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Oh dear God yes. This was the BEST thing about TNT last night. 
EDIT: Okay, it's the whole thing. I thought it was just the video they showed at the beginning. Is GB going to do this with all the TNTs from now forward?

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Super glad they archived it. I stopped watching TNT ages ago because you had to use justintv which is shit.

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man,  what is going on with the videos on the site,  they're experiencing some serious jank.   I want to watch this, but the constant artifacting is too annoying.

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This is an amazing intro.

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I already watched this on justin.tv last night :/

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Watched this last night.  I never want to play Starcraft, but I had a real good time watching it!  Maybe that was because of the usual great TNT video layering.  Semi-transparent Vinny being the evil overlord of the map was the best.

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Since when have they been putting TNTs on the site? Usually isn't it just archived on Justin.tv?

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@This_Dude: It was a live broadcast thats why its a little janky
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I saw this live. I was there... It was amazing.

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This is a great idea.

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Glad i get to watch this now.  so far so good.

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Thanks for beginning to archive! 

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I approve of archiving these on the site :)

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@maxB:    nope,  it's not just this video, it's all the ones that were uploaded today.  the version they've uploaded was recorded i'm sure,  so it wouldn't be a live broadcast at this point
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This one was too good to just leave on justin.tv

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This was a lot of fun, and I don't even like Starcraft.

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All TNT's need to be uploaded to the site. It's great being able to watch them back on site rather than via Justin TV. Especially if you're not able to watch live.
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@maxB:  There was no artifacting during the live stream though
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Archiving this one to show everyone else how a TNT should be run. 
 Hint: Vinny.

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Why is Brad dressed as the Great Saiyaman?

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"They build pools as well, like nine of them."
Oh, Vinny, I love you so.

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Sweet! You should upload every TNT :D cause we are kind of f-ed here in Europe... I watched it live though but had to stay up until 4 a.m. which is not good.
Vinny is KING!

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What's this, archived TNT on the frontpage?

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Thank you Giant Bomb for uploading this onto this website. 
It is far easier to view this than the Justin.tv archive. 
Also now I can download it for future fun.

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Didn't even know here was one yesterday.

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@daniel said:
" This was a lot of fun, and I don't even like Starcraft. "
You're terrible at handeling the questions :P Have you ever thought of writing some of them down?
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@This_Dude I've had zero problems with any videos on the site today.
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Best first 2 minutes fucking ever oh my god. I am crying.

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Awesome beginning.

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Great! Next step is to archive the entire chat log as well!

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Intro is one for the classics archive. I thought it couldn't get any better than the iPhone app trailer but it did. More stuff like this would be super guys !

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thanks for the upload!

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Greatest bit of production ever!

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So glad this is archived. Will make watching any parts of TNT I missed bearable. 

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Nice, glad they decided to archive these.  Justin TV fot the last couple started getting real janky and sputtery.

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Thanks for archiving this here so I don't need to go to Justin.tv to see the episodes I've missed, which have been most of them lately.

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thank you guys!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for archiving these on the site! Greatly appreciated! 

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The whole thing was awesome, and the giantbomb channel was a fun place to be.  congrats to everyone that got to play!

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VIDEO ERROR  progressive does not work, only streaming.

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Sweet, I hope archiving on the site itself becomes a regular thing, like the Happy Hours. I hate having to visit Justin.TV 
EDIT: I didn't see this live, but come on... if anything, Norm is the Heel, Brad is the Face. 

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These on the site is great. Since because of the timezone difference I never get to see them live and have to settle for the bad quality on justin.tv, much prefer the 720p here.  

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yes!  keep posting TNT's on the site PLEASE! 

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Oh fuck yes! It's so cool that you guys archived this.

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Will describing his Saturday morning with his dog is the best Starcraft 2 moment 
Also, I always assumed that the "Norm is a competitive asshole" thing was just a joke. He really was listening in the entire time :/