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I picked up the first game fairly cheaply and it's a whole lot of fun. I don't think I'd want to play each scenario more than a couple of times, but they felt more like a structured, team-focused scenario than almost anything else I've played. It really had an edge-of-the-seat, somewhat tense feeling to it of "we've got to get this done quickly" that I enjoyed.

In particular I loved the first bank heist mission, in particular the way you can wander around the area freely at the start until guns are drawn. Kinda felt like L4D crossed with the Four Leaf Clover mission from GTA IV, and I had a great time especially with friends.

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@mento said:

When I saw this image in my followed users feed, I actually thought someone shopped Brad into the picture. That's really uncanny.

yeah, same here. wtf

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@hatking: In crime movies there is always the one crazy guy who kills people when he's not supposed to and fucks everything up.

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@brad3000: Yeah, something like that. I mean, if it were portrayed as that, I would totally understand. But it doesn't give that vibe at all. Having said that, somebody already mentioned that killing civilians is discouraged by the game mechanics.

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Fuck yeah! Can't wait to take fathers and husbands away from their families!

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Really liked this game when it first came out, even though I really only liked that original bank heist mission. Shame there aren't more people playing online still, but I'm quite excited for this game now.