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this was awesome

Posted by Master_Funk

My favourite TNT by far

Posted by Animasta

yeah this TNT was really good, even if it was just 2 hours of guys reminiscing about wrestling.

Posted by Moth_Pope

Cool, glad this is up. Wasn't sure it was going to be. Loves me some retro wrestling talk.

Posted by Slaker117

So much pale man leg.

Posted by 01wilsonj

Jeffs come back was frekin awesome! found myself clapping!

Posted by shadowwolf9

Best TNT so far. Loved it.

Posted by CanuckEh

As the victim of Jeff's comeback and this being my first TNT...I had a blast.

Posted by Depth

Whitta is the best TNT guest.

Posted by Piranesi

A whole load of great stuff this week!

Posted by JoshyLee

Rikishi isn't dead. Maybe you guys were thinking of Umaga?

Posted by tuesdaythe5th

That's a lot of pale ass man leg . . . .

Posted by ShadyMarino

Loved this TNT.  The cage match was hilarious!

Posted by Lingxor

50:20 was godlike.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Wrestling back in the day really was awesome. The Rock as proved how lame the current roster is. 

Posted by kist

Loved this TNT, brings back a lot of wrestling memories!
Posted by OneManX

The double Finish might of been the greatest TNT moment ever
No bullshit. Fave TNT to date.

Posted by Zaccheus

Best TNT since the first SC2 one.

Posted by TheDeadComedian
@CanuckEh said:
" As the victim of Jeff's comeback and this being my first TNT...I had a blast. "
 That was a great show between you two. That match actually convinced me to buy the game
Posted by Yanngc33

I now want this game

Posted by Gabriel

This was the best TNT.

Posted by DBoy

Excellent TNT. Love the wrestling talk and loved the gameplay also. Great to see Something that's not a shooter for once.

Posted by CanuckEh
@TheDeadComedian: Thanks dude. I'm going to write a review soon, but I will say that if you love general crazy shit, you should probably buy this game.
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This has 100% convinced me to, at the very least, rent this game. Also there were some damn fine matches on this and it was an absolute thrill to watch. 
And I actually really liked See No Evil. As a schlock horror movie, it's pretty fucking funny but it's actually got some really, REALLY creative kills.

Posted by ThePantheon

You guys are the fuckin' bomb for putting these up for us members.

Posted by thebigJ_A

Why would anyone get back into wrestling now? Especially if they're in their thirties. Hell, being into wrestling when you're out of middle school and into high school was unacceptable where I grew up. The kids who did still like it were inevitably the least mature, or the most shunned. 
It's fine if you're twelve (though I always though it was stupid, even at twelve). What possible draw could there be for a grown man today?

Posted by Vigil80

Welp, not a complete comments thread without one or two good killjoys.
Downloaded this, streaming it to my tv right now. Just had to take a moment and say Jeff's clutch win in the Cena v Sheamus was so fun. Seemed like all the crew really enjoyed this TNT. 


Posted by teekomeeko

Finally, a TNT I not only watched for more than five minutes, but also really enjoyed. 
Awesome show from top to bottom.

Posted by TJ311

this was a really good TNT. great to get a way from the FPS and into something different for a change. and a nice throwback to the old wrestling days, even if i have been watching it way less that those guys, i knew enough to keep up.

Posted by SparkEngineer

Who was the guy from Netherrealms? anyone know?

Posted by TheJohn

Yeah, I'm getting this.
And the avatar stuff they talked about is making me seriously consider getting a cheap xbox 360
God, I'm a huge nerd

Posted by Little_Socrates

This is totally one of the best TNT's I've seen. The St. Patrick's Day SSF4 TNT was great too, but that was, to be honest, significantly less interesting because of the game. 
I was never into wrestling growing up. One of my friends was definitely into it; I remember spending a lot of time playing old-ass PS2 wrestling games using Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, and Rakishi, and through that influence I ended up with a copy of WWE Crush Hour somehow, but that was pretty much my only experience with wrestling. But after watching the coverage of this game over the last week, I'm totally wishing I'd been more into it back then, as I would've loved it as a kid. Hell, I kind of love pro wrestling now; the classic characters are completely compelling, and it sounds like some really crazy shit went down back in the day. 
I may well pick this game up.

Posted by CastroCasper

This game and the crew's enthusiasm for old wrestling has got me way back into wrestling again. I think I might just watch some old tapes of my version of the "good ol' days" instead of trying to learn all these ridiculous new characters. Also this is the best wrestling game in a looooong time. If only they can mix this, with the ability to hit JR with a car.

Posted by Rolyatkcinmai

Really entertaining TNT. Well done, duders.

Posted by kollay

Fucking great night that was. There were more laughs and smiles here than in any of the FPS TNTs we have had combined.

Posted by ThePickle


Posted by MachoFantastico

Great TNT, one of the best.  
Loved all the classic wrestling talk. 

Posted by SnakeEyes327

Just going to put it out there, who has the greatest Frog Splash? 
Eddie Guerrero, Snuka, or RVD?

Posted by Mordi

I'm not hating on wrestling, but I cannot fathom why so many enjoy watching it.

Posted by ZeeGreat1
RVD for sure
Posted by Fragonard

One of the most entertaining TNT's ever. Good work guys.

Posted by Hero_Swe
@SRanker said:
                Who was the guy from Netherrealms? anyone know?

Could have been Boon himself.
Posted by SnakeEyes327
@Mordi said:
" I'm not hating on wrestling, but I cannot fathom why so many enjoy watching it. "
Same reason other people enjoy watching a bunch of grown men play a kids game like basketball and such.
Posted by SkeeterMcSilly

that comeback match was awesome

Posted by core1065


Posted by HadesTimes

Just want to say, I haven't watched Wrestling since there was only a WWF.  I've been kind of aware of the modern wrestlers but I haven't watched a full show.  But I totally got into this TNT.  It was SO MUCH FUN to watch.  They have exceeded all expectation with this game.  I might even rent it. ;)

Posted by Wonloong

Gary Whitta's inner thighs are so hot.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Favorite part of this TNT: Jeff dissing football

Posted by bunkerbuster05

"He didn't put on the glasses."

I nearly did a spit take. This whole TNT was hilarious.
Posted by TheWan

GB needs another podcast spin-off like NDX., but with Jeff, Alex, and Ryan talking about wrestling every few weeks. I watched RAW this week for the first time since 2008. Ugh, terrible is putting it nicely. I miss the WWE Attitude era ( in other words original ECW era).
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