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Did i?
Hell yes i did!

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Me too me too come on

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Yes, you did.
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All of this looks excellent, but I still want just a couple of minutes with the controls before I decide about this game. If sackboy still controls like shit, all of the improvements in the world to the creation tools won't make this fun to play.

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Hopefully the controls are solid. Because this looks sort of amazing.

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I wouldn't mind if they got rid of Stephen Fry. They could go in another direction with an English actor. Brian Blesssed or even Rowan Atkinson doing his Black Adder sarcastic voice would be a nice change.

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Love it, can't wait.  

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I do believe I might possibly be interest in purchasing this game.

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I'm so happy I own a PS3 right about now

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holy shiiiiiit!!!

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man that game looks a lot of fun and it will be interesting to see what some people come up with! also passion pit... great music

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I'm worried that LBP just isn't for me.   I gave the first one a real shot recently and struggled to really enjoy it.  I wonder if perhaps I don't "get it".

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As overused as Sleepyhead is, it's still a damn great song.

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Damn, I want this =D

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I always thought Passion Pit was a good fit for the littlebigplanet style.
Anyway, this looks sick. I'm going to spend way too long in that music editor I can tell.

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Now I want even more LBP trailers with Sleepyhead. :<

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So, so, so, so good. :)

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Oh my god, A MUSIC CREATOR!!! Too much for me man, truly going to be an epic game.

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Wow.  This is a fantastic looking game with SO much stuff I will never be able to fully utilize!

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I didn't like the first game at all, but I'm very tempted to give this one a go..

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I need all of it!

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Awesomes. Finally people don't have to make "music levels" by driving a car past musical notes. 
Although I'm sure they'll still do that.

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I wanna see someone make a visual novel in LBP2.

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 It's gonna be legen... wait for it... dary! 

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I loved the first one, and this one is looking even better!
PS: the song in the LBP trailers is strangely alluring, while also being annoying... How's that even possible? On the other hand, maybe I'm the only one thinking this. lol

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god sony has come up in the past 2 years  
this is why i love my ps3

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You can program your own music?!? 
I guess I should drop out of school now and get my money back before it's too late.

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@KillyDarko: You're not alone, I really like the song when it's playing in these trailers, but I tried listening to the song by itself and my ears almost started bleeding.
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I think this game is going to destroy part one.(:

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My thoughts going through my head as I watched this video: AHHHH holy shit! :)

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This seems absolutely nanners... I need it. I really like the first game, but the way sackboy controlled felt a little off... maybe it was controlling him with an analog stick instead of the d-pad... I don't know, but I'm still excited for this game. 

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people said the halo reach forge world is the best, I want to disagree with them and say this will be the best, dude you can make games in it not just maps 0.0 CRAZY... I saw some crazy things in LBP but things are gonna be insane in LBP2.

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Theres going to be a Queue? Omg I love you LBP2. 
And ya music creator for those talented at music hooway! I request my Starfox shooter with the music.

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this is possibly the most ambitious game I have ever seen.

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I just hope they relax a bit on the deleting of possibly copyrighted material.

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It's a shame that Sony has the exclusive rights to these titles. Everyone needs to play this game.

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dude i just came

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Why come up  with your own ideas when you can copyright infringe on others.

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This game is trying to do so much my tiny brain can't wrap my mind around it all. Still psyched!