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@Kieran_Smith5 said:


You, sir, are a liar.

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I love Goonies 2! One of my favourites from the Nes era,

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Now, that's a great caption.

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pretty hot pose there in the preview pic tbh

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Can't wait to watch this tonight at work, these are always interesting, Jeff is the best

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yayyy jeff!!!

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I kinda wish i sent a email in once but im always worried what id say would be stupid :)

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I Love Sundays

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Kotor 1 and 2 don't work on windows 8.

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The titles for these videos are my favorite thing about Giant Bomb.

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My favorite is still get out of my dreams and into my jar.

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: I think the format would hit home more if you started drinking moonshine out of those jars.

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Water? Not white lightning? I've been fooled!

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@BamBamBradley said:

Kotor 1 and 2 don't work on windows 8.

I'm playing Kotor 2 right now and I have Win 8.

As always a MP3 would be nice...

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Patrick linked a Peter Moore interview in Worth Reading which seems relevant to the first question Jeff answered here; It seems that EA is at least slightly interested in some sort of subscription model for digital distribution of their library, back-catalog and future games. I'd imagine that would be a per-platform subscription which would answer how the income would be distributed between platform holders. Could be an interesting experiment if they were to follow through with it.

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Get to tha chopper!

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I nominate Willow for the NES for the encyclopedia.

Man I loved that game. Based on the hit film...Willow.

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Hotline Miami chopper.

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Goonies 2. Do it!

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Cool pic bro.

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Well this video starts off super weird and creepy for me, because I also played The Mafat Conspiracy and The Goonies 2 yesterday.

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Gargoyle's Quest on the Game Boy ftw.

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perfect right in time for dinner/

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There's a ton of stuff on that wall.

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Playstation All-Stars is worth remembering but not Hitman Absolution? D= I can understand why Jeff specifically might not keep entirely up to date on it and evidently wouldn't list it as one of the big hits still left in 2012, but to hear Patrick's silence on the matter when they were running down the list during the bombcast was surprising... and just a little depressing.

Anywhoo... now to watch the rest of the video :P

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The Goonies II is cool, I got stuck and never finished it though.

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I feel like we're going to be really disappointing in the next generation's games. Part of why I think we got so much new stuff is because of where EA was and how specific games like Assassins' creed turned out, or the way that the Unreal 3 engine gave games new opportunities. It doesnt feel now, like it did then. The big games are still successful and they're just going to get prettier. Kojima will probably go wild concepting his next gen game and then scale it down again like he always does, Capcom will still push out Street Fighter and Resident Evil, Ubisoft will make a new Assassins' Creed trilogy, Bioware will make a new mass effect and dragon age, we'll get more halo, activision will keep making call of duty, and EA will take less risks at the start of this generation than they did last (Remember mirror's edge)

I think this next generation is going to be a state of "Reality crashing down on the industry" Companies are nestling in, technology is running out of places it can go. The most we can hope for is that japan somehow make a comeback next generation. I think Xbox 3 and PS4 are gonna end up being underwhelming. I think the cycle is dieing. The cycle has just been a coincidental situation of innovating along paths that gaming needed. Nes to SNES, Genesis to Playstation, PS1 to PS2, Xbox to 360. I feel like we dont have the "need" that we once had. Its there, but its not revolutionary. In the way that the 32 bit era had nothing to really offer from 2D games, I think the orbus and durango will just be giving us another Sega Saturn. Symphony of the Night and Megaman X4 were pretty and really neat, but they represented a cieling that 2D game design had hit, and unfortunately we're probably "done" evolving the singleplayer 3D experience. Multiplayer and online content seems to be the only thing that really has room to grow and evolve this generation, unfortunately that isnt completely reliable for the userbase.

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Apparently I'm not the only one who can't pronounce your username.

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yep I hope the new consoles roll in with something new and awesome too

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What if the next multiplayer shooter was a service... Not something locked to a specific platform, but something you could easily get access to on anything and have streamed to you device. Like Netflix.

The game might even be Free2Play, but require a controller that could be connected to anything via blutooth or USB so you could play on anything from your iPad to your Smart TV.

Of course it would require streaming technology that allowed it to look pretty, since that's what people want.

There's your free money

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Golgo 13 ! Yeaaaaah

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Goonies II is a great choice for an Encyclopedia installment, Jeff!

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Wii U storage: Buy a 500GB drive for 60 bucks, plug it in, done. I guess it involves one extra step and Microsoft is more than willing to take twice the money to put in half the storage for you.

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Incredible stuff, once again. I'm always anticipating these videos a lot to begin with and they still deliver in a big way. I'd been waiting for some thoughts on the whole current modern military FPS talk that wasn't entirely caught up in recent titles but addressed the larger questions and I feel like this was quite insightful.

I also just realized I apparently really am a 'Halo guy' but I never questioned it. I always knew that particular game (or trilogy to be precise) practically converted me to the position that consoles are actually capable of deliviring top-tier FPS gameplay for my preferences. But I wouldn't have been able to call out the specific reasons why. But the pacing and number-crunshing (concerning damage dealing strategies) thoughts ring very true. All that makes even more sense when I consider all the weird virtual 'gun porn' talk that went on in BFBC2 circles. I practically knew all those idiotic weapon stats by heart. For every damn patch. Probably still remember a fair amount of that shit. And it's the console BF game hilariously. Our preferences really seem to be more predictable than we like to think sometimes.

Really a thought-inspiring epsiode. There's so much more I'm compelled to call out but I'd never stop babbling. Excellent feature!

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save dat mermaid!

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So Jeff is upset at the WiiU memory because his MS did such a horrible job making 360 user friendly when it comes to storage?

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I loved Goonies 2, looking forward to that.

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Watch Jeff Try To Pronounce Weird Usernames: The Video

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@MetalGearSunny said:

Watch Jeff Try To Pronounce Weird Usernames: The Video

That's the best part!

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Thanks for answering my question Jeff, we are going to have to agree to disagree though! I agree that 8gb and 32gb is a laughable amount. Supposedly all of Nintendo's first party releases will be released digitally and even the Tekken game at release will be available digitally and apparently it's like 17gb so hard drive space can potentially be an issue. There is definitely some hassle with using USB hard drives and SD cards, but i'd much rather use my own storage which i can potentially use on all systems than paying a premium to have a fixed amount inside of my console.

Just over the 360's lifetime i've had to upgrade the hard drive 3 times from 20 to 80 to 250gb and even my 250gb is near full and many people were using bootleg/hacked hard drives to get around hard drive limitations and prices. ( Although maybe now you can use USB hard drives on 360? I'm not sure, but for the longest time you couldn't. )

TLDR... external hard drives erryday.

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lol @ ".. please.. like and subscribe to thah.. vid... videos"

They sound exactly like that! YouTubers are the 21st century beggars.

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I'm going to listen to this and play some need for speed