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vertigo ensues

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I'm intrigued.

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I thought I'd never live to see that day that a trailer featured the inception noice. BWAAAM

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Bwahh! Incept... I mean Inversion.

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Laws of physics? Break that shit!

Posted by Bismarck

So this is Inception,Infamous,Deadspace into one?

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Cue the inception jokes

Posted by Djstyles92

I think the music was inspired by inception......just a hunch

Posted by Robopengy

It's just so shameless I can't even believe it

Posted by scraz

Gears of uncharted fractured dead space.

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While extremely disorienting, this game does look pretty fantastic.

Posted by MentalDisruption

@scraz said:

Gears of uncharted fractured dead space.

What an infamous title that will be.

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I like the concept of this, but everytime I see a trailer I'm always put off by the art-style. If it wasn't for the gravity shifting stuff it would probably be the most generic looking third-person shooter I ever saw.

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i'd hate to see 'out of control'

in all seriousness this looks phenom

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Reminds me of dark void.

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We need to go deeper.

Posted by ProfessorEss

I don't know where this game came from but it certainly looks like it has potential for sickness. 
...both definitions of sickness seem to apply.

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I'll admit some of the stuff in this trailer seemed pretty cool to me. The character designs are a put off though. They have no genuine style. They just seem to be torn out of other games but done worse.

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Gimmick: The video game

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Possibly interesting.

Posted by Kyle

@abdo said:

I came here confused, thinking it was Introversion Software's new game Subversion.

They announced a couple days ago that they put that game on hold because development was going very poorly and instead are developing a game called Prison Architect in which you build and manage a prison. No, I am not kidding.

Posted by Kyle

I'm too busy hating the art style and being annoyed by the weird Inception rip-off to make a real opinion about this game.

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This looks super-cool. And I dug Saber Interactives "Timeshift" a lot, so I will definetely give this a shot. I hope we see more of Sabers stuff in the future, I mean even Microsoft trusted them with the Halo Anniversary Port, so that means something, right?

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Hey there, generic looking shooter with a singular mechanic used to make it try and stand out from the crowd but hasn't worked! How are you?

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The laws of physics ain't got nothing on this dude

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That BWAAAAAH needs way more tuba and bass.

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Looks like inFamous with Rage bad guys....

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Your game should have to be cooler if you're gonna rip off the Inception marketing

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Wow. This is the first COD I am genuinely interested in playing the single player. But since I will devote my "shooting people online in the face" time to BF3 I will probably only rent this or so.

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@Mustachio said:

We need to go deeper.

Thats what she said.

Posted by Zzzleepy

Looks like a cool game, but please lose the Inception-y sound...

Posted by Hackjob135

Okay! I Get it! You're inception but not. Just... Stop making the noise.

Posted by Lungford

@scraz said:

Gears of uncharted fractured dead rage bulletstorm space.


Posted by Tordah

Looks really generic yet kinda cool at the same time.

Posted by spandexmonkey

Other than the gimmick the game looks just so generic.

Posted by Silver-Streak

So this game looks highly derivative of other games. However, I'll remind people that the last totally derivative of other games game, Darksiders, was pretty damn awesome. I'm tentatively interested to see if they pull it off well.

Also, the music in this trailer is totally the lovechild of The Mind Heist from Inception and the Judgement Day version of the Terminator theme.

Posted by Fokma

@Tordah: I agree, and with that Inception horn in the background, you end up falling for it.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Man, they just couldn't keep themselves from blaring that horn every two seconds.

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@MentalDisruption said:

@scraz said:

Gears of uncharted fractured dead space.

What an infamous title that will be.

Throw Prey in there.


@scraz: There's a bit of bullet storm in there as well! Pretty sure the guy leashed someone away from him.

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"Suck me sideways."

Posted by Napalm

This looks pretty great, actually.

Posted by Helgi

This looks pretty cool. It's doesn't look like it's going to be a good game or anything but I would like to play it.

Posted by Humanity

Looks like you can play it co-op since you're always with a look alike buddy in this trailer.

At this point I don't even know who OK's stuff like this inception music thats not even trying to be slightly different. This game looked interesting at E3 but this trailer looks so so.

Posted by MeatSim

In the future everything will have Inception like sound effects.