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Posted by Hector
I love GB interviews!
Posted by Example1013

"it's a victimless crime"

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

If they're talking about love, it better bloom on that battlefield.

Posted by Zolfe

lol, when he said "customizing your trenches" i thought that you would be putting your hats on the trenches

Posted by Shakermaker

Dat ending.

Posted by Beb

So am I crazy or was there no GiantBomb title card the start? Isn't there usually?

Posted by Lelcar
@RhombusOfTerror said:
" If they're talking about love, it better bloom on that battlefield. "
I so wish I could thumbs-up comments right now.
Posted by captain_clayman

dude ryan davis and tim schafer look SO much alike, it's crazy.

Posted by Alphazero
@Siphillis said:
" Giant Bomb appears to be growing less and less profession in time. "
It was Profession Shafer, on the roof, with the microphone.  
Did I win? 
Posted by 49th

That sounds cool. I love hat simulators. Too bad it's Xbox only :(

Posted by Halopower67

Tim Schafer and Ryan are oddly similar looking. Also, this game seems to be pretty fun. 

Posted by DjCmeP

Where's the background music?

Posted by spankingaddict

I LOVE DOUBLE FINE soooo much! :)

Posted by Xpgamer7

Did they consult Hothead on hat technology?

Posted by CornBREDX

I love when Giant Bomb interviews Tim Schafer or double fine in general. It's always off the cuff and crazy. So fun

Posted by Rxanadu
@captain_clayman said:
" dude ryan davis and tim schafer look SO much alike, it's crazy. "
They're actually brothers in real life.   
But seriously, it looks like Tim Schafer just came by for a brewsky, and GB took that opportunity to have an interview, or something.
Posted by Hampe

This is so hilarious :D Funniest video in a long time.

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It is strange, j always feel good looking on Tim Schafer.

Posted by Crunchman

Will there be Australian robots in this game?

Posted by megalowho

Men's magazines are great! Sold!

Posted by ThaMilkMan

man, this interview gots to be the best! lol

Posted by kratier

shame its not on pc it looks like itd be pretty fun

Posted by buft

i love tim schafer and those questions did suck!

Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

Amazing interview!

Posted by MrGtD

Oddly enough, the racism and sexism is in their Sesame Street game.

Posted by Guyzea

Why is Ryan Schafer interviewing Tim Davis??

Posted by ILuvMsMarvel

So...Um... Yeah...That happened.

Posted by Zamir

most informative interview EVER

Posted by animateria

360 only?
Man, they immediately lost a sale.
And I lost my heart.

Posted by Ticodude
We Three Kings.. 
Also Tim and Ryan could be brothers!
But which one is the evil one?
Posted by Chubbaluphigous

They lost me at Tower Defense.  I like Tim Schafer, but I hate tower defense games.

Posted by Undeadpool

Christ, I love Giant Bomb. Where else are you going to get an interview THIS awesome? 
Also, I almost wrote "Chris" there, which made it seem like I'm calling out a VERY specific person.

Posted by Sil3n7

All interviews like this from now on...

Posted by Ronald

So, what is Trenched?

Posted by AllanIceman

That was an amazing interview! More please!!

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At the end they said "Those questions su--" What was the rest of the sentence! D:
I bet those questions seduced him.

Posted by Enigma777

That mic seemed awfully close to Shafer's face...

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This was nice. Because I miss CO-OP.
And I especially miss seeing Brad on CO-OP.

Posted by Tebbit
@Ticodude said:
" @Abyssfull
We Three Kings.. 
Also Tim and Ryan could be brothers!
But which one is the evil one? "
Ryan. I mean, come on.
Posted by dvdwalker8

Did Michael Mann shoot this interview? 
Should have given Tim his own mic though.
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Wait, it's awesome, and they're incorporating new hat technology? 
Also, they should remake the Hangover while they're over there.

Posted by kalmis

Toy Soldiers ala Double Fine. I knew it

Posted by Grilledcheez

I learned so much!

Posted by Deusoma

My spirits fell the very instant I heard the words "tower defence", but it's Double Fine, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Posted by Bouke

Stuck on the roof Ryan!?

Posted by ikabubu
@ahaisthisourchance said:
" This is why I love this site "
...why I love love
...why I love hats
...why I love Schafer
but mostly: hats
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 I watched this interview exclusively for my love/respect for Double Fine, and it was totally worth it.
 No offense to Trenched, of course, as I'd play it if I could, but I can barely play the games I have on the systems I own now, let alone buy a fourth 360 just for a few XBLA exclusives. But at least they are getting a [likely] fat check from Microsoft to help with dev costs, so I can't blame 'em.

Posted by blaakmawf

There just isn't a better website.

Posted by Sharpshooter

It's hard hitting journalism like this that makes GiantBomb the greatest gaming website ever.

Posted by Grimnick
@528seven said:
" Brad Muir looks like an indie rock Cliffy B.  Good stuff. "
That's exactly what I thought! He could totally be Cliffy B's brother...
Game sounds cool btw