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It is broken :(

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And I really wanted to see, or at least hear, about God's Apartment. :(

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404'd :c

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Guys, try again, should work now.

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Its working for me now :)

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and just like that, i'm suddenly starting another brutal legend playthrough. being a metalhead, however, it doesn't take much...

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@mellotronrules: I really need to pick up the Steam version. I loved it on Xbox 360, but never bought it (Gamefly)

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That Lemmy sounds like a sketchy character

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Holy shit Tim Schafer has lost WEIGHT! Good on him!

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Never liked the game, sold it quickly after I got it. Fucking incredible soundtrack, though. Any title screen that can randomly provide Sabbath, Diamond Head, or modern-day Testament is a-ok with me.

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It would be amazing if Brad Muir was over every week

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I have a weird love/hate relationship with this game so I'm atleast glad to see it gets some attention.

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These guys really have the best job in the world.

Thanks for all the great videos and guests, Giantbomb. We don't say it enough, but we love you.

We love you hard.

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Tim Schafer without a beard looks a little like the Two Headed Baby.

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Weekly Muir? Yeah, I could see this.

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I really like that Brutal Legend's re-release has seemingly brought about a whole bunch of love for the game.

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This show is sponsored by your local pedophile, Patrick Klepek! You should really shave Patrick..i-its terrifying to look at..

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Oh how I wish Brutal Legend had turned out better. Shaefer and Miur both said it was never intended to not be a hybrid game but being just that is exactly what held its potential back imo. I'd have so much have preferred a straight hack n slash as was originally advertized with the game. Oh well I still respect Double Fine more than most companies.

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I loved this feature, some of the best stuff GB has ever done to be honest. More developers playing their own games plz! It's awesome.

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@humanity: I think he's got this Justin Timberlake thing going on.

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Oh man those symmetrical cans on that table at the tech couch.

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Bizarro Klepek!

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I stopped playing the Xbox version when I got sick of the strategy parts. Loved everything else about it, so I might have to give it another shot.

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Love the ongoing Tony Hawk joke on the whiteboard by tech couch. I believe it now reads "More like Böney Legend."

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Patrick´s beard creeps me out

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People who comment on this site have a bizarre obsession with other people's facial hair. Who honestly gives a shit whether Patrick shaves or doesn't shave?

Also, I heartily approve of the weekly Brad Muir idea.

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I am going to buy this game

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I don't think I've ever thought "I'm just not a fan of this thing Double Fine has done." At least with regards their original content.
I looked at the picture and thought "Were's the Tim Schafer, then?" and it turns out Schafer's hair just looks like @Jeff's on a good day XD

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The way Tim talks about being nervous at first when meeting celebrities is exactly how I would be around him. He's the creative mind behind most of my beloved games. I'm sure I'd become a stammering fool should I ever get the chance to meet him.

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Nice beard, Pablo Klepek.

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yup, Brutal Legend.

Heartbroken, stopped caring ages ago.

I get the love, but seriously... Brutal Legend was a fucking bummer.

Even the guy who created the damn thing can't be bothered to stay more than an hour.

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Loved the show. When Doublefine shows up to the Giantbomb offcies it's always a great show.

Also, I really liked the game when it was released. The MP might be the most underrated MP Mode ever.

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Lemmy being the first one to record is extra scary. That guy's INTENSE. Jack seems like much more of a normal guy's guy you'd get along with easily.

Edit: Tim saying that strategy and adventure games are popular in Germany is so funny because it's true. I'd really like to know what's up with our culture's interest in more cerebral games. Also, boardgames.

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Poor tech couch.

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"Sorry I've never failed that mission before."

Damn Tim Schafer is a funny man.

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@humanity said:

This show is sponsored by your local pedophile, Patrick Klepek! You should really shave Patrick..i-its terrifying to look at..

It's also sponsored by Coors Light & PBR

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Fuck everyone else, Brutal Legend might be one of my favorite games ever. Just a total passion project, from top to bottom.

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Stacking is artistically exactly what I want from a game. Weird, whimsical... there's so much potential for a sequel. Take it to space and let's use hologram dolls. Why would you NOT do that?

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Tim Schafer is too damn cool.

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patrick continues his evolution into james franco

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Beardy Patrick looks kinda like Guybrush

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Ahh Anyone know where I can find this video? I had to shut it cause it was lagging me PC BAD.