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Mocap is amazing. Dave Laings ok. This trailer is great.

Posted by Trace

Is this a glimpse into the true Langzone? It's...exactly what I expected.

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I just got Lang'd. FUUUUUUUUU

Posted by JamesAwesome

this might be the greatest thing ever

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Dive kicks forever, as far as the eye can see.

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THE ONE TRUE GAME! I hope they sell the Divekick gamepads.

Posted by Turkalurch

This is a look into the future of what every single fighter will evolve into.

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That was. Pretty ok. I'm ready for downloadable unfiltered langzone.

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Ugggghhhh I'm drowning in LangZone and struggling is only pulling me in deeper

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is it dumb?


Posted by cmblasko

Yeah, I'm sold on Divekick purely on that video.

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"This Divekick Trailer is Really Dumb/Great"

Alternate title with the same information "Here is a trailer with Dave Lang in it".

Posted by Bunkerface

The Lang-zone just got a bit weirder... again.

Fantastic trailer though and I'm looking forward to actually checking that game out.

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Posted by Hyuzen

The Langzone, when it encounters a trampoline gym, is known to cause temporal rifts, spontaneous slinkys, and death. Consult your doctor before stepping into a Langzone.

Posted by greylion

Awesome, this is hilarious!

Posted by Baltimore

Please tell me Dave Lang is a playable character.

Also, when is it coming out. I needs it.

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He pulls out a mic... just so he can drop it.

#ESPORTS, indeed.

Posted by MAJID

Ron Galaxy reppin' HARD

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Okay, this is actually pretty great.

Posted by louiedog

I thought the motion capture stuff was a bit much, but when I saw how it paid off in the final animation it was totally worth it. I'm buying a PlayStation product just for this.

Posted by JJOR64

Keits on Giant Bomb? Thought I would never see that. Really looking forward to it. Want to get the PC version whenever that comes out.

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Honestly, I prefer this trailer over 90% of the other shit ones we usually get.

Posted by steelerzfan101

Wow, that was ridiculous! Great way to market a fighting game right there haha!

Posted by Morbid_Coffee

Dave Lang is probably the only thing that could have happened to this game to make it even better.

Posted by I_smell

I'll wait for Super Divekick.


Posted by TheHT

Love it.

Posted by JZ

You win this round lang

Posted by nate6858

Dave Lang's fighting moves are cracking me up something fierce, hahaha.

Posted by Patman99

@i_smell said:

I'll wait for Super Divekick.


I'm going to wait for the Super Turbo HD Remix.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Yo foot diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-

the one true game

Posted by FluxWaveZ

Kick drops a mic as his win pose? Well, guess I'm maining him.

Posted by RChan

The esports hashtag in the end was a nice touch.

Posted by grendelpierat

Will there be GGPO support?

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Welp, I'm sold.

Posted by JJOR64

Will there be GGPO support?

As a matter of fact, yes, it will use GGPO.

Posted by turboman

How do I purchase this game now?

Posted by PrinceRhaegar

Oh sweet I went to college in Ballatown. Great restaurants.

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The second Kick dropped the mic at the end, I was sold. Well, I was sold before, but now I'm really sold.

Posted by wsninja

can i play as Mr. N is the real question

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Sometimes I take vacations in the LangZone.

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The second Kick dropped the mic at the end, I was sold. Well, I was sold before, but now I'm really sold.

Posted by OriginalGman

So Dave Lang doesn't need Giant Bomb to act stupid in videos. Good to know.

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What the hell?

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Posted by Pezen

Monday morning just got 267% better.

Posted by Nameless2000

I shall be be the first to say: Scrub League.