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Posted by Robopengy

@veektarius: http://www.exodus2013.co.uk/escaping-the-guillotine-french-emigres-from-revolutionary-france/

Edited by Noblenerf

The video snapshot makes that Unity fellow look like...

Geralt of Rivia (if he was younger and a regular human).

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Great trailer running on dual 780 ti overcloked. Can't wait for the graphical downgrade.

Posted by Jedted

Still optimistic about this even though i didn't have strong feelings for AC3 or BF.

Posted by mewarmo990

The biggest problem with the AC franchise was the way they spread out the series. I have bought every game and get sucked in each time. I really liked the first AC and thought ACII was a great step up.

At that stage people were questioning what the next game would be - French Revolution? Japan? etc.

Then AC:Brotherhood came out (admittedly a great game), but another Ezio one. Then Revelations (this is where they started losing me.)

ACIII had promise in theory but played terribly. I actually liked the Hatham opening but Conor was a pretty boring character and the American War of Independence was not utilised well. They also butchered what was left of the Desmond storyline (this went off the rails around Brotherhood).

ACIV (Pirates!) I also really enjoyed the time period and the game.

Mirrored my opinion on AC exactly. I know I'll probably have fun with Unity but I really hope something is done to rescue the modern storyline.

Posted by falling_fast

off-topic but i agree with ryan's opinion on assrev. it's a really good game, but at the time it was a bit annoying because it was more of the same. which is why i waited till a few years later to play it. and it's really fun, that way

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