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Is Baller Town the capital of The Lang Zone?

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This game looks so fucking stupid... buying it day 1!

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Dude, female Kung Lao. I'm in.

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Making Chicago proud!

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@the_reflection: FrumptyVille is the capital of LangZone. Baller Town is like a hundred and fifty miles away. Go past Brutal Lake, take a right until you hit the Balding Bypass, then you roll up on Pasty Junction and it's about a country mile past that.

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I love that we can live in a world where this exists.

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Ouch that video was trying so hard to be funny.

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I have a summer home on the shores of Brutal Lake

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So do we add "the Lang Zone" as a location page to the site now?

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Dave Lang better be a new unlockable character in this game.

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Holy shit that in-game audio reminds me way too much of Inferno Cop.

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Wait. What?

Is this a fighting game with one move? And is the name of that move the game's title?


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Am I crazy or was that voice over the guy from amped 3's anime sections?

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fantastic trailer, great humor.

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I love you Keits!

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Yo. That guy just took out a mic and dropped it. Yo! Did you see that?! THAT DUDE JUST DROPPED THE MIC!!


GODDAMN! I hope this does well so they can make their sequel, "Jumpunch".

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This one time I read this interview with some developer about how the only way to make a perfectly balanced fighting game was to make every character play identical with a very limited move pool. In a way this is the truest fighting game.

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It is very possible that I could see myself paying money for this.

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This game is legit. The early version they've been carting around to Chicago tournaments last year played great.

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@ouren: FrankerZ = DogFaceNoSpace

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@baltimore: I'd like to hope so, considering this is his current Twitter avatar:

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so wait no DiveKick for xbox (i didnt see a logo is why I'm asking) FOR SHAME!

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Am I the only one who read the title as "Davekick". The Lang Zone is having an effect on me.

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I hope this ends up on steam. This looks very fun.

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Excellent. I haven't liked fighting games since SF2 and Ranma 1/2 but wth this looks like great stupid fun.

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Divekick Endurance Run

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Divekick is god tier.

This shit is TOTALLY going to my Vita!

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Oddly enough Rovio made this exact same motion capture joke in a trailer for Bad Piggies a couple weeks ago. Still doesn't stop this from being a fun and awkward trailer.

Also find it funny that right as Dave Lang is complaining about the motion capture artist's lack of ability, one of them actually bounces off the wall and performs about as good a real life dive kick as you could hope for.

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Is this trailer made exclusively for the Gaint Bomb audience? Cause its awesome!

Posted by Humanity

Dave Lang slamming rinky dink indie operations! Enter the Lang Zone..if you dare..

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so wait no DiveKick for xbox (i didnt see a logo is why I'm asking) FOR SHAME!

Nope, ps3 and pc. Sticking with platforms they can self publish on i assume. To keep costs low on such a small project. Maybe if it sells well it will come to 360.

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The trailer's funny. The game is still a waste of everyone's time. I can't even say it looks bad, just... pointless.

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@paulunga said:

The trailer's funny. The game is still a waste of everyone's time. I can't even say it looks bad, just... pointless.

Its the stripped-down bare minimum essentials of what is a fighting game. It strips away everything to just spacing and timing, the two most important factors of high level play. It expressly shows the things you need to understand to 'get' tournament level fighting game play if you are either interested in just watching streams or playing the games. I see it as a really good, silly gateway for people to understand the games more than "mashing your fists against the buttons".

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Whoa, I got way too close to the Lang Zone in that video. I almost didn't escape alive.

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macho man had the danger zone, giantbomb fans have the langzone,,,,LMFAO! p.s. this reminded me of an 80s wrestling promo, mixed with saturday morning cartoons,, lol

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This looks like an Ouya game.

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Not funny. Not dumb enough. Not a trailer.

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Diving and Kicking action for the whole family!

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That was pretty good, I laughed my ass off at the Lang dive kick if you pause the video just when he does it, dat face could melt hearts.

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da fuk did I just watch?

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I was not sold untill he droped the mic!

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I shall be be the first to say: Scrub League.

Oh, yes please.

Also I hope that they'll actually sell that gigantic fight pad controller thing with just two mahoosive buttons on it.

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Is the bag of mics a hint at Patrick as a DLC character? If so, I'm sold.

Bah, I'm sold anyway. I'm assuming this is for technology not even available yet.

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A fighting game that is all about jump kicking? One shot jump kicking?!