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Good times with Jabba incoming

Posted by MjHealy

Had to give up on the live stream as I was about 3am my time. Time to pick up where I left off.

Posted by Goldanas

I was there when it happened.

Thanks for the archives, duders.

Posted by Zella

Thank god for the tricaster

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Ryan is looking so haggard in the preview image.

Looking forward to this.

Posted by CitizenJP

Long live SWTOR.

Posted by luchadeer797

drunk rorie <3

Posted by mderbs311

Nice, been waiting patiently for this!

Posted by Chemin

Saw it live. This shit was thoroughly entertaining.

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Posted by FoxMulder

Big(ger) head Ryan OH GOD!!!!

Posted by Napalm

Holy crap. This was goddamn incredible.

Posted by outerabiz

i was in stream chat from an hour before the show started, to about 30 minutes after it ended and it was awesome.

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This a event was awesomeness! i watch all 5 and a half hours of it live i loved it! this is one of many reasons why i fing love the guys/GiantBomb because nobody else does this kind of stuff and as great as they do it! i look forward to the next live event like this one.

Posted by Dberg

Christ, put an intern on filtering out the callers who can't ask a basic question without telling the entire story of their lives. Well handled by Ryan though.

Posted by selbie

The Sarlacc Pit never saw this coming. A perfect send off for a not-so-perfect MMO.

Posted by MrKlorox

Terrible waste of time and extremely anticlimactic.

Posted by Banjo_ace

Matthew Rorie looking handsome

Posted by maskedarcstrike

slightly drunk matt rorie is the best matt rorie

Posted by SharkMan

sarlac x-wing erotica at 1:45 or so, was the best

Posted by LiquidSwords

Rorie made this fun!

@SharkMan said:

sarlac x-wing erotica at 1:45 or so, was the best

People doing reenacting a scene by Sasha Grey.

Posted by Swoxx

Jeff Gerstmann Cumface

Posted by hatebreeder

@25:38 I was pretty much in tears. Thank you GB

Posted by darkjester74

That was fun you guys, thanks so much for posting!

Posted by rts375

This website is so awesome.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Easily as good as the first half. Thank you so much for doing this & I hope features like this stay an ongoing thing on this site. It's one of those ideas that is pretty weird but really pays off if you just go with it. Well done gentlemen!

Posted by Milkman

This was a magical experience. Thank you, Star Wars Galaxies.

Posted by Death_Burnout

@hatebreeder said:

@25:38 I was pretty much in tears. Thank you GB

And @46:00!

Posted by MeatSim

You got to hand it to the SWG Devs they know how to end a MMO.

Posted by qualus

Loved it, and ESPECIALLY loved Smith and Rorie. And all the rest too. Y U GOTTA MAKE ME CHOOSE!?

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Eraserhead Davis punctures my very soul.

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I can't count how many times I was fooled into thinking the jittery legs were real. It's uncanny how well it fits all scenarios.

And drunk Rorie is something beautiful.

Posted by defcomm

rorie being significantly drunker than the rest is great. rock that semi-alcoholism proud!

Posted by solidlife

just finished the five hours thanks guys that was so good

Posted by VilhelmNielsen

I need that Cosby dubstep!!

Posted by csl316

I have no idea what they're talking about at 25 minutes.  Infinitely better things are happening on screen.

Posted by dr_mantas

That's how it should have ended. Drunk Matt Rorie singing Auld Lang Syne.

Posted by vinsanityv22

Something about this whole thing - despite being really long and somewhat ineventful (uneventful?) - is very compelling to watch. It does help having Jeff and the bros talk MMO shop relatively constantly though. But really, like in sports, you only need to show up for about the last 10 minutes. Still, had to watch the whole thing:) I don't know why...but I do not regret it:)

Posted by martez87

Rorie is the man

Posted by Liquid_Flood

"8 years? That's a long run. Most kids today don't live that long."

-Matt Rorie

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edit: Image is now 10x awesomer

Posted by fisk0

I wish more MMOs would end so we could get more content like this. Some studio should specialize in making short lived MMOs and perform annual end of the world events.

Posted by Vrikk

Fuck Rorie is drunk.

Posted by Radar

@Vrikk said:

Fuck Rorie is drunk.

that's the best kind of Rorie

Posted by Silock

Giantbomb rocks!

Posted by cAnDyMaN69666

God damn this was awesome. 3 years later can't wait for the next mmo closing