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this game continues to look crappy.

Posted by alwaysbebombing

Oh Dave Lang.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Oh wow, I might be awesome at this game.

Posted by Yohosie

As someone who has played this in person this game is fucking amazing

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Dave Lang!

Posted by LitMac86

This just proves that every game trailer should feature Dave Lang.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

Everything about this is dumb and I love it.

Posted by MocBucket62

Freaking love the trailer! Dave Lang sure knows how to be a dive kicking coach!

Posted by Deusoma

I don't think I'd pay for a game that is literally a joke, but at least it makes me smile, and the trailer is awesome. :-)

Posted by cabrit_sans_cor

I'm fucking buying this so hard

That shit's great.

Posted by christopherson329

Thats so great he pulls a mic out and drops it im so gonna buy this game

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Lol I can't be the only one to notice that #esports hashtag at the end of the trailer. Makes it more awesome.

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Posted by CastroCasper

One ticket to Ballertown please.

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Look at those fucking mindgames!

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Day 1 character DLC. Don't buy it, fight the machine.

Posted by TheRedDeath

And sold. I'm getting this game.

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Yo Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! It's good to see so many FGC heads here on GiantBomb. I really hope Mr. N is in this.

Oh yeah, #Esports, Dog Face Z = Dog Face (no spaces) Kappa BibleThump.

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I'll be eagerly awaiting the Takraw DLC.

Posted by OurSin_360

I was with it until they showed the game play. Looks like it'll be hilarious for a few rounds before it gets old.

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One of those rare trailers you just got to watch twice.

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*puts on mirror finish pilot glasses and starts singing*

I'm gonna diiiiiivekiiiiiiick tooooo theeeee laaaang zone! The laaang zone!

Posted by Dalai

Yes, this is just way too stupid for me.

Yes, I'll buy it.

Posted by selbie

In ancient mesopotamia the words "dave lang" literally translate to "dive kick".

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Is this real life.

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Here's two hours of Divekick tournament footage complete with serious commentary. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5D5diG_ASY #esports #cyberathletes

Just got around to watching this, I found it tremendously entertaining. I was under the assumption that every character played exactly the same, but after watching this and realizing each character has slightly different characteristics, I really want to play it. I can see it being a game my friends and I could get tragically obsessed with.

Posted by Max_Cherry

Jump 9 feet in the air, dive diagonally downward towards your opponent with your leg extended - 45 degrees, then connect with your opponent. Kudos for connecting with the head. --- Directions for a Dive Kick. Seems hard?