can't really be any move against the orcs because of the two faction setup. Warcraft needs to get past WoW, and really focus on the lore... though its making way too much money for that to happen.

Watch out for da voodoo.

Posted by Aronman789

Cool to see they finally gave the Trolls some new stuff, but still won't get me back into WoW.

Posted by Bummey

More troll raids. Great. Now how about some updated character models? They're looking pretty old nowadays.

Posted by Czarpyotr

Every time blizzard produces these trailers it makes me desperate for WoW again.

Posted by Mumrik

In-game, Blizzard? That's not what I want in your cutscenes... the cinematics guys better be busy making badass cutscenes for Diablo 3 :-)

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