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Posted by MachoFantastico

TNT.... Vinny and Dave style! :D

Posted by SmasheControllers

Dope, missed first.

Posted by Sticks

Flight Stick!

Posted by Sayishere

aww no ssx?

Posted by Bartima3us

Man im loving this Dave/Vinny streak

Posted by Knite

@Bartima3us said:

Man im loving this Dave/Vinny streak


Posted by Grissefar

Wow Vinny on TNT, I love that man! It'll be the first TNT I watch in a while.

Posted by CrimsonNoir

It's like Flight Stick Week and I love it! I nominate the flight stick to be a new reoccurring character.

Posted by cyraxible

Daniel looks like he's trying to give Vinny a run for the biggest guns in the Whiskey office.

Posted by wheepenpen

You guys should definitely do an X3 Random PC Game thing sometime

Posted by SenatorSpacer

For some reason, when I start up this or other videos, I don't think there's a quality difference between Low and HD settings. Help?

Posted by falling_fast

@Bartima3us said:

Man im loving this Dave/Vinny streak

Posted by HansKaosu

Davinny! <3

Posted by smiddy

Vinny and Dave (and Drew)! Flight sticks and PC games!

It's been a great week on Giant Bomb!

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@SenatorSpacer said:

For some reason, when I start up this or other videos, I don't think there's a quality difference between Low and HD settings. Help?

Yeah, I'm having the same problem on this video. Not sure what's going on. Was working fine just a hour ago.

The video is still fun though! :D

Edit: And moments later it is working again. Wild. ha.

Posted by Skanker

Tribes Ascend is fantastic.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

I'm DL this purely for the X3 drama that ensued...

Posted by SmasheControllers

Best TNT since cards.

Posted by DJ_EuroGhost

Crusader Kings II Endurance Run? MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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'Vinnyplaysvideogames' would be my favourite website.

Posted by zeshakag

Wow, Dave and Vinny again! And on TNT! Count me the hell in.

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I'm upset that I missed this. I own crusader kings II and have it installed!

I assumed this was just going to be Tribes :/

Posted by Mister_V

"I've got like five triggers on this thing, of corse I want to fight somthing" Great TNT.

Posted by Ethan_Raiden

Best combo on Giant Bomb ever, just need to chuck in a little Drew to make it perfect

Posted by Sooty

lol@intern Brad

Posted by Red12b

oh my god...this TNT is a trainwreck...I love it!

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Oh if only I'd known they were doing CK2, I'd have joined in. Edit: ahah, never mind, complete trainwreck lolz.

Posted by Death_Burnout

I don't know guys. Not sure i get the endless love for the Vinny and Dave duo, to me they've never been the most exciting to watch. I mean whatever, I love Vinny, and stuff like Phantasmagoria was fantastic, but ehhh...I guess it depends on the game for me.

I'm glad this TNT wasn't just Tribes though, that would have been so boring, I much prefer compilation style TNT's. Though this was a trainwreck! and I like those too.

Posted by Red12b

pat cherry!

Posted by MAD_JIHAD

Loved the original "real" tribes but assend is not so great they took all the good stuff out, dumbed it down, uppd the graphics and strapped on microtransactions.

Posted by Red12b

see, this is what makes the site so cool, this whole thing is a massive trainwreck, but it's endearing, we love you because of your flaws, you can't re-create this, and even if you tried it would fail cause it wouldn't be genuine,

You guys are awesome, and i'm glad I am apart of this crazy fucking thing

Posted by _Dust_

Vinny & Dave FTW

Posted by Nev

Man, this was great. Dave + Vinny is a fantastic combo.

Posted by craigymail

G is definitely for "Get on"

Posted by Siman_Shinsafe

Vinny should be front of camera for all TNTs.

Posted by Declarius

Just started watching, to answer that question, no, the weapons are not hitscan anymore. They are all projectile based.

Posted by niamahai

whats that mousepad they are using on the couch?

Posted by HBK619

This has been the best week in GiantBomb video history (possibly just video history in general). There, I said it.

Posted by Edmundus

Would love a dedicated Evochron TNT with these guys.

Posted by Animasta

the only reason that last CK2 game ended up not happening is because you played single player and resigned, which changed the checksum by 1 letter.

Posted by Dezztroy

Got killed about 10 times making my way to Dave and Vinny's ship, but damn it it was worth it.

Posted by Gatehouse

So is Vinny's flightstick now officially part of the Bomb Squad?

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'Hello Everybody-it's Tribes Ass-end'. 
Just woke up and already glued to my favorite version of the Telly.
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Giants: Citizen Kabuto is probably the most fun LAN game I've ever played. Loved the 5 vs 1 matches.

Posted by buckybit

In my fantasy version of reality passwords popping up on GB streams are ignored by everyone in the awesome GB community. We might see it, but we forget about it. Lawful Good Paladins/Duders.

Posted by LackLuster

am I the only one who plays Tribes in 3rd person?

Posted by Veiasma

Vinny, Dave, AND intern Dan?? TNT of the Year all years!

Posted by dvdwalker8

Hilarious show guys. Vinny never fails to brighten my day. Loved the bouncing around from game to game.

Any questions from the pat, Cherry?