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* Visual Effect Added*

*Traptanium Portal TM Does Not Project*

Disclaimer: Action figures do not come to life. Gameplay isn't as fun as CG animated trailer.

Posted by Pudd


Posted by Video_Game_King

Anybody else getting some serious Nights vibes from the mediocre CGI?

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I misread skylanders for windjammers. God damnit.

Posted by Vitor

That trailer was about 3 times longer than it needed to be.

Posted by bwheeeler

I wish I were a kid and could get super into this.

Posted by BayouBengal032

Oh goodie, more shit to buy! Rake it in, Activision...rake it in.

Posted by Quid_Pro_Bono

So now in Skylanders you enslave sentient beings to pit fight. That's cool!

Posted by tildebees




Posted by Ronald

Uncle Peter is going to be really angry when he finds out these kids opened his mint in box Skylanders figures and were playing with them.

Edited by AMyggen

@bwheeeler: I'm glad I'm not a parent with kids into this though, has to be expensive as fuck.

edit: John DiMaggio is in absolutely everything, holy crap.

Posted by madlands

Uncle Peter is into some sick shit.

Posted by Locolocky

So has Spyro been written out or something?

Posted by DrDarkStryfe

Activision has made their mistake with this franchise by requiring new bases. People are going to start get real weary when they have to shell out with a portal every year if that becomes the trend.

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Also I fucking love the wiki blurb on the side of this page.

"Hold living things captive and listen to them scream from inside their cage!"

Posted by Mercer

STRAIGHT TRAPPIN' ON THESE STREETS....slinging that crystal bitches!

Posted by Victor018


Posted by Crippl3

Skylanders: #TWERKTEAM

Posted by tumblinghippo

Young Vinny?

Posted by development

This is why you adults need adBlock. You can't let your kids see this stuff. You literally can't afford it.

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Also, has Spyro basically been swept under the rug now? No sign of him or Drobot anywhere.

Posted by RenegadeMike

@behardy said:

Traptanium Portal Does Not Project

Now I am officially disappointed.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the coolest part of the trailer. They could totally do it but it would add to the cost of the unit.

Posted by arustysumo

how did these kids get into jeff's house

Posted by HatKing

Is Uncle Peter secretly Jeff, the only adult to play with this bullshit?

Posted by flasaltine

Was that blue guy's accent supposed to change every sentence?

Posted by ruineru3


Posted by Smallville123


Posted by Bartz

Titanium Portal does not project

Posted by RJPelonia

Calling their new Skylanders game a Trap. There's irony somewhere in there, I know it.

Edited by suicidepacmen

only 'some' toys sold separately? quite a step up!

Posted by MikeLemmer

@jaycee: Wouldn't surprise me. I read a Polygon article on Skylanders that stated they came up with the Skylanders idea first and just tacked it onto the Spyro brand for extra name recognition. But now Skylanders is more wide-known than Spyro is.

Posted by SpaceJamLunchbox

I approached this trailer saying " no, fuck you, I won't buy another round of these stupid things!" But now... Having watched that new trailer... What the hell is wrong with me?

Posted by singateco

Dayum son, where'd you find this?

Posted by Cybexx

So if each trap crystal only traps a specific character, then it is like buying a Skylander figure that you can't play with till you find then in the game. On the flip side it gives them an opportunity to advertise to you after you defeat each boss, plus those crystals are probably cheaper to manufacture than the figures.

Posted by HerbieBug

@madlands said:

Uncle Peter is into some sick shit.


Edited by Dan_CiTi

I tried to watch this, but it was too insufferable past the first minute, I guess I'll wait for Jeff's shenanigans.

Posted by Waffley

Skylanders was a Jumanji reboot all along.

Posted by moondogg

@amyggen: Billy West as that little green thing to if I heard right.

Posted by Butano

That green dude. Is that...Fry?

Edited by DeadpanCakes

I think it's super meta that I'm here, staring at my screen with approximately no clue as to what the fuck's going on in this video of these kids staring at a wall, with approximately no clue as to what the fuck's going on.

Posted by JuggaloAcidman

Skylanders Swap Force was fantastic! The real question is... Traps, Marvel Infinity, or sell a kidney and get both?

Posted by AMyggen

@moondogg said:

@amyggen: Billy West as that little green thing to if I heard right.

Yeah, you're right. It's a Futurama reunion up in here!

Posted by blueinferno

Quickly, kids! You need to grab your parent's wallet and go to your nearest retailer to buy the crystals we need to catch more bad guys!

Posted by LobotomyKing


Posted by TurboMan

48 comments and not one of them is "When the light is green, the trap is clean" jokes?

Bad Giant Bomb! Bad!

Posted by Shortbreadtom

If that little green veggie-shooting guy isn't called Russell Sprout then no sale

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Could not watch the whole thing. A little too cringe inducing.

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