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Posted by qUaK3R

seems shitty :(

Posted by Abendlaender

I can't wait for the QL

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I wanna play this.

Posted by ModernAlkemie

The in game footage from this trailer makes Rogue Warrior seem like a lovingly crafted experience by comparison.

Posted by Muppio

It looks like a rail-shooter at some points.

Posted by weegieanawrench
Posted by HammondofTexas

Is this game 100% an on rails shooter?

Posted by m16mojo2

I'd only buy this if Stallone did his own V.O.

Posted by reelife

I love how the trailer just dies to a screen with preorder bonuses...

Posted by Alex

*Deep, pained sigh*

Posted by JamesJeux007

What is wrong with Rambo's FACE ?!

Posted by Fobwashed

Oh God! 80's action movies had the best goddamn music.

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@muppio: probably because it is

The post on the EU PS Blog is sad.

Posted by pizzasheets

Poor Alex.

Posted by Sogeman

@m16mojo2: they just took lines from the movies

Posted by Reisz

I can't believe how bad that character model is. Literally. My mind can't process it.

Posted by falpatrick

I think the trailer where the chopper clips through the ground is probably still better than this.

This game looks like complete shit.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

The Citizen Kane of video games

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This looks almost unbelievably bad...

A GL must happen.

Posted by generalen

Is there any proper gameplay footage to be seen? From seeing the two trailers it just looks like it's going to be a CG rendition of the movies with some interactivity/QTE's every now and then.

I want to believe.

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This looks unbelievably funny.

Posted by teh_destroyer

Already my game of the year this year.

Posted by Sackmanjones

I honestly can't tell if they didn't have Stallones likeness so they fucked up his face or if they do have his likeness and this game just looks that god damn bad. But man this looks like something special!

Posted by Danekas89

The abrupt ending of that trailer was perfect.

Posted by NoCookiesForYou

This looks terrible.

Posted by billyok

Possibly the best deck I've ever seen on Giant Bomb. Unless you're Alex, in which case it's the worst.

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Why cant I pre order this gem in America?

Posted by supaslicer

If they replaced "action figure" with "bobble head"…..
They would not be able to TAKE my money fast enough….

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This looks like a glorious piece of shit. I almost wish I could pre-order it just for that sweet Rambo bobble-head.

Posted by Pr1mus

That trailer sort of just ends.

"Yeah we got a min 24 secs, that's good enough."

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A proper Rambo game would closely resemble Far Cry 3.

Posted by T0MBraider

@pr1mus: I guess they didn't count on anyone actually watching the whole trailer

Posted by SecondPersonShooter

The way this trailer just cuts off without the music resolving is really, really great.

Posted by Petiew

Stroke the shaft, cradle the balls, say my name. This looks awful.

Posted by D_W

This trailer just makes the one scene from UHF look like it's not a parody.

Posted by hermes

Hey... Why do you hate Alex so much?

Posted by Stonyman65

This looks amazing...

...ly bad!

Its gonna be great!

Posted by cruxking

holy shit that last cut at the end, just turn off the music trailer is over. this does not bode well.

Posted by broletariat

"I think my neck got broken in that jump cut!" god damn this looks trashy

Posted by smokyexe

I don't get it, does he suppose to look like Stallone or not?

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It's like the Trailer editor couldn't even stand the sight of the game by the end of that.

I still love that Alex gets given all the crappy games. Even at Gamespot that seemed like the case haha.

Posted by grapesoda

The way the gun moves around on screen without the player's view moving makes me think this is gonna be a real shitty playstation move game.

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Wow, those developers are squeezing some really impressive graphics out of the GameCube.

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Do they have the Stallone likeness rights? I honestly can't tell.

*Edit* Their website is insane! They list every perk, weapon and all of their "special features" I don't understand who this game is for...

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Bobble Head Action!!!

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Far Cry 4 looks terrible!