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God I love Tekken so much.

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What the heck did I just watch there.... though i like what I see at 00.35 :P

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Jaw dropped when seeing snoop dogg stage and big bikini bundle as pre order incentives.

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W. T. F.

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This! is what I want out of a "training mode" make it fun and interesting so many fighting games fail to reach new crowds because they insist that the only training is to make people execute combos and learn spread sheets.

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This ladies and gentlemen, is how you do custom characters and training missions right.

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It's just Tekken ROFLSTOMPS-all-other-fighters Tag Tournament 2

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Huh, the Youtube version of this video is blocked in my country apparently, ah well.

Edit: That was pretty crazy.

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...wait, what?

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Was there... was there a stage where you're beating up Santa Claus?

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Dammit this is why I play Tekken! I'm having flashbacks of Tekken Bowl and Tekken Volleyball and the madness that ensued.

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Haha when he punched Lilis clothes off I laughed out loud.

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Snoop...Dogg? Maaaaaaan this game's ALREADY out of date :D

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I knew Santa Claus was nothing but a bunch of coins in a big red suit.

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Fuck that, where is the Snoop Lion stage?

Also, Lili wears flip-flops in her boots... wat.

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They blocked a trailer? Isn't the whole point of a trailer so that people can see your game and hopefully start to like it? Ergo, this must be a terrible game.

This is unassailable logic, by the way. No fallacies there whatsoever. No sir.

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I misread the title as Taken Tag Tournament and for a brief few seconds I was in heaven.

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People holding up cheese wheels in a tulip field. Brilliant.

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Oh god they've done it.

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this is the lastest comment from me on Giant Bomb.

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It's fight music!!

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Oh, Tekken. Always crazy as all hell. XD

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HE IS SNOOP LION, NOT SNOOP DOG! Get it right Namco!!

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"This video contains content from BandaiChannel, who has blocked it on copyright grounds."

How dare people try and promote a game and freely share a trailer!

Can all the old people and idiots who think they can still control new media just die already?

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This seems like a great way to learn how to play. I'm a fan of Capcom's fighters, but they know fuck all about tutorials.

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I was going to pass on this and wait for Tekken x Streetfighter, but now I'm definately getting this.

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@ServbotSteve said:

This ladies and gentlemen, is how you do custom characters and training missions right.

I hear that.

I got UMvC3 and had almost no help from the game in trying to understand how to start playing. Street Fighter 4 was okay about that stuff, as was Skullgirls I guess, but this looks like it blows them out of the water.

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I bet this lab had no trouble at all getting funding with the worth there doing.

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Blocked by the Bandai's cool, who wants publicity for your game anyway?

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OOOOOH You mean Snoop Lion?

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Is this real life?

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I just pre-ordered this game, hell yeah.