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Posted by Hardtarget

unexpected spelunky deathmatch was so good

Posted by beeryayghost


Posted by Scrawnto

@Luxus said:

"Read the rules, homies!" on a shirt, now!

That was the best!

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Silmarillion isn't unpenetrable book. You just have to be big enough nerd to read it. Also how the hell you guys don't realise you can walk past the spikes long as you don't jump on them.

Posted by s10129107

WHAT ARE they hitting that pinata with?!?!

Posted by Sammo21

lol, The Silmarillion isn't that hard to read.

Posted by Sylect

just play spelunky every week for tnt

Posted by fluxbit
Posted by evilboy2000

Dear Brad,

Don't be afraid to post your papers! If you need help making a MLA Works Cited list, just use this site.


If you go there all you will need to do is put in the name of the article or book and it will create an MLA citation for you. It's super easy! Also, all that is usually needed for parenthetical references in the main text are the author's last name and a page reference. Online references should be treated in the same way. If the source lacks page numbers, then simply omit them from your reference.

Posted by Bartman3010

Why is it you guys never play a real game of Mario Kart?

Posted by ThePickle

Fuck yes 2 hour TNTs are the only TNTs as far as I'm concerned.

Posted by antivanti

Secret TNT ending is DLC?

Posted by Shaanyboi

@Bartman3010 said:

Why is it you guys never play a real game of Mario Kart?

Jeff refusing to play anything post-Super Mario Kart, probably...

Posted by ArsenalFan

Vinny is the power behind the throne of Giant Bomb!

Posted by ShawnDC

"F***in snowman threw me into the laser." Okay...that one got me. Fantastic.

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Best TNT in a fucking LOOONG time....

A well deserved break for Ryan and Jeff is long over due, they need like a month off.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

@pwnmachine said:

Best TNT in a fucking LOOONG time....

A well deserved break for Ryan and Jeff is long over due, they need like a month off.

I thought this too. Jeff is my favorite member of the crew and I'm really liking this Brad/Vinny/Drew leading the GB videos regime in the past few videos.

Posted by MoonwalkSA

Vinny/Drew is the Video Dream Team Combo of 2013. We definitely need more content featuring both of them - maybe even games that aren't simulators!

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This is the TNT I've been missing.

But screw the whole chat poll idea if it means I can't watch some damn Pocketbike Racer.

Posted by Bratcher_Lev

Brad playing Trials alone on camera, reminds me of the awkward ending to the last lantern run.

Posted by MeatSim

No new games releases and half the staff was gone. They can make some damn fine lemonade with those lemons.

Posted by Tondo

Best TNT in a long while. So many laugh out loud moments ! They should do this kind of "random" gaming in TNT more often. It does not have to be the weeks new game, even if there is some big release..

Posted by EnduranceFun

They should only have Brad, Vinny and Drew in the office more often.

Posted by mrcraggle

Best intro to TNT ever.

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The best TNT's are when the gang play 4 player against each other, no matter what the game is (coops good too). It's fun to watch competition especially when you are familiar with the participants.

I think they should do stuff like this more often. They could implement some cool features with it as well. Now that they have live polls in the mix they could do something like "betting" on the winner of a certain event. The people who bet on the winner would win exclusive chat privileges for "X" amount of time (or something like that).

IDK, it just seems like TNT has gotten a bit stale lately. This could be something they throw into TNT every now and then or a completely different feature (because I understand TNT is supposed to be the guys playing with the community). Just my thoughts.

P.S. Let Vinny, Brad, and Drew run the show more often (and Alexis (and Dave)).

Posted by xite

I voted for Rayman in the poll but I really want to see Pocketbike Racer in the next TNT

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Actually kicking off 2013 with a great TNT. Fun mix of games and a whole lot of interesting discussion.

Posted by artofwar420

Nice and relaxed TNT. Can't wait for Spelunky to come to PC.

Posted by AthleticShark

Why don't videos load for me anymore :(

Posted by Nephrahim

@artofwar420 said:

Nice and relaxed TNT. Can't wait for Spelunky to come to PC.

Are you being ironic? It came to PC first, just now the prettified HD version.

Posted by SharkMan

best TNT in a long time, i like them playing 4 player deathmatch.

Posted by Glottery

Spelunky sure took the cake 'ere.

Posted by ZeekDaGeek

It would be cool if was a page for the poll. Normally it would be green so that you could chroma key it out, however, when a poll is active it would display the poll. That way for the archives and for the stream Vinny could add a screen region capturing that web page and when polls are active we can watch it.

Posted by peritus

I love TNT's with the crew playing against each other! Alexis should join in on these more often, like always! :)

Posted by samcwic

If you think the Silmarillion is hard, try reading one of those frigging stream-of-consciousness novels I had bulldoze my way through in college.

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@brad: "It's all a mind game now."

@vinny: "...A mine game?"

That's what you get when you play with minecavity.