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Posted by HammondofTexas

Clearly Frog Fractions 2

Posted by Hailinel

Stabbings, Strife, Superlatives, Sexually Limited Character Options!

Posted by thecrowes

Like Uh, Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh.

Posted by Sammo21

I have high hopes for this...I was pretty disappointed with all of AC: Revelations, all of AC3, and most of AC4.

Posted by bombedyermom

British guy leading the French? Abuh?

Posted by Alphazero

Those are some pretty graphics they got themselves there.

Posted by Rufuscrim

British guy leading the French? Abuh?

But of course, Britain and France have always been the best of friends throughout history...

Posted by Veektarius

@bombedyermom said:

British guy leading the French? Abuh?

But of course, Britain and France have always been the best of friends throughout history...

Didn't the French royalty take refuge in England after they escaped the revolution, or was that somewhere else?

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

British guy leading the French? Abuh?

It's like it wasn't developed by a company with studios in the most Francophone parts of the world.

Posted by magicwalnuts

Hey check out this shit you've seen 8 times already.

Posted by Vetterli

That... voice.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

That French guy sounds very English

Posted by DragonNinja789

British guy leading the French? Abuh?

Seriously he sounds like Michael Fassbender.

Posted by tp0p

hey ubisoft! bring back prince of persia

Posted by Elwoodan

Whats the Over/Under on the number of A Tale of Two Cities references in mission names/descriptions.

Also, hiding in the rafters listening to Marie Antoinette say 'let them eat cake' seconds before dropping down and tossing her into the street.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Pls have a French VO option.

Posted by QKT

arno is gonna be boring as connor

Posted by Fairbrethees

Nope. Not me. JET SET RAAADIOOO!!!

Edited by Cerberus3Dog

1. Why does this guy have a english accent? Sounds out of place. Get former GB staffer Thomas in the sound booth!

2. "Uh uh uh uh uh" - Giant Bomb

Posted by agentgray

I watched this and immediately my mind went to Zorro. Why not make him an assassin?

Edited by Corevi

@dragonninja789 said:

@bombedyermom said:

British guy leading the French? Abuh?

Seriously he sounds like Michael Fassbender.

Which is kinda funny because Michael Fassbender will be playing the main character in the Assassin's Creed movie.

Also Best of E3 2104 - The Escapist.

Edited by John1912

Meh, I want this more for a next gen game then for it being a AC game. I keep buying the fucking things, but I havent enjoyed once since AC2. Think Ill pass on this. So tired of climbing, and shit combat...I mean fuck, revamp the god damn combat already!

Posted by Clonedzero

I'm still into Assassins Creed and this looks like a great setting and could be really awesome. I just hope the main character isn't an over serious drag like Conner was. Theres a place for super serious characters in games, and Assassins Creed is not it.
Other than that, it looks great. I'll happily play this.

Edited by Blackout62
@dragonninja789 said:

@bombedyermom said:

British guy leading the French? Abuh?

Seriously he sounds like Michael Fassbender.

Who is Irish-German.

Posted by harinosho

im really not seeing this as breath taking visuals, they seem pretty bland

maybe i need new glasses...

Edited by Abendlaender

I hate how those "Pre Order now" things basically ruin every trailer.

Posted by Dimi3je

"Uh uh uh uh uh" - Giant Bomb

This should be on every AC box, ever.

Posted by Cuuniyevo

They're still using the term "Guillotine Spin-to-Win Game". That seems to be inexcusably gauche.

Posted by whatisdelicious

Same trailer without the narration would have gotten me more excited. Looks really cool, but I really hope that narrator is not the Assassin. He sounds pretty bland.

Posted by Klager


Posted by Capriccio

Joyeux quatorze juillet!

Posted by Goney

Time for our weekly Ubisoft trailer I see.

Posted by mrfizzy

This looks great but could they not have gone with a French voice actor? So at least it was English with a French accent? I'm fairly certain that Assassin's Creed 2 had Italian accents at least. I know this happens in a lot of games but for some reason it is really bugging me here.

Hopefully the have a fully voiced French track that I can turn on and then just have English subs.

Posted by Shaanyboi

The lack of a french accent is hilariously dumb...

Posted by Mr_Creeper

Clearly Frog Fractions 2

Is it just me, or are these jokes getting old already?

Edited by Supa_Kappa

Assassin's Creed: Les Miserables

Looks like every other Assassin's Creed game. I'll be passing on this unless it does something radically different.

Also pre-order now to enter a fucking competition? Fuck you Ubisoft, this is egregious.

Edited by notlikelytocare

I'm willing to bet the PC release of this game will be RIFE with "accidental" bugs, and slowdown issues. The Devs will likely say something to the tune of "The game is limited by V-RAM on modern PCs, the definitive version is on console", Despite modern PCs being leaps and bounds better than the X-Bone, and PS4. They will then promise a patch that will "fix" the game (which actually just makes it worse), after a clever modder discovers files hidden away in the executable that will make it run smooth as silk.

Basically, this will be "Watchdogs 2.0", calling it now. If Ubisoft doesn't clean up their act with this title, the PC market will likely shun them entirely.

Edited by FormulaDeuce

I wonder if they still use the "made by a group of multicultural individuals with many different faiths and beliefs" disclaimer in front of these games?

Edited by Grixxel

Loved Black Flag but I think I'm done with these games for now unless something is actually different.

Posted by Dussck

I handle these games a bit like the annual sportseries; you buy one and then skip 2 versions (years) before buying another.

Posted by Captain_Insano

The biggest problem with the AC franchise was the way they spread out the series. I have bought every game and get sucked in each time. I really liked the first AC and thought ACII was a great step up.

At that stage people were questioning what the next game would be - French Revolution? Japan? etc.

Then AC:Brotherhood came out (admittedly a great game), but another Ezio one. Then Revelations (this is where they started losing me.)

ACIII had promise in theory but played terribly. I actually liked the Hatham opening but Conor was a pretty boring character and the American War of Independence was not utilised well. They also butchered what was left of the Desmond storyline (this went off the rails around Brotherhood).

ACIV (Pirates!) I also really enjoyed the time period and the game.

I am excited (stupidly again) for Unity but I think they lost the Abstergo storyline by dragging out Ezio so much and not following their initial vision. I think ultimately Watch_Dogs would have made complete sense as an Assassin's Creed game with Desmond in lieu of Aiden using a combination of hacking and assassinating to go through a modern day city. Instead Watch_Dogs, while not a bad game was a pretty bland one and it's story was, well, bland also.

Goddamit Ubisoft:

Posted by AlmostSwedish

For a game about a revolution, this seems like the same old thing.

Posted by White

How can you make history when it's... You know, the past?

Posted by Smorlock

Is Ubisoft giving up on proper accents now?

Posted by SASnake

@smorlock said:

Is Ubisoft giving up on proper accents now?

Whose to say the guy voicing the trailer, is the same guy voicing the character?

Posted by spraynardtatum

They can kiss my grits with their pre-order lottery bullcrap in this game. And while I'm on the subject of bullcrap Ubisoft pre-order bonuses, Far Cry 4 can suck one too!

Posted by VonSoot

Best of E3 2104!

Also, he doesn't sound French at all, bummer :(

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