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Finally, some Lang tang.

I haven't watched this yet, but if that's the PS1 Space Jam, I'm pretty pumped.

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Space Jam!

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Video seems broken

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Enter the Lang Zone Throwdown. Where we all can fly.

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I was watching this on Twitch earlier and the amount of awesome insider talk about game development is amazing. Didn't know Lang was a coder.

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I can touch the sky too!

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Thanks for fixing. Oh and...


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Vinny! Your NAS box needs some work cause this video is FUUUUUUUUUCKED!

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PANIC! Its all broken!

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"Oh, I'd love to enter the Lang Zone!"
"Papers please."



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Dave, video is broken.


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Is broken?

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File not found error when trying to download.

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Yeah Vinny just so you're aware the downloads don't work AND the video won't load on any resolution, on any browser. So I don't know what you did but apparently Dave Lang didn't like it.

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Akamai doesn't say this, but it should:

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Let me into the LANGZONE!!

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@bigkrev: Yeah, I can't even download it. Dave's gone and everything's gone downhill ;)

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The date is wrong on the download link so if you want to download the HD version get it from http://v.giantbomb.com/2013/04/26/mc_tnt_042513_4000.mp4 instead of http://v.giantbomb.com/2013/04/25/mc_tnt_042513_4000.mp4. I imagine it's the same for the other resolutions.

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It was the best ending to TNT ever. It was magical, everyone got laid.

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@vuud: Ew. Everyone? Even Lang? Ew!

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HD -> File not found.

THANKS Dave Lang!!!

Edit: The download is now loading down the data. Success.

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We're aware that this is broken. Leaving it up for a bit so we can show the engineering team that videos that process through midnight are broken.

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Fixed now. Sorry guys!

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Knowledge being dropped all over the Lang Zone.

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Dave Lang totally stole the show. It's always so fascinating listening to industry vets and their stories about what it's like to work in the trenches.

Awesome TNT.

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Dave Lang had the Lang Zone cranked to max for this show. I really enjoyed hearing him talk about programming for older consoles.

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As Giantbomb's resident Backstage Assault expert, I can tell you it is fascinating to know why the animations are so fucking terrible compared to Mayhem. So surreal to learn so so much behind the scenes stuff about that dumb game, all from being in the Lang Zone.

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I have to say, bringing friends of the site in to play and talk about the games they've been involved in is a brilliant idea for this segment. Much better than the usual TNT material in my opinion.

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La Parca was one of the 2 Mexican wrestlers at the 2010 Konami Conference

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Welcome..... to the Lang Zone.

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@xite said:

I have to say, bringing friends of the site in to play and talk about the games they've been involved in is a brilliant idea for this segment. Much better than the usual TNT material in my opinion.

Yeah, this was my favorite TNT in a very long time. Probably even more so than Muir's appearances, since they went much deeper into video game development history. The Sega Saturn stuff was incredibly fascinating, and I really hope they really attempt to make a Dive Kick port for that machine. There are still sites dedicated to publishing and distributing new games for old platforms, so I'd guess there would be some interest for it even outside of Lang's most supportive fans..

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I don't watch many TNT's but the recent ones with Lang and the one with Jared from twitch have been pretty awesome. More guests please.

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Dave Lang is one of the guys i think i never would have known about if not for giantbomb. and i'm glad i know who he is.

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Highway to the Langer zone.

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The ending. :)

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Wow, Lang really does know his shit. Mad props to him for sticking with his use of the term PSX, just like me and all the other cool guys.

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If only they'd scour the archives for that Bret Hart interview...