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Brads Teeth are freaking me out....

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No PVP, interesting.

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@Tebbit said:
" @Ticodude said:
" @Abyssfull
We Three Kings.. 
Also Tim and Ryan could be brothers!
But which one is the evil one? "
Ryan. I mean, come on. "
nonono they're both evil, that's the twist.
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@Lelcar said:
" @RhombusOfTerror said:
" If they're talking about love, it better bloom on that battlefield. "
I so wish I could thumbs-up comments right now. "
They used to have something similar to this back in an old build of the site, but was taken out since it was heavily abused.
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Tim really doesn't seem to have a good time.

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That was the worst interview ever, I'm impressed guys!

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There's like two of Tim Schafer now.  Double Schafer.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Amazing interview, oh man.

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God I fucking love this website. No-one comes close to Giant Bomb in almost every aspect of gaming coverage. <3 HATS off to you guys!

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Tim seemed drunk as hell for that interview. IT WAS AWESOME!

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"Those questions sucked."
I agree.

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I like hats....

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Drunk interviews are the best interviews.

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That was amazing! Tim somewhat drunk it seemed.  

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I think Ryan done got locked on a roof at the end. #TheHangover

Posted by RazielCuts

I love how Brad was totally deer caught in the headlights. 

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In my mind Tim Schafer was always lanky and speccy. Mind blown. 

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WWI had the Nazis and Brad Muir wrote them a love letter. Got it.

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In retrospect... this interview is great. Actually this interview was great at the time. I just now got around to playing the game and it's so much fun that I have to look at all the old trailers and stuff whenever I'm not playing to keep me going, and right now, this interview is great.