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Cant Wait!

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

ReTarDedFisHy's puny fish body is not ready for this.

Posted by shozo

This looks great, I have to avoid any media from this point on I want every corner to be a surprise.

Posted by DeadpanCakes

Totally thought that cyclops was a hippo for a second

Posted by csl316

I heard on the internet that DSII is an easy game for easy people.

Posted by Nightriff

Soooo I need to beat Dark Souls ASAP and play this. THAT got me excited. Damn why did I wait so long to start playing these games? Stupid stupid stupid.

Posted by Stimpack

Lord Vinny, prepare yourself!

Posted by Ares42

Lots of interesting monsters. Those long arm dudes seems like a motherfucker to fight, and that lava demon better not be a puzzle boss.

Posted by Wishful_Starrr

I am all about this

Posted by Lazyaza

Vinny and Rorie Dark Souls 2 Endurance Run please.

Ian can guest star on special eps!

Posted by JZ

@csl316: by easy people do you mean slutty?

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Have they announced a release date for the PC version? I may try and wait for that one but I'm not sure my will is strong enough.

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This game is rated T?

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Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

Get hype duders!

Posted by bkbroiler

From's prerendered stuff always looks so ridiculously good.

Posted by Zacagawea

Dear lord the hype is reaching frightening degrees

Posted by divergence

@csl316: the internet is always right

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Dark Souls II: Defeat Harder

Posted by JoshtheValiant

Yeah, I'm gonna get in on this day one.

Poor PS4. Got ganked by a pre-gen exclusive.

Posted by White

Isn't that the Dragon God?


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Posted by golguin

I'm glad they have the same female narrator. She's going to end up being some important boss or NPC.

Posted by Robo

Coming soon to XBox 360 and PS3...because trolling people in the actual game wasn't enough.

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Posted by Efesell

Man, usually not one to care about video game spiders but not looking forward a room full of those.

Posted by cloudymusic

Flamelurker 2: Flame Lurker

Posted by Humanity

Flamelurker 2: Flame Lurker

Not again! I can't handle another Flamelurker boss fight..

Also I hope they release another trailer that's a little less, I dunno, PR-y? I remember those first two Dark Souls trailers were really great with cool music. This one was cool but a little too by the numbers.

Posted by KingGiddra

Patrick hasn't been mentioning it too much, but he's been running through Dark Souls on his Twitch channel. It's pretty fun to watch if you haven't checked it out (he has a decent handle on the game).

Posted by Godmil

I can't believe I waited until last month to start Dark Souls... for some reason I never believed people that is was actually a really good game. I'm just a touch ahead of where Patrick is in his videos so I gatta step on the gas, cause I'm loving his playthrough. Can't wait until I complete it then I can watch Vinnys run :)

Posted by Godmil

Have they announced a release date for the PC version? I may try and wait for that one but I'm not sure my will is strong enough.

They're hoping to have it out the same month, so it may only be a few weeks behind. They're just wanting to make sure it's a better version than the previous port (even though I think DS is actually fine on PC)

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From Software is a game engine now?

Posted by biospank

now it seems, that I need to finish Dark Souls.

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Man, that trailer was great, all letterbox and shit. I can't wait to die.

Posted by mangopup

The continuing adventures of John Frampt!

Posted by JackSukeru

"I shouldn't watch this" I say as I eagerly press play.

Posted by GeneralBison

I may or may not have just wet myself

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Awesome. I'm currently playing Dark Souls for the first time (I'm only up to the Capra Demon) and I'm both loving and hating it.

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Looking forward to it. Haven't really paid much attention to the other trailers, but looks like they've definitely still got the touch when it comes to bizarre and interesting enemy designs. And the world still looks rather pretty, too.

Definitely going to wait for the PC version, just because it's easier logistically for me to do other stuff at the same time (such as Skype chat with my friends) if I'm playing a game on PC. Contemplating finally picking up a DualShock 4 for it though, this wired 360 pad is passable but I prefer the DualShock overall and having played through Dark Souls 1 on the 360 pad I think it'd be worth the switch for me.

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New and insane looking monster, I love it! Time to die... again.

Posted by ptys

I look forward to watching Vinny and Matt play this.

Posted by Cramsy


I haven't full screened-HD'd-full sound- watched a trailer since the first halo 2 trailer. I'm stupidly hyped for this game now.

Posted by Tajasaurus

i want to cry

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Would like to get PS3 and play with the gigantic Japanese community of Dark Souls I know and love, no clue if "matchmaking" of summons and invasions and helpers will be region-biased, or if friendslists will take priority.

Then I got playing Dark Souls PC with the DualShock 4. Fuuuuuuck..

(Hot sweet BenQ 27" gaming monitor pre-ordered)

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I was afraid it would have too many spoilers, but it actually just made me more exited since i've avoided all the other content. There is something special about playing these games when they're new and the internet doesn't have all the answers.

Posted by ossuary

Dark Souls II: You Suck at Games, We Will Show You Why

Only a company that really loves us would be so brutally honest about how much we all suck and how all the deaths are our own fault. :)