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Is that crossbow using a sleeping dart?

My how Deus Ex'ian of them. :P

Posted by CaLe

The blink escape is the only decent looking one.

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this game looks so promissing... I am really getting excited. and with hitman coming out as well - this should be a few good stealthy weeks in october/november

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Don't even want to watch thus. I will buy this game regardless of reviews, but I sooo hope it will be good.

Man, just imagine...a mixture between Half-Life 2 (Style), Thief, Deus Ex and Hitman. Man if all of this works this would be my game of the millenium. If not it probably will still be pretty cool

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Oh man I can't wait to Blink through the world..oh yeah, the other stuff looks cool too.

Posted by Haziqonfire

The game looks pretty good, hopefully it turns out great when it launches.

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Yeah, this game is going to be fun.

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Actually, Alex, I don't want to needlessly decapitate someone. I wish you wouldn't assume that about me.

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fish possession

Posted by MurderSlingshot

Without knowing the context of the story (i.e. his crazy powers) this game looks like an insane fever dream.... and I love it

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@RelentlessRancor said:

Without knowing the context of the story (i.e. his crazy powers) this game looks like an insane fever dream.... and I love it

His hand gives him magic powers so he can kill/put to sleep the bad men. CONFUSION AVERTED.

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Gotta love the AI responses, average guy's with empty threats against an impossible foe. That will end well.

"When I find you it's gonna be bad" How right he is lol.

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Nice I can't wait for this.

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@Crelio: I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully, as the game progresses and the character becomes more infamous in the gameworld, those grunt-level dudes will be fucking terrified of you and the only guys who will be willing to stand toe-to-toe with you will be some sort of elite units.

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I wants

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Can't get enough of Viktor Antonov's art style.

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Great. I love stealth games where you can fuck up and still manage something respectable.

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Those threats the guards make are a joke.

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@MrGtD said:

fish possession

Truly the best power of them all.

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Dual wielding a knife and a crossbow?

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God I hope this game is good. Haven't been this excited for a game in a long time.

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This looks cool as hell! Possess everything!!

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I hope the guard dialogue is just a place holder

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Just hoping that with so many different tools at your disposal that the puzzles/situations you encounter are equally as testing...

Game looks so sweet. Hope it's fun in long form too.

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Does anyone else feel like playing Messiah?

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I know it's nit-picky, but possessing someone and your body disappears then reappears? I mean you clothes, armour and weapons all become... what exactly? I'm not dismissing the game, and I'm usually the one defended hokey sci-fi/fantasy logic, but that's a step to far for me.

It's like when you watch I Dream of Jeanie and they go on these stupid adventures and how Major Nelson is always shitting a brick about things being fucked up and I keep yelling at the TV "She's a fucking genie! Just wipe the memory of whoever saw what happened or wish it all away!". I mean if this guy can possess a fish why not possess a spider, walk to the target, bite them, sneak away.

...that sounds cool actually. Anyway, looking forward to this game :)

Posted by blacklab

Damn. I hope it plays like this!

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Im trying not to over hype this game but I hope this game is good if not great.

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Dude you can possess a fish?

Posted by Icaria

I have no idea what just happened. Also doubt that I could tolerate the constant disorientation of all those effects.

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@NoCookiesForYou said:

Dude you can possess a fish?

My dream come true! Now, if only we could play as Sherlock Holmes' dog, then this would be GOTY material.

@Wandrecanada said:

Does anyone else feel like playing Messiah?

I had more of a Dark Messiah vibe.

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I'm optimistic.


@MeatSim: It sounds like a bad dub.

Totally disconnected with what's actually going on.

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That sound overlapping of guard voices is really annoying.

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I didn't even know what this was until E3, and ever since I've been super-excited. This trailer essentially fully sold me; I was pretty sure I'd get it before, but now it's a guarantee.

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Eh, I just don't see any appeal for me with this game. Dunno.

Posted by Roger778

That was a really cool trailer. I'm loving the abilities the lead character has.